Prebirth Experiences

At Sarah and Brent Hinze investigate Prebirth Experiences. They define these as when "a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, etc., receives communication from a child before she is born, or in many cases, before he was even conceived." I hadn't heard of this particular variety of psychic (or spiritual) phenomenon before. It seems like a strange offshoot of past-life communication... except that instead of talking with people who once existed, you're communicating with people who are waiting to exist in the future. My question is: what if a 'parent' communicates with their child-to-be, but then they end up never having a child. Who, then, were they chatting with? Would the Hintzes define this as an imposter pre-birth experience? (via Holy Weblog)

Paranormal Psychology

Posted on Wed Dec 22, 2004


Joseph, I have a strong memory of flying to the dark side of the moon under my own power. Once I arrived there, I ate Skittles with a family of blue kangaroos.

I'm so glad to see that you think that actual PROOF of things is silly and unnecessary. That means, of course, that you accept my story at face value.

You DO, right? I mean, you MUST. After all, I SAID it so that makes it true...just like YOUR story.

Thank you for believing me. Most people require PROOF of the fantastic before accepting it.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Oct 30, 2009  at  06:28 PM
The only thing agrivateing enough to me is the following.
And body who dose not believe it is possible with out proof or documentation of such memories as my own.
Needs to do there own research in to the possibility That memories from pre birth to pre mortal is possible.
My own prebirth to pre mortal memories were very real to me.
You can not document what is in the brain with accepting it at face Value.
I all ways believed it was that every body believe in giving people a chance to speak there minds with out acuseing any one of being a hoax.
where Pre Birth memory is concerned.
I have to believe these memories are real
As I have a book Now go and teach the people listed at
with my drawings in it.
Publisher XLIBRIS
Thing is, Only person who can sincerely believe some thing is true.
Is the person stateing it so.
It is not for me to disbelieve other wise.
I look at it this way.
If you believe in Jesus Christ and Father in heaven.
Then your belief tells you in that manner just as Jesus did so.
If you truely believe in the lord then any thing is possible.
For you.
Don't let any one tell you other wise.
I base my own expierence on feelings of emotion, happynes, Sadness, touch, Sound, Speech.
All of these things.
I will not ever document any thing about my story here of pre birth memories
As I do not believe that I should have to document it.
document my story is calling me a lier and a hoax.
Some thing I do not appriciate.
But every one is welcome to there own opinions.
in this life.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Fri Oct 30, 2009  at  07:03 PM

Computers are a fine thing to have.
But it makes it too easy to run other peoples beliefs down in to the ground and hurt there feelings.
I had to disown my fathers intire family to me.
Because of the bitter language and nasty words.
And the word hoax.
name calling to any one
There is no place in this life for name calling.
Advice to everyone.
Share your ideas and how you feel if you must.
but a word of advice here if you please.
The name calling and the ugly words if you will there should be no place for them to be allowed on line.
towards anybody.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Fri Oct 30, 2009  at  07:08 PM
Hi Joseph,

I believe you. Cranky is just that - Cranky.
It is difficult for some people to believe us, I guess. What they need to understand is that there is really no motivation or gain for us to lie about our pre-birth memories, or to create a hoax. We are just telling the truth about what we remember. I know you are telling the truth because of the way you described your memories - with emotions and sensations. I assume that your conversations were telepathic? Please answer that question for me.

Thank you,

Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  12:08 AM
Joseph and Chris, you both completely avoided answering my question. Do you or do you not believe my story? I've provided just as much evidence for it as you did for YOUR story. Therefore I can see NO reason why you wouldn't believe it.

By the way, you seem to think that you have to stress the sincerity of your belief in your story over and over. If you actually read what I've said, you would have seen where I explained that sincerity makes no difference.

It's not your SINCERITY I question; it's your veracity.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  12:48 AM


I believe your story as well is true.
But Cranky the media guy likes documentation of such story's.
He can check the Bible on my story and he will find that there was indeed a war in heaven if he even believes there was a god.
Most people I've spoken too in my life here where I live has asked that a book be written on my expierences before mortal life.
and that it be published.
I've even made drawings from memory to show what I have seen in heaven its self.
Your question was there telepathy
Yes, That is how I did communicate with others in the heavens.
I would look at them and just think of what I wanted to say to them.
And there was no verble talking mouth wise.
I've spoken english language all of my life.
Even in heaven.
This is hard for most to believe.
And I do not expect Cranky to believe it.
But I believe in my heart that I was an angel that fell from grace in heaven only to become a better person through the being born a mortal here on earth.
There was a blacked out door way there in heaven that was forbidden to me as a spirit person.
I was not allowed to enter it.
Cranky I hope that you can some day believe people on such maters when they talk about them.
but you want proof you want veracity.
Well believe what you like.
It is a free world to speak our minds and if you do not want to believe with out questions of proof.
Life as a premortal.
Read your bible more look in the dictionary in the bible under war in heaven.
Arch Angel Michael won the war against the devil and the devil was sent packing to earth's pit of fire.,
I refuse to offer any proof that you seek.
as I have no way to pick my brain for the proof you seek.
Read your bible more often.
Pre mortal existence
War in heaven
I had Jesus Christ come to me in October 09 2006
He had blue eyes and brown hair with reddish tint in it and a yellow light over his hair wounds in the palms of his hands.
Good luck.
My telepathy did hapen for me.
Through thought process not word of mouth.
Got to call it a night
Work comes early
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  01:06 AM
Cranky Media Guy

this one is to you sir.

what I am saying here to you is this.
I've had three seperate things hapen to me in my life.
one is born with prebirth memory in 56
2 Was a farm tractor wreck where I died of 90 percent injuries
And crossed over to the other side.
through the tunnel of bright light.
Take my word when I tell you this.
There is a gate to hell just on the other side of that tunnel for all to see.
I broke my lower back and broke my pelvic bone cross the middle and walked yet mind you a 1/4 of a mile for help on that broken pelvic bone after afew falls ofcourse.
I never knew I broke any bones in me.
On the other side faceing hells door way.
I could see a roaring fire all the way to the roof its self just beyond what looked like a bright white curtain.
I prayed to heavenly father to save my life from this hot fire blaise on the outer wall.
You talk about a man being full of fear.
I thought I was dead for sure.
I later came to know God as my father to me and not as god.
I have called him Father 3 seperate times begging him not to send me back here to earth.
But he wanted me to do a mission in my life when I got back to this life.
You could not prove to me I was dead.
I never even noticed I had left my body till I saw it covered up on the bed for dead.
You and me and Cris
We may not see eye to eye on any thing here .
but look at it this way.
God has put us all here on earth for a reason or one another reasons.
And I believe that is to help our fellow man kind in one way or another.
No I will not prove any thing to any one.
Not in my life time.
I don't believe that I should have to prove any thing to any one.
It is my god given right to know and understand and to believe things in my heart of hearts.
Ore birth story its self.
You have to have an open mind its self.
to know what is right from wrong stories wise.
And yes, I was an angel fell from grace in heaven.
in my prebirth memories.
But I can not offer you any documented proof.
It is only my word.
Against yours and everyone else.
Hopefully you may understand I am telling you the trueth here.
Pre Birth memory
Death from a tractor wreck
Jesus Christ Comes to see me.
What else is going to hapen to me I wonder all good I hope.

Good night
May all who reads this believe.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  01:37 AM
I would have to say that I agree with most of what Cranky is saying. Also, it really doesn't matter if anyone believes or not and the belief that it does matter can lead to psychological disorder and unhappiness. That is no joke there has to be balance in everything. I know from experience. We humans are subject to conditioning and we all have errors and that includes those with pre-birth memories. Long term belief systems like that can have a negative affect on ones psychological health. Sorry but I have to say that. That doesn't mean one can't investigate within their own mind but the mind can be tricky. The fact that everyone wants to tell their story and make everyone believe is evidence of a disorder and that includes myself. May we all find what we seek, but may it be balanced so that it does not interfere with life and may we all realize there are greater mysteries in the world to learn so that we may come to a deeper realization. Sometimes one has to take a break and come back to it later.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  in  Bloomington, IN  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  05:52 AM
Yes sir

Even Prebirth memories of being in heaven before mortal life on earth can be ruff on a mear mortal person in this life we call Reality.
That is why I am telling my own story to who ever will listen.
In hopes that it may help others to deal with life in general.
My own case, I have gotten to where I even loose sleep over not being able to sleep at all.
Because my mind is constantly searching my own heavenly memories for answer's that will never be.
I am straight as an arrow thoughts wise.
But if a person lets such memories get to them and not deal with them.
there is no telling such memories could leed to in ones life if they do not accept them and learn to deal with them.
Because such memories will never go away.
I went to a doctor in oregon for the mind and told him about my memories.
And after a few sessions with him.
He told me to my face.
Sir you hate your daddy.
Who fathered you.
That was not the point, But it was his answer.
He told me that I was not crazzie either.
Said I was waisting both our time with doctor visits.
Sicolligy I think was his field of work.
My pre birth story is based on facts not made up.
But I will carrie a message with me till the end of time for me.
Given to me before I was born.
Message as follows Now go and teach the people of these things that you are a part of here and do.
So that they might believe.
end of message.
2 publishers tell me these memories are indeed religous.
publishers who publish books for aliving.
And are very picky about what they publish.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  08:28 AM
Hi Joe,

Thanks for your message. I also remember that there was a war in heaven, and that I was a fallen angel. The thing is though, I wasn't directly involved with the war. Here is exactly what I remember: I was "called forth" by God. I remember being pulled out of some dark holding area. Even though I was very old, I could not remember much before I was called forth. I wanted to be with God right away, but 3 angels/spirit guides told me that I could not do that. I remember knowing that there had been a war in heaven, and that I was young or little (maybe as far as soul development goes?), and I hoped that I would not be punished along with those who caused the war. I may have just been associated with the wrong group. I remember being very upset and afraid about having to come to earth, because earth was very chaotic and crazy. Do you remember that? Also did you see any "life preview" before you came here? Jesus said to me: "Go forth my son, I will be with you." It is not a coincidence that God told you: "Now go forth and teach the people of these things that you see and do hear. And are a part of here so that the people might believe." As far as telepathy, Cranky will never understand it because he hasn't experienced it, or at least cannot remember that he has. You do think "in english" but more likely your thoughts would be expressed in other languages here on earth depending on where you were born and raised. Crank, I'm not avoiding the discussion. Lets be exact - you have no real memory of "flying to the dark side of the moon under your own power, and once you arrived there, you ate Skittles with a family of blue kangaroos." Nope -we remember angels with a blue glow - for real ! No psychopathology in that Eric ...

Joe - what is the title of your book?
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  09:21 AM
Forgive me if I am lost and don't understand what your saying Joe. Are you saying that you are not a mere mortal?
What if ones memories are not Christian but Buddhist and one was the head of an school who died at the age of 29 in Buxa in 1960 which means refugee in Bhutanese. The lama remembers thousands praying for his return but he decides to change plans because he realizes that he can not really help others with his current understanding, breaking free of the blue wisdom orb traveling to the southwest and then the west into the center of the galaxy where there resides a great black portal with a tremendously great motherly presence and your mind is also tied in with every living thing on every star going through you like a laser lens into the center, but it is not pride but equanimity one feels and a debt to pay back. One enters the void and is reborn as light in a larger multi-dimensional universe where there is not a bearded man known as god but a holistic unity between every entity there with an evolutionary potential of infinity. When one comes back he is born to a Christian society in a Mormon family, in order to help others realize the same awesome potential within themselves. He remembers Friendship 7, the day he entered the womb born 7.5 months later during the Cuban missile crisis sees the Dalai lama on TV knowing who he was, knowing he was born in a foreign land where people dressed funny looking like the whole city lived in a circus and that there was a search party looking for him but that he would never be found. Then remembers seeing in his minds eye a festival in another land where they found this lama, and then remembers the JFK assassination at 13 months old.
Everyone has to float their own boat spiritually, it is really an internalized journey here. I have never met anyone in my 47 years who truly understood except for one lady who found me through a dream and she happened to grow up with and went to school with the Dalai lamas nephews. When I finally did make contact politics got in the way and went contrary to the religions ideology. But the lama I told knew because I revealed secret information in my letter to him and in his teaching he used every part of my memory written in the letter and stumbled upon his words as if he saw the devil. He left for 3 months after that traveling to India and got the inevitable marching orders from there. One can not directly tell another person how it is for every person has their own relative experiences. None of us understand the ultimate truth and we evolve to greater and greater understanding but in order for that to happen there has to be equanimity, otherwise how would one come to a realization of anything outside of their own understanding.
To be honest I don't see how I have benefited anyone by telling my story, it always falls on deaf ears. So I have to honestly ask myself if there is something I have missed.
sliver of the experience and pointless to elaborate.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  in  Bloomington, IN  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  12:32 PM

I ordered your book, "Now go and teach the people" from

Also, I just joined a group at, started by a cool guy named Roger. Here is the link:

Eric, it sounds to me like you were reincarnated, and certainly had some sort of existence before you were born. I don't see any problem with a Buddhist experience versus a Christian one. Your account of your experience above is very similar to the one you wrote months ago, and your story is consistent, so I am inclined to believe that you are telling the truth.

Joe, please tell me more about what you remember.
I'm facinated.

Yep, Cranky, check out Roger's website(s). These pre-birthers are really piling up everywhere!
After all, what are we to do with our time?
On the other hand, why would people take time to write a book (e.g. Joe), and develop websites and discussion groups on Yahoo (e.g. Roger), for no other reason that to just retell what they remember, if they didn't remember at least something??? Why are people from all over the world visiting this website, to discuss their pre-birth experiences??? Keep your server going and IS team up-to-date Cranky - there will be more pre-birthers on the way !!!!
Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  06:19 PM
Also - for the skeptics out there - I wrote the following on this Museum of Hoaxes website on Sat. Oct 18, 2008 at 02:11 PM (see page 3 of the comments):

I communicated telepathically - the beings weren't talking, but they were communicating with me - you may not understand what that felt like this until you experience it! And seeing from above earth - I was afraid to be born, and thought "I certainly don't want to go to that place!" Could you blame me?

Roger founded his group on Yahoo on May 4, 2009.
I never knew Roger or communicated with him at all, until October 6th, 2009. He didn't know about the Museum of Hoaxes website, and in fact I have just recently introduced him to it

Check out his website to confirm the above:

Roger wrote in May, 2009 the following:

Looking down I saw awful things, fighting and murder and such, I can't recall all the details but I do remember the last thing I saw was a mushroom cloud bellowing up. An older man with white hair, beard and mustache (who in my younger years I believed was Jesus) came to me and said, "It's time to go." I felt like I knew it was coming but I was hoping it wouldn't happen. I just could not believe after seeing all this, I would be sent there, I was distressed so much that my inside shook and tears flowed from my eyes.

Now for the skeptics - you can say it is all just coincidence, but what if we ARE telling the truth - what then ???
Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  06:52 PM
Sorry I made a mistake, i.e. my comments from Sat. Oct 18, 2008 at 02:11 PM are on page 2 (not page 3) of the comments, on this Museum of Hoaxes website.
Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  07:00 PM


Yes, I believe too that I was an angel in flight.
In heaven just before I came to earth.
I have not posted that part here yet.
My wife and I was talking 2 days ago about being angels before being born on earth.
And I had a sudden flash back of being still flying around in the heavens sky its self.
and yes, I got a glimps of very large white feathers on both sides of my shoulders All I know is these feathers were indeed bird like when I saw them.
These white tipped wings were coming from behind me.
So yes, I too believe that I was a fallen angel my self.
The sky all around me was like the sky we see here.
above us on earth.
I was out by my self in the midd air its self.
And no one was around with me.
I may be wrong But I don't believe that I was a part of the reason for the war ether.
I found a Bible that I did not grow up with.
It tells how the war started and why.
The arch Angel Michael fought the devil so I am told.
and Lucifer was banished from heaven.

My Book is Title: Now Go And Teach The People.
Author: Joseph A Murphy
Publisher: Xlibris Self Publishing.
Look in
Under Books.
Another book title Memoirs of Joseph
Published by Author House
It has a picture published for the book cover its self that I painted from memory.
I thought English in the beginning Eric
But try to understand this about me.
I never spoke a word of any language till I was 8 years old.
My voice was real screechy like a bird.
When I would try to talk.
And it sounded like my voice was coming from hebriew or arabic per the doctor dad took me too.
here in Texas.
I have to say that I still had my angelic voice that we spoke to god with.
In heaven.
Cranky I am sorry if you do not believe me here.
I assure you I'm not on any thing.
I truly believe that I was an angel in flight and had my wings taken away from me.
Just a quick note.
I died in 1981 and crossed over in to heaven and god spoke to me.
with surprise in his voice.
Oh its you.
what are you doing here.
It is not yet your time to be here.
You must go back I have yet a mission for you to perform.
Then it will be your time.
I begged father not to send me back to earth in 1981
and here I am.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  10:47 PM
To Roger

The part of my pre birth memory was in heaven that got me the most was when I seen God sitting in his large white chair.
He was talking to a boy standing in front of him.
Who was in tears and crying And i was watching them from the walk way that I had landed on from the heavens.
I am age 53 my self.
Getting people to believe that I recall seeing God in a chair then seeing Jesus Christ also in person.
When I saw Jesus Christ.
He had blue eyes and he had wounds all around his head and his hands.
And he had a angel like light on his hair that was yellow.
I think I am slowly getting my memory back from heaven.
But it still appears to be blocked at the Angel wings scene.
I am willing to believe that I was a fallen angel my self because of my memories.
My voice from 1956 to 1963 was screechy and a real very high pitched tone of voice that no one could stand to be around me as a child.
Doctors said that my voice could go back to what it once was.
But I believe that the voice I had was that of an angels voice
Bird like voice sound.
If you can remember hearing a bird in the trees haulering.
My voice was like that when I could not speak english instead I would be a screetchy voice haulering almost scream like voice.
I have sent a remake of my book to Xlibris for publishing as a replacement for now go and teach the people.

Its new title is Gods Angel Falls From Grace.
it includes 23 drawings done by memory.
Of what I saw in heaven.
I hope to have an angel on the front cover when it comes year.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  11:40 PM
From Joe

My drawings done from memory has war damages drawed in to them as well in heaven.
Including a blacked out door way.
with war damage around it as well.
People ask me if I participated in the war.
I could have and not remember it.
I don't know.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  11:43 PM
Roger and new friends

I am saying I am a spirit person from heaven with no special powers of any kind.
Born in the womb of a mortal mother who was over weight.
And I remember being in the womb with an unborn mortal child about 8 pounds in weight.
and it was me.
I was looking at.
And after it was over with for the birth to take place.
The doctor held me in his arms and for a little bit even then I could hear this loud mouth baby screaming in my ears not knowing who it was.
I looked every where only to end up screaming my self.
It was me stuck in side of a shrunken baby born a mortal.
Did any of you ever notice your selves shrinking in size as you fell from grace or from heaven so to speak.
I too believe that one day even though not every one can recall pre birth memory.
I believe that one day when my time is over here on earth.
I too believe that there is a higher plain of exsistence or being that I will go too.
Jesus Came to see me in my apartment october 9 2006.
And he clearly told me that There was 3 seperate kingdoms in heaven.
Celestial Kingdom
Telestial Kingdom
Terrestrial Kingdom
All in heaven.
I may not have them in the right order though.
Celestial kingdom is where I believe we all came from coming to earth.
It is where God lives too.
it is a beautifull place.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  11:53 PM
Cranky Media Guy

I am sory sir
But I wish I could prove to you such memories for me are real.
But I can not prove any thing to you here with proof.
Other than quote the Bible to you from what it says.
But I don't feel that I have to quote some thing you may or may not believe when I say it.
all I know is this my friend.
the memories are real for me.
Sounds touch emotions pains all of it was real to me.
I was there in person.
And the man talking to me was gods voice and no other.

What can I say But that I hope you will have a open mind enough to believe one day.
Pre Birthers as some are saying are here to stay.
and we are getting more all the time.
Indigo's children as most are called.
My mortal father linnie told everyone I was special child to him.
Before he died.
He did not realize just how special his son was to him.
Before he died.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  11:59 PM

My father linnie was 71 and half
died of cancer too many cigarets.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  12:00 AM
I'm disappointed in you all. You tell me a story, unsupported by any facts or evidence and you expect me to believe it. You actually scoff at the notion of asking for facts or evidence.

When I tell YOU an unlikely story, however, you all refuse to say whether you believe it or not. My story is no crazier than YOUR stories, but for some reason, you won't say that you believe it.

I can see no reason why you WOULDN'T believe it, given your denial of the necessity for facts, evidence or scientific possibility. You have my word that it happened, just as I have YOUR word that you can remember events which occurred before you had fully formed sensory organs.

According to you all, your "recollection" of these alleged events is sufficient for someone to take you at your word. Do you or do you NOT extend the same courtesy to me that you demand from others?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  12:32 AM
Hello Cranky

No reason to be disappointed in anyone. It is not important that you believe anyone nor should you, I wouldn't either. I have been disappointed in my Mormon family for not valuing me as an individual while cramming Mormon crap down my throat. I don't really have much respect for religion in general and does more harm than good. I think the mythologies the entire structure of our society are based on are crap based on myths and superstition and the world would be a better place if religion were thrown out the proverbial window. I also believe science should not be based on some divine anthropic principle which would only sabotage scientific progress however, I am not a positivist either for there are things that are not so black and white. I think their are many great scientists who are atheists and have contributed much to science steven weinberg being one.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  04:29 AM

Your asking for facts and figures about my own expierence
Tell me how is that possible
I was born with my own expierence from a spirit to a mortal in 1956.
I base mine own being there, I base it on pain, Emotion, Touch Sound.
I don't need facts to tell me it hapened my friend.
If you have got to have facts that my expierence hapened for me.
Get it from some where else.
I believe your story too
But I do not need no facts to believe what you say.
A mans word is spose to be his bond.
My expierence was real for me.
It was not a darn dream my friend.
Read your bible, Read your Bible.
There is your darn facts.
The only evidence I can offer is drawings.
I have no other evidence except my word.
If you can not believe that Then you have a problem believeing any thing.
Don't argue with me any more.
I will opt out of this program.
Your asking for facts and evidence and you are asking for proof.
the name cranky suits you.
I have all ways been a guy who tells it like it is.
Your telling me to my face here that I am a lier about my prebirth expierence.
I was born with the memories caused by that expierence.
I almost died 3 seperate times getting in to this life.
And you want facts and evidence.
Why aint my word good enough that I was a fallen angel.
From grace of god.
No people like you think I am a crack head.
You better question other people and leave me aloan if you can't take my word for a first hand account.
I've got profetionals believeing every word I say.
I can not draw pictures of what I never seen.
It is not in the cards.
Facts and evidence
Get a life my friend.
You would believe the truth if it were in front of you.
I realy hope that some day you can accept a persons true account like my mine with out question.
I believe yours.
Why can you not believe mine.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  06:18 AM
Cranky, Joe & Eric -

I have got to say something.

Joe - I think you mixed Eric up with me and my questions in some of your responses above. Thanks for explaining more of what you remember. I do believe you are telling us what you remember.
Question for you - are you Mormon?

Eric - I do not participate in organized religion, and agree with a lot of what you wrote above.

Cranky - I could never believe your story. Common sense tells me that you did not fly to the dark side of the moon under your own power, and once you arrived there, you ate Skittles with a family of blue kangaroos. M & M s, perhaps, but not Skittles!

The real issue is this: I'm not creating a hoax by telling anyone what I remember. If it isn't a hoax, then how can others like Roger have the same pre-birth memories that I do? What is causing this?

Cranky, we are devoted to the truth (veracity), but only because people do not like to be told that they didn't remember an event, when they know they did experience it. It is that simple.

I'm too busy to create hoaxes. There is something about pre-birth memories that must be explained, and more research is needed. There are people who do research it, I'm sure ...

Thank you,

Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  01:06 PM
Chris, I've said repeatedly that it isn't your sincerity that's under question, it's your veracity.

The fact that someone sincerely believes something is NOT proof that it is real.

I notice, by the way, that you've ducked my question about whether or not you believe MY story.

If you don't, please tell me what grounds you have for that disbelief. It wouldn't be fair to ask me to prove it, since that would be holding me to a higher standard than you expect to be held.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  01:30 PM

I'm sorry if I got you mixed up with Eric

On Cranky's question.
I have to agree with Cris on this one.
Some one reported 2 years ago on the net the same thing Cranky is reporting.

But I'm sorry I'm 53 years old and every time I think about pre birth memories guy's.
Had it not hapened to me personaly.
I would have to say disagree with the entire thing.
But in all honesty here to the true believers of prebirth such as my self.
I've got to tell you the prebirth ideas are also premortal existence in the kingdom of heaven.
I'm going to post my thoughts seperate here for a minute Cris.
For all to read.
About my self.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  08:09 PM
About my self.

Was born Jan 1956 Texas.
I don't mind you all knowing about it.
I am walking around on a deformed right ankle that I twisted in the fall from the sky in heaven.
I ware out two to three pairs of shoes a year.
Because I run the heals over on the outer back edges of my shoes.
My right heal is pulled up sky wards on the in side towards the knee area that is why I know my fall from grace as an angel is for real for me.
I've had 5 seperate get it Cranky, 5 seperate foot and leg doctors including pediatricians for children tell me that I have birth defects in my lower leg and ankles.
It is because I nearly broke it in the fall from heavens sky.
And there is nothing I can do to get my ankle straightened out.
I was very offended by what Cranky has said to me in his postings.
Bout facts and verification of my memories.
There not only memories there the real thing.
I run in to a downed column about 20 feet long and 2 foot wide.
With sharp edges on it.
And hit my shin bone hard enough that it nearly nocked the breath out of me as I had fell to my but. On to the ground its self.
To me that is verification in its self.
That is why I call my exspierence real and premortal existence.
Even the spirit body has bones in it for the skeliton part of us.
You guys did help me figure out one thing Cris,
I was indeed an Angel fallen from heaven.
Because in my real expierence in heaven.
I find my self constantly falling to the ground through the clouds.
PMH Atwater on the net for near death is researching both parts of the life its self.
But the Near Death part seems more popular among researchers.
Cris I am a converted member of the Mormon Church from Salt Lake City Utah.
even they do not believe every thing. where prebirth memories are concerned I don't believe they do any way.
There main concerns seem to be to get people back in to heaven through true belief.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  08:23 PM
Hi Joe -

I look forward to reading your next post.

Cranky - I do not believe your story. The reason why is probability. No human has the power to fly to the dark side of the moon under their own power. That can be scientifically proven.

However, how the heavens are earth were created cannot be yet proven (at least completely or exactly). Our very existence, and why were are here, and how we got here on earth, is very important to most people on earth. Since I have a possible explanation, based on what I remember, I'm more than excited and willing to tell others about it - especially since somehow, someway, other people also have memories very similar to mine, which is very hard to explain away by chance.

Therefore, your story isn't a good comparison to use versus the question of how we got here on earth. None of us can prove what we are telling you, we can just state what we honestly remember. Even in court, often one must prove things beyond a reasonable doubt, not completely prove something, so please go a bit easy on us here. We are only mere mortals now, with many limitations ...
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  08:32 PM


I was born in 1956 with my expierence in tact from being in heaven.
I never seen a church till 1968 from 1956.
I was an only child born alife to my mortal parents who both did not realy want me.
When I was born a mortal.
I do not blaim them for it.
I consider it a test given to me heavenly father his self to see if I would stand up to the challenges of life in general.
Given me by god.
I was converted to the mormon church in 1990 in Oregon.
I finally found that my expierence was also spoken of in there bible and I have not been reading there bible or the old and new testament I grew up with.
But Jesus Christ asked every one a question that has not been answered by any one.
Jesus Christ question goes some thing like so.
How can you truly believe what you see.
When you do not believe what you hear with your ears.
No one has answered his question honestly yet.
For Jesus Christ said to the none believer For all things are possible with God if you believe
I'm sorry Chris but this Question asked by Jesus Christ is mainly pointed at Cranky media guy.
Why can you believe what you see and not what you hear Cranky.
I sit here on this computer and tell the truth yet you want facts.
You want me to believe your story is true.
But I have yet to see it in its full content.
You lost me with the green skittles.
I trully believe I am a fallen angel my self.
I'm not going to sit here and preach to any one.
some people do not want to hear preaching.
that is ok.
I just want to tell my story to who ever will believe it.
As Jesus Said to the father with the little sick boy.
If you believe then all things are possible in god.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  08:35 PM

I my self was born a mortal unable to talk till 1963 I was 8 years old when I finally spoke a word of english.
I've spoke english through thought transfer all of my life in heaven.
In heaven I was a grown adult about 6 foot high.
With a wing span as an angel that may equal out to about 14 foot wing span because an angel has bigger wings I think so any way to be able to fly with.
Every idea that comes to mind of angel wings tells me that true angel wings mounted on a person as a sole in heaven.
Has a bout a foot clearance of the wings sticking above the persons head when carried right to keep from dragging the ground.
that is why I am saying a wing span at full length would be about 14 foot for me.
From tip to tip.
I do recall vegally snow white feathers glistening in the sun light of day.
That shiney part in the feathers them selves of an angel wing.
Could be some unknown force that an angel has in them.
I do not know for sure.
My dad nearly kicked me out of the house one time over my questions to him because he was not willing to listen.
one more thing you might keep in mind.
Did you need food and water in heaven.
Where I was at I had no interest in such things.
I did not know what hungar pain was till I was born a mortal child baby size about 8 pounds.
Then stomach hurt like hell because it was hungery.
Plus I would get thirsty.
Oh the Bathroom problems as a child.
you don't want to go there nasty nasty.
I would make my mortal mother sick with it.
Ofcourse I never knew what it was.
Still it was nasty.
We do not want to go there.
That is part of becoming mortal.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  08:48 PM
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