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At Sarah and Brent Hinze investigate Prebirth Experiences. They define these as when "a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, etc., receives communication from a child before she is born, or in many cases, before he was even conceived." I hadn't heard of this particular variety of psychic (or spiritual) phenomenon before. It seems like a strange offshoot of past-life communication... except that instead of talking with people who once existed, you're communicating with people who are waiting to exist in the future. My question is: what if a 'parent' communicates with their child-to-be, but then they end up never having a child. Who, then, were they chatting with? Would the Hintzes define this as an imposter pre-birth experience? (via Holy Weblog)

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Posted on Wed Dec 22, 2004


I had what I thought to be a pre-birth memory. I met Sarah Hinze and she only believes the pre-birth memories that fit into the little mormon mold. I am sure now my memory was a genuine because of things I shouldn't have known along with historical events of things that happened in another part of the world. I shouldn't have known this.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Thu Mar 26, 2009  at  03:52 AM
Hi Eric,

I believe you. I just recently found a website which contains stories much like my own, i.e. like my experience that I have described on this website (see link below). Why don't you tell us what you remember and felt? I'm not sure we will convince Cranky Media Guy, but I would be facinated to hear about what you remember.


Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Thu Mar 26, 2009  at  09:43 AM
Oh, this should be good.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  12:14 AM
No it won't be good because posting it is a waste of time and energy. It is also just my imagination. Was that good for you?
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  01:39 PM
Are you making fun of us?
Posted by Ai  in  Austria (Lower Austria)  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  02:30 PM
Hi Eric,

If it was just your imagination, that is fine. I just asked you to further elaborate on your experience because you wrote previously that were "sure" your "memory" was "genuine."

I'm describing my memories, and not my imagination. The website I posted above contains accounts very similar to my memories, and no one can explain that. I just recently discovered the website, within the past few weeks.

Hi Ai ..

Cranky, I'm sure you have something to say about this one!
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  04:08 PM
Eric Mitchell said:

"No it won't be good because posting it is a waste of time and energy. It is also just my imagination. Was that good for you?"

You seem angry. Why? Because I disagreed with a completely unproven theory on the MUSEUM OF HOAXES WEBSITE?

Chris said:

"The website I posted above contains accounts very similar to my memories, and no one can explain that."

Consensus is not the test of veracity. Once upon a time, many people believed the Earth was flat; their stories would have sounded rather similar, too. Did their sincere belief in a flat Earth make it so?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  04:15 PM
No I am not making fun of anyone. And no I am not angry. I know it is hard to tell on these postings if someone is angry or not but I am not angry in the slightest. What I meant by
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  08:47 PM
Hi Eric,

thanks for wriitng back. You have a very broad defintion of imagination, and some interetsing points. I haven't developed ideas to the extent that you have about imagination, but they are interesting. To be simple, I went to the Merriam-Webster dictionary for basic definitions. I used the third defintion of memory.


The act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.


A particular act of recall or recollection.
An image or impression of one that is remembered
<fond memories of her youth>. The time within which past events can be or are remembered <within the memory of living men>.

No doubt Cranky Media guy dismisses my memories as imagination. However, despite extensively describing how imagination influences our reality, you still state you had a pre-birth experience, and while you have decided not to describe it to us, I will still count it as one.

...and Cranky, yes, I do believe the earth is round, and you believe it is flat. I'm betting someday you will believe it is round too. Just think how hard it was for those first scientists who suspected the earth was round, to be among all of those people who believed the earth was flat. I am one of those present day scientists, and now you know how I feel!
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  09:20 PM
Yes that is why I used the word imagination because reality is far grander than we know and there is a unity of all things that trumps any monotheistic concept. To simply observe something changes the probability wave which appears to stem from that which is non-local and also non-duel. The Buddhists call it emptiness. With emptiness there also is the ability to create. There is also karma another aspect of the ability to create and is also needed to perceive. To be able to create means that there has to be a point where one can reestablish contact with the root which is unity which is quite beyond the perceptions of language concepts and ideas. Light is also a medium through which communication can occur, bypassing ordinary language by which to communicate which in vajrayana one would call clear-light or lotus born. So being born into the light as light one has both individual sense to perceive and is connected through the light with interlacing dimensional levels that is really infinite in potential and growth and is far grander than any love we can conceive of within the framework of duality. I really don
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  11:36 PM
Chris said:

"Just think how hard it was for those first scientists who suspected the earth was round, to be among all of those people who believed the earth was flat. I am one of those present day scientists, and now you know how I feel!"

Science finds things out by TESTING. The Earth was proven to be round by people who actually sailed around it.

What verifiable testing have you done to PROVE that your "memories" of the ancient past are anything other than the product of an active imagination?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  12:12 AM

I still haven't read what your remembering because I couldn't find a prebirth link on the site you sent me to. What is the URL to yours?

when I say imagination I am talking about only mine and in general. I am not making a judgement on another persons accounts.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  12:22 AM
Hi Eric -

I wrote my account on this website on page 2.
The link I mentioned above is of other people's accounts. What is common in many pre-birth accounts, and what I actually remember, is not having a body, or having a spiritual body, being around god and feeling unconditional love, communicating- usually with telepathy - with guides or angles, seeing a book of future life events displayed like a running movie, or seeing future life events on holographic-like screens, discussing your future life events with the guides, having your memory erased (I resisted), entering a dark cave or tunnel, and traveling to earth to be placed into a fetal body.
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  06:54 AM
Hi Eric (cont.) -

I have had no near death experience, However, but those who do, ofen recount going up to "heaven" and seeing their past life reviewed and discussed.

To me, this is a very complex "dream", lets say, of the imagination. Most people have had dreams of flying, some have had dreams of being stuck or crawling through a shaft, or dreams of having a test and not studying for it, or scary dreams or nightmares. I have had all of these. But for so many people to have the similar "dream" of a pre-birth experience, and believe they are actual memories, is truly bizarre.
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  07:01 AM
Hi Eric (cont.) -

Thank you for describing your experince, Eric.
Cranky, I simply cannot defend worldwide religion, but you realize that even the basic tenets of Christianity hold there is life after death, in some other realm. If there is not, we are all just products of evolved chance on this rock, and there is nothing after this life becasue sciecnce cannot prove. Even so, the molecular forces that bind ataoms together to fom molecules and amino acids do so amazingly by "chance." Or was it by design? So, Cranky, I simply cannot just let you believe in such a dead end concept. I meant that I'm a present day scientist, and I really am. Science doesn't and cannot explain everything.
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  07:09 AM
Hello Chris

I read your memory thank you for sharing that. Your memory has many similarities with my own. Also, I would like to ask media guy if he has heard anything regarding the results of NDE tests. That is the tests where objects are placed high in the room with a word or letters for the subject to report after an NDE. When I was in my 20s I decided that I was going to meditate 3 to 4 hours a day not all at once but 1.5 to 2 hours in the morning and 1.5 to 2 hours in the evening which I pursued for several weeks. My reasoning at the time was to bring more of the experience into the physical world so that I could have the best of both worlds. I would start by stepping outside of myself and at first looking at myself and then move around the house and try to see things as they happened around the house or outside or down in the other house.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  08:20 PM
Then I would picture myself at some place and would energize the experience in my mind feeling that this was exactly what I should be doing at this time. The result was that I soon had complete control over my dreams and could visualize anything that I wanted. One morning I woke up or so I thought I woke up and was standing several feet above the floor. When I looked at my feet I was wearing a white robe made of light. It seemed so real like I was awake I could see my body sleeping and floated through the window and across the yard. My uncles dog looked at me funny cocking his head from side to side as he was tethered to the cherry tree. I floated past him and stood in the living room to the house down below as my Father and Uncle were talking. I could hear every word they were saying and what they were wearing. My Uncle was peeling and cutting potatoes to fry up while my Father was talking about a lady who he thought was after the property and how he disliked her and so forth. I decided to wake up and see if this was really occurring got dressed as fast as I could and ran down to the other house. The dog was sitting in the exact same spot and my Uncle was cooking potatoes in the skillet with the peelings sitting in the sink. They were both dressed in the same clothes and my father was wearing the same thing while wearing the jacket I saw him in talking about the same subject. I told them both about the strange occurrence but I don
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  08:21 PM

Thank you for your message. Two things. First, I totally agree with you when you wrote: "I am all for science and looking at things scientifically without trying to work the blinders of a religious belief systems into the equation because trial and error will someday reveal a deeper understanding." I'm having a hard time explaining this to Cranky. Also, when I was very young, I do remember seeing events occur with my mother and grandmother, and to be "floating" around the room, and view certian events before I was born. None of this made sense, until a year or two ago, when I read about pre-birth accounts ofrm others, and how the theory goes, i.e. that the spirit/soul is only loosely associated with the fetal and neonatl body, and can sometimes float outside of the body. As we age, we are more grounded in the material world, and this ceases to happen. So , I totally believe that your experience happened.
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  08:58 PM
Eric, (cont.)

Cranky, I won't ever be able to convince you, but by his writing, one can tell that Eric is intellegent and reflective. So am I (I just don't always proof read my typing). I don't believe in UFOs, haven't been abducted by aliens, have never seen a ghost (I have run into a few demons however, in human form - ha ha), and I do understand the scientific method. What I'm trying to say is - it is not too uncommon to run into people who have had such pre-birth experiences and memories. Granted, consensus doesn't prove something, but even science, when it doesn't have the answer, progress based on consensus viewpoints. Theories often have to be totally corrected, and do a 180 degree turn. It is through the process of discovery and collection of new data that hypothesis are validated or disproven. To this end, I have told my account of a pre-birth experience on this website. I say with complete honesty that I wasn't imagining anything. These are memories that I have been aware of for 34 years. I have an excellent memory too, and 12 years of post high school education. To say the least, my good memory got me where I am today. The pre-brith experience issue needs further scientific study before it is totally dismissed as a hoax.
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  09:12 PM
I don't think it matters if someone believes or not in anything so long as we treat others with respect. I guess UFO's are another matter which I do believe in as well having seen one when I was 12 with my whole family up close. It was April 22nd 1974 and the craft landed on top of a flat mesa south of Ione, CA. we were extremely close to the craft and the diameter of the craft was nearly 100 yards. To large to fly the way that it did and I don't think we had anything with that kind of technology that could jump from one spot to another and emit a static electric field that you could feel.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Sat Mar 28, 2009  at  10:52 PM
"Also, I would like to ask media guy if he has heard anything regarding the results of NDE tests. That is the tests where objects are placed high in the room with a word or letters for the subject to report after an NDE."

Yes, I have heard about those experiments. My understanding is that no one was able to say what the word was after an alleged "NDE."

"To large to fly the way that it did and I don't think we had anything with that kind of technology that could jump from one spot to another and emit a static electric field that you could feel."

Ball lightning perhaps? If you misjudged your distance from the object, you might well have misjudged the size of the object. Happens all the time.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Mar 29, 2009  at  12:47 AM
Yeah I thought I heard about them conducting the NDE test some time ago did a search recently to see what the results were and couldn
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Sun Mar 29, 2009  at  02:33 AM
We watched it for a good 10 to 15 minutes and we had quite a line of cars that stopped on the side of the road behind us we were the first. The craft started building its engines up to a degree where I could feel a static electric field. The dog at that moment started barfing all over the back seat and I was ordered by my father to clean it up. Although, I don
Posted by Eric Mitchell  on  Sun Mar 29, 2009  at  02:34 AM
Well, it has been quite a discussion. I think that this is one of the goals of this website, and I like this website for that reason. I did see a UFO once too, and I think people do see UFOs. I'm just not convinced they are really of alien origin. Incidently, as you probably know, science keeps telling us that there are many earth-type planets in the galaxy, some of which may contain life. I'm sure it is just a matter of time before that alien life is confirmed. Of course, humanity on this planet has to survive long enough for that to happen. Life certainly is a mystery, and science does try to logically explain it. As advanced as we are in some areas, we actually know very little. While some people believe that there is nothing more after death, and we are simply evolved primates, so our self- important egos and philosophies don't really matter, (which may be true) I prefer to think that uniquely human characteristics, like honesty, didn't simply evolve by chance, but they did. Simply amazing if they did. Maybe mankind has something to offer the universe after all. If it were not for my pre-birth memory to always refer to, I can easily see the other viewpoint, that there is nothing more than what is in front of us now. Ultimately, each one of us needs to consider his or her own experiences and come to some sort of conclusion about life's meaning, life after death, and the universe itself.
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Sun Mar 29, 2009  at  04:37 AM
Cranky Media Guy

I do not agree with some of your logic.
What do you think the human spirit dose in a premortal xistence before it becomes mortal at prebirth on earth.
Pull your head out of the sand man.
I too have had a prebirth expierence and am documenting my own with drawings of places and things that I've seen and done.
I do not want to hear you tell me I am wrong.
Heaven dose exist my friend
There is war damage laying all over the grounds where I was at in heaven.
And I have never been out of the united states in this life.
I do not read books on such things either as they are all man made items.
I believe in what I can see and touch and feel Emotionly.
That to me in its self is proof that heaven is real.
The broken stones broken columns were real by touching them by falling over them.
The spiritual body has the same ability that the mortal body has when the spirit body and the mortal body come together.
As one.
My own drawings are based on real life memory.
We have all lived another life before coming to earth.
Read your bible man pull your head out of sand
Join the living with a little dialogue.
Not disbelief.
Prebirth exspierences are real.
As real as carrieing a bucket of water and falling in it.
That is how real prebirth to premortal memorys are.
Posted by Joseph A Murphy  in  United States Texas  on  Thu Oct 15, 2009  at  05:08 AM
Hi Joe,

Thanks for your message.
I agree with you.
Cranky Media Guy, any comments?
Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Tue Oct 20, 2009  at  05:12 PM
Exactly what is it you'd like me to respond to, Chris? A
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Oct 21, 2009  at  01:49 AM

Hi There
You say my prebirth memories are not real.
Why do you believe such a thing.
Expierence can not be documented on earth with out skeptisisum by others.
Joe's Prebirth Expierence:
I find my self with memory intacked and the size of a full grown adult falling through the clouds as if I were an angel that Had been stripped of his wings during flight and during my constant fall through the clouds and the heavens them selves.
I find my self shrinking in size I see god sitting on his thrown talking to a small boy in tears and I am landing on a walk way in heaven with hand rails on both sides of it.
I find my self going through a tunnel with brown walls in it and a hard floor in it all lit up as the light is flooding through the high windows its self.
And I am being draged to the end of this tunnel beyond my control feet first message given me; Gods voice to me.Now go forth and teach the people of these things that you see and do here.And are a part of here so that the people might believe.
I fall through the clouds below me and I see war damage of old every where below me and buildings destroyed all around me.
I see a pile of downed columns where I land wrong twisting my ankles hurting them.
The door way other side of columns is in a wall of brick blacked out forbidden to me to enter.
Others are entering never to be seen again I'm next to a small boy going with him.
In life on earth my brother 5 years older than me was born dead.
I base my story on touch, sensation, feelings of emotions, sadness, a true expierence of the sole and human body.
The human body obtains all of these things during birth from the spirit as both become one.
I do not use drugs and do not smoke.
Do not take strong drink.
I was born in heaven in gods image.
You want proof.
Your burden of proof is on your shoulders my friend
My proof here is the real thing, Touching tripping falling down.
The sensations brought on by touch in heaven hitting my knee on the columns trying to go around them is real to me.
Picking my self up off the ground is real.
Shrinking down to infant size is real
It made me very upset to have some one else cary me around 18 inches long unable to walk or run.
Posted by Joseph A Murphy  in  United States Texas  on  Fri Oct 30, 2009  at  10:34 AM
I'll repeat what I said before, Joseph:

"There's no particular trick to pulling something out of your ass (metaphorically speaking). It makes no difference how sincerely you believe in what you're saying. If I sincerely believe that the Earth is flat, I'm still wrong.

"Since Joseph is making assertions, the burden of proof is on him. He hasn't provided any proof whatsoever, there's no reason to take what he says at face value."
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Oct 30, 2009  at  01:42 PM

Good luck in your faith
I am 53 years old.
You want documented proof
Get it some where else (BUB)
Believe what you want to believe.
It is a free country.
Flat my foot
Posted by Joseph A Murphy  in  United States Texas  on  Fri Oct 30, 2009  at  01:56 PM
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