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At Sarah and Brent Hinze investigate Prebirth Experiences. They define these as when "a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, etc., receives communication from a child before she is born, or in many cases, before he was even conceived." I hadn't heard of this particular variety of psychic (or spiritual) phenomenon before. It seems like a strange offshoot of past-life communication... except that instead of talking with people who once existed, you're communicating with people who are waiting to exist in the future. My question is: what if a 'parent' communicates with their child-to-be, but then they end up never having a child. Who, then, were they chatting with? Would the Hintzes define this as an imposter pre-birth experience? (via Holy Weblog)

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Posted on Wed Dec 22, 2004


(continued from previous message)

While I haven't done a statistical analysis, I cannot believe that it is pure chance that so many things that I specifically remember (pre-birth) - are also remembered by others with either pre-birth memories, or by those with near death experiences. What is the explantion for that?
I've remembered my memories since I was 11 years old, in 1975, and at the time, they appeared to be a dream. Now I recognize that it was me being able to remember things pre-birth. Using the internet, I found that it is not uncommon for children to start to remember pre-birth memories, as they get older, at an age when they can underdstand it. So I really don't think it is a hoax, but it is an area that needs to be investigated. More websites need exist - so people can talk about their pre-birth memories. It is certainly not a topic you feel comfortable talking about on the street, but this messsage is my first attempt to tell others about my experiences publicly. Thanks for listening.
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Thu Aug 14, 2008  at  12:30 AM
Chris said:

"I am a microbiologist, chemist, and a physician (clinical pathologist) and have more than 10 years of post-college education, and publish articles in peer reviewed journals, and understand the scientific method. However, I also have a pre-birth memories, and only recently found, using the internet, that my memories are very similar to others'experiences and also to many near-death experiences. Specifically, I remember, in 3 dimensions, being a spirit, wanting to see God, seeing Jesus, and then having my life "preview" displayed on large TV-like screens. I was then told my memory would be erased (but I resisted), and then was placed inside of my fetal body in my moher's womb."

Are you SERIOUS?

OK, you were not yet born, right? Exactly what sensory organ(s) were you using to have these perceptions with?

If you saw your life previewed--on "large TV-like screens" no less--then you know what's going to happen to you. You should be able to avoid unpleasant experience, like accidents, right? Are you claiming to be able to do that? If not, why not?

Who told you that your memory would be erased and how did you manage to avoid this, since, presumably, the person, spirit or whatever that told it to you would have the power to make it happen.

With all the education you claim to have, have you not done even rudimentary research into "near-death experiences"? If you had, you would have found out that we now know that that sort of thing can be triggered by stimulating parts of the brain electrically. People who have had that done to them report the exact same kind of experiences that those who have had spontaneous NDE's report.

While that doesn't PROVE that NO NDE's are "spiritual," it does strongly suggest that they are merely a physical brain phenomenon.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Aug 14, 2008  at  01:10 AM
ofcourse spirits worry about earthly things. spirits live in heaven and are born on earth. they are coming to live on this planet, why wouldnt they worry about earthly affairs? as someone who was conscious before birth i can tell anyone with an open mind we exist before this life and after it as well. to everyone else your not supposed to know this truth so just go on and live obliviously its the path nature intended for you. youll know the truth when you get there by your self.

also to people that are like "i dont believe in god because you cant prove it to me, and the burden of proof is on you" no, the burden of proof is on god and as in the first paragraph i stated, if god has no interest in you knowing of his existence nothing anyone can say or do will convince you, so just live your lives and let other people live theirs.
Posted by 1  on  Tue Sep 16, 2008  at  10:05 PM
wow i just realized there was a second page. oh well maybe cranky media guy has found a girlfriend and has moved on in life and doesn't have to go flame people on the net to feel good about himself.
Posted by 1  on  Tue Sep 16, 2008  at  10:18 PM
Sorry to disappoint you, 1, but I'm still here.

Exactly how did I "flame" anyone?

All I've done is ask reasonable questions.

One of the main ones I've asked is what sensory organs are used in these alleged pre-birth experiences. You DO realize that, in most cases, the human body is not fully formed until just prior to birth, yes?

Sorry that my merely asking some simple questions seems to upset you so.

Could that possibly be because you can't answer them?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Sep 17, 2008  at  12:57 AM
Hi Cranky Media Guy -

Sorry for my previous spelling typos.
To answer your questions:
Are you SERIOUS? Yes.

OK, you were not yet born, right? Exactly what sensory organ(s) were you using to have these perceptions with? There were no organs, and I had no body that I could remember or detect. Close your eyes, put earplugs on, and blinders on, and you will still "perceive" yourself - without any sensory input. I could still see, and I communicated telepathically.

If you saw your life previewed--on "large TV-like screens" no less--then you know what's going to happen to you. You should be able to avoid unpleasant experience, like accidents, right?
No. Some of my memories are "foggy" (both visually, and via recall), but I do remember some scenes on the TVs. I specifially did not want to look at my death - i.e. how I was going to die.

Are you claiming to be able to do that? If not, why not? No. See explation above. I can honestly tell you that I have met, in this life, someone I saw on the "TV" screen, when I was 19 years old - note my prebirth memories started coming back at age 11.

Who told you that your memory would be erased and how did you manage to avoid this, since, presumably, the person, spirit or whatever that told it to you would have the power to make it happen. Right before I went into a dark tunnel to be born, I was "speaking" to a being. I remembered this event recently after thinking about the words "veil of forgetfullness" that are posted on the web. I remember having a telepathic conversation (they all were), and that I was told that I wouldn't remeber anything, but I thought to myself, "oh yes, I am going to remember and not forget this." I think the being was putting something over me - as this scene occurred. Guess my plan worked!
Posted by Chris  in  usa  on  Sat Oct 18, 2008  at  03:57 PM
Hi Cranky Media Guy (cont.) -

I haven't had time to research what I remember from a scientific standpoint, but no doubt, I've heard about out of body experiences occurring after eletrical stimulation of the brain. But my memories are persistent, and I remember them sequentially. I was called forth, I had no body, I spoke with 3 beings, then Jesus, then I went to a different area with the "TV" screens, saw my life preview (and by the way I just learned what to call it from the web - i.e. a "life preview"). I communicated telepathically - the beings weren't tlaking, but they were communicating with me - you may not understand what that felt like this until you experience it! And seeing from above earth - I was afraid to be born, and thought "I certainly don't want to go to that place!" Could you blame me?

I think the theory of evolution is fact, and understand that skepticism and impartiality can assist the scientific method - but my memories are simply just that. You telling me I didn't remember the events I describe is like me telling you that you don't remember who your parents are. (hopefully you do). Nonetheless, thank goodness for the Cranky Media Guy - there is nothing wrong with anyone being skeptical.
Posted by Chris  in  usa  on  Sat Oct 18, 2008  at  04:11 PM
Hi Cranky media guy - (cont.)

Finally, I always remembered traveling down a dark tunnel before being placed into my fetal body. I only recently recalled the conversation with the being about "forgeting everything." And that is my point, I'm recalling a past event, and with further reflection, I can remember further detail - but the "framework" of the memory stays constant. I just pulled up the webiste using google tonight, and it is the first time I've ever seen it. The story in this link is very similar to mine. How can others share my experiences? Yes, I was also able to float outside of my fetal body at times, too. From what I have read on the web, it takes a while to meld the spirit and physical body together.
Posted by Chris  in  usa  on  Sat Oct 18, 2008  at  04:34 PM
From February 1995 to February 1998, I worked directly outside the White House on Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C.

One of the fascinating things I learned while working there is that the White House is a magnet for "crazy" people from all over America who come there, convinced that they have to tell the President something.

I knew not one but two people who were convinced they were the Second Coming of Christ. I also knew a very nice man who absolutely believed that the government had put a "chip" inside his head which forced him to hear the thoughts of everyone around him. Another man I knew was absolutely sure that he was being spied on by the CIA and the Post Office.

Each of these people was completely certain of what they believed and no logical argument nor fact could dissuade them of it.

My point here is that certainty is not the same as certitude. A person can be absolutely sure of something which simply is not true.

It's not your certainty which is in question, it's your veracity.

I have no doubt you believe you "saw" ephemeral beings who communicated with you telepathically and so forth. In the absence of any facts to back that up, however, there's no reason to accept what you say as real.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Oct 18, 2008  at  06:31 PM
Hi Cranky Media Guy 2 -

Sorry again for my typos.
First, I am a scientist, and skeptic, and completely understand a person being an atheist.
You aren't talking to an intelegent design specialist or creationist here. I hardly wish to go to the White House, to see the president, unless I give him a devine message i.e., to "get out - you have already done enough damage to the country." (ha ha)

What I can truthfully tell you is that I had the memories /dreams when I was 11 years old. I only told my grandmother about them in 1986, becasue I was too embarressed, and thought no one would believe me. Only since searching on the internet and typing in the words "remembering before you were born" into Google, did I discover that there were others like me with a similar "universal dream or memory" Now you are probably too young to remember Dark Shadows", but there was a "dream curse, and universal dream. How does that happen? Brain anoxia doesn't explain all of the similar details.
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Tue Oct 21, 2008  at  05:19 PM
Hi Cranky Media Guy 2 -

Also, not everyone's pre-birth memories are the same. I did not see streets of gold, or magnificent buildings in heaven, as some claim to have experienced (search the web for their stories). Most of the areas that I remember were dark. However, when I've read similar stories, I can tell I was in the same place that others were.
(very freaky ..!)

Here is the correct website for you to visit: (not In it the web host writes:
At some point millions of years ago, souls descended upon these ape-men and began influencing [them] to come down out of the trees and eventually form societies. Then souls began inhabiting the bodies of these ape-men. Thus, the dawn of humanity arose on this planet.

I am impressed by this website, and it is hardly traditional christianity. I was finally able to meld what I remember plus religion and science. The website contains so many stories similar to mine too, but the are NDEs. Very difficlut to explain by shear coincidence ..
So, in summary, I'm just making you aware that some sane people do have these memories, and they are full of detail, much more than dreaming that you are able to fly, for example ...
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Tue Oct 21, 2008  at  05:38 PM
Hi Cranky Media Guy 2 -

Finally, I simply point you to someone who wrote on this website 2 years ago (see message above), who I do not even know. They wrote:

"When a person makes a claim about pre birth existance they do so in the hope that someone out there will understand and hopefully come across someone that can reassure them that they are not "Going Crazy" ... I thought I would come online and do a bit of research on what I myself feel I have experienced ...I don't know how to percieve the experience I have had, is it a past life, all I know is I am not meant to remember, but I was and still am determined to remember. there is much more to this life than physical matter
Posted by Gen in Australia on Wed Sep 06, 2006 at 05:05 AM

Gee - this person, who lives a continent away from me, was "not meant to remember?" Also they write "I was (and still am) determined to remember"

Sounds just a little bit like my experience???
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Tue Oct 21, 2008  at  05:45 PM
Sorry, but here is the exact link.
I think this guy is onto something ...

Thanks ...
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Tue Oct 21, 2008  at  05:54 PM

In the above link he talks about the ape men and souls, and how he intergated Christianity with NDE research findings, etc., and obviously evolution...

The truth is out there - and there is nothing wrong with trying to find it ...
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Tue Oct 21, 2008  at  05:59 PM
Just to clarify, I wasn't citing my experiences with the people outside the White House to imply that you are crazy. What I was trying to say is that sincere belief does not constitute proof that what you believe is real.

For much of the nine-month gestation period humans experience, the organs are not fully formed. As far as science can determined, the "pre-born" cannot form or retain memories of anything.

When you get into "pre-birth memory," you're veering into Scientology Territory. Check into the wacky Scientology concept of the "engram" sometime if you're so inclined.

No, there's absolutely nothing wrong with looking for Truth, but that doesn't mean that you should adopt any old theory that presents itself.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Oct 22, 2008  at  01:05 AM
Hey Cranky... i can call you cranky okay? I am living at Austria and i must really say i know nearly nothing of the scientology. i hate them because i heard that they want money money money. I can really tell you i did not brought an idea up! It are my memories! Its not a lie! What if we are right? Its okay if you do not belive it but please you would do me and the others a big favor if you would write "If this would be true, then..."
Please add it. >_< It would be very nice from you! Pleaaase! Because if you do not i feel like you would spott about us.
Posted by Ai  in  Austria  on  Thu Nov 06, 2008  at  09:43 AM
Hi Ai,

I have some questions for you.
What was the first pre-birth memory that you remember? Where were you pre-birth? Did you have a body? Was it light or dark around you? Did you communicate with anyone? Was anyone next to you?
Please write as much as you can about what you remember.

Thank you,

Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Thu Nov 06, 2008  at  05:38 PM
I was in a dark place. I do not know where i was but from the memories i can tell i was in a hole.
I think i have seen one person. Only one. It did not said anything. I just had a feeling i have to choose now. I had to choose my life. I have 2 lives where i could choose from. One male, one female. I choose female but i did not know why, i just did it. i knowed i would have a fucked up live so gender does not matter. I saw something like this

but more darker. I looked at it and i saw it somehow... i think i saw something like fog. But it was not fog. DUnno what IT was. i was so angry as i choosed. and i feelt sad (I dunno how to say it... i feel beeing sad in my back, but did not know back then what feeling sad mean. The next was i was in the hospital... some woman has wash me... then someone used this Scissor. I was so scared! I did not cry like other babies! I know it! i asked my mother if this is true and she sad: As you was newborn, you did not cry. THe people were very worried. But i did not feel like need to be cry.

But as i saw my parents the first time i thought: ???? some very very bad feeling. I know now it was anger. I hate humans till now. I wish i would be alone all the time. I can not befriend with people. I have problems now because i do not know if you people are real. I can not trust someone of you! Its a very hard life.

i tell more next time but now i have to stop because i have to prepare school for today.
Posted by Ai  in  Austria (Lower Austria)  on  Thu Nov 06, 2008  at  09:33 PM
Ai, exactly what organs were you experiencing this with? You DO realize that your sensory organs, like the rest of your body, were not fully developed while you were gestating, yes?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Nov 07, 2008  at  12:54 AM
I do not know how i did "see" that! I have no idea! i would lie if i would say with my eyes. I know i experienced it- i do not know how. But I know i did.
Posted by Ai  in  Austria (Lower Austria)  on  Fri Nov 07, 2008  at  04:41 AM
Dear Ai and Crank Media Guy,

Ai - thanks for your story. Yours is similar to mine - I didn't want to be born either (or go to earth), but I was more dreading it and fearful than angry. Obviously, you were angry.
Did you have a sense that you had to be born, and go to earth, in order to learn lessons? To me the "hole" you describe, may have been the tunnel that I traveled through - to get into my fetal body. Do you think you entered the hole to get to earth? Your story of having to choose your life (hole) rings true to me, and many accounts I have read have people(souls) making a choice of which life to live - before they were born.

Hi Cranky - I know you are placing a lot of emphasis on physical organs, and also on what people believe. I can only tell you with utmost truthfulness and sincerity, that I visually remember my experiences pre-birth, just like any other memory I have - even of Obama and McCain. I "believe" that evolution occurred, but I have no memory of it (nor does any other sane person on earth). Beliefs and memories are very different. However, I do have pre-bitrh memories.
I cannot explain how or why. The very fact that ohers do have similar memories, even in Austria, is very strange, at the very least. I wish the person from Australia would write something again, because I think my memories might be similar to his/hers. Thanks!! Chris
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Fri Nov 07, 2008  at  05:03 PM
P.S. Cranky -

What I have read on the web (and also remember) is that your soul enters your body before birth. It is the soul that can remember things without a physical body or mature brain. I know that sounds crazy, but it is what happened to me. Also, from reading items on the web, some accounts explained to me why I could rememeber being outside of my fetal body at times and could see things around me. If you read about pre-birth "stories" it supposidly takes a while for the soul to "meld" with the physical body, pre-birth and perinatally, and postnatally. So, the fetus could be immature neuologically, but memories are maintained by the soul. I know this "body" and "soul" businees must seem so silly, but, had I not had my experiences, I might also dismiss the accounts. You can only tell you the truth .
I always try to - believe me it is my personality type to do so ... Thanks for listening ...
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Fri Nov 07, 2008  at  05:16 PM
P.S.S. Cranky -

I doubt that Ai read my previous message and went to the link I posted previously on this website :

Don't you think it is weird that the account on the website above stated:

"We were standing in front of some kind of opening that looked almost like the mouth of a cave. ... Then I noticed that there was an individual who was going to escort me into the cave-like structure. Perhaps this is the same tunnel that NDE people recall. I believe that we have to go through that same tunnel to be born.

I remember entering this dark tunnel and being escorted by a being who also exuded love and peace. I noticed the presence of others in the tunnel also, but could not see what they were doing. Finally, I remember looking at my small body, and next thing I remember, I was being born."

By the way, I also remember something almost exactly similar - and I don't do mind altering drugs, etc... (Ha Ha)!
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Fri Nov 07, 2008  at  05:34 PM
Chris said:

"What I have read on the web (and also remember) is that your soul enters your body before birth. It is the soul that can remember things without a physical body or mature brain. I know that sounds crazy, but it is what happened to me."

Well, if you read it on the web, it MUST be true. I mean, we all know that nothing on the Internet is false.

At one point, you quote Ai's "pre-birth memory" and talk about how similar it is to yours as evidence of the reality of the alleged phenomenon.

But earlier, you said:

"Also, not everyone's pre-birth memories are the same. I did not see streets of gold, or magnificent buildings in heaven, as some claim to have experienced (search the web for their stories). Most of the areas that I remember were dark. However, when I've read similar stories, I can tell I was in the same place that others were.
(very freaky ..!)"

There, you are saying that the fact that other people's "pre-birth experience" is DIFFERENT from yours proves their legitimacy.

Which is it?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Nov 08, 2008  at  12:47 AM
i know the website from a long time now which you linked.I do not belive in god. But if it was God, God is an =?"= for such a live what i have.! I know i did not feel beeing loved or something. BUT WHY!
Even if god was real would not he do something to say sorry? if he doesnt he is just like people who do bad things at people and never say sorry! i just do not want to be one of the people he can play with. i am not a fucking toy where someone can play with. i do not want to learn those lessons. "if god was real" i hope i have my personality still in "heaven" i will tell him what he does to individuals who does not remember it. Because at this moment, people are not longer supposed to learn lessons. Humans are humans and not souls. Souls are getting supported. Humans not really. So you can say god is bullying us...
I am busy right now, so i will send more what i think later
(me, if i would belive in god, but i do not belive in god)
Posted by Ai  in  Austria (Lower Austria)  on  Sat Nov 08, 2008  at  02:21 AM
Hi Ai and Cranky Media Guy -

OK - Cranky - yes, from what I have read, people's pre-birth experiences can be different. However, mine matches with many people's accounts, and it seems to me that it is a matter of how much a person is able to recall. As I have emphasized, the multiple similarities one finds when reading the accounts, i.e. - communicating telepathically with spiritual beings or guides, seeing earth from above, seeing a life preview in a book and/or projected on TV like screens, selecting your life, having your memory erased, passing through a tunnel (or cave) before birth, floating outside of your fetal body, etc., are just too many items that exactly match what I remember. Like I said, it is not like all of us with pre-birth memories had a dream about being able to fly ... most people have that flying dream, but I highly doubt the above listed items could, by chance alone, all be experienced by others. So, I have answered your question. The pre-birth memories are bascially the same, but people remember parts of what happened better than others. The theme is consistent. The fact that near death experiences accounts are "extensions" of what pre-birth memories are - is even more amazing, and makes it even more unlikely that pre-birth memories are false.
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Sat Nov 08, 2008  at  05:58 AM
Hi Ai and Cranky Media Guy - continued ...

Also, Cranky ... note here that I believe in evolution and Ai doesn't even believe in God. It is not like we are religious nuts, going on a crusade.

Ai - what I have to say to you is important.
First, some of my ancestors lived in or near Austria! I am really am very sorry that your life has been so very difficult. I can only say that other people do care, and wish the best for you, even though they may not know you - e.g. people like myself. I can only tell you what I know. While Cranky doesn't believe us i.e. about our memories, you know what you have remembered and experienced. I'm telling you the truth about what I remember. There is a God, and because he/she is just that, God gets to "call all of the shots" and decide everything. It is not fair to us per se, but we need to think in the long term and not just the short term. We were all sent here to experience earth and to learn from it. My life has been difficult too - but maybe not as bad as yours. Neither one of us wanted to be born. It is difficult not to be resentful. However, if you try to believe in God and trust in him, and try to do your best and treat others kindly, you will escape your current misery - maybe in this life, and better things lie ahead for you in the afterlife. That is your mission. I was born to tell you it again in this message today. Good luck! And Cranky - my message parallels just about every Christian, Jewish, and Islamic religious belief, so please don't bash me here for making a religious statement. As I have told you - my memories are part of the basis for me believing in God. Maybe I would be very doubtful without them too ...
Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Sat Nov 08, 2008  at  06:19 AM
belive me... i am still nice even if i do not like humans. If someone has problems i help them with all my power... but I HATE them still. if some "neonazi" shows up in my near they flee because they know what i think about people who drawing those signs! Even if i do not like humans i help them with all my power... dunno why i am doing that. But in real i just want to be alone. the only things i am doing are reading books, looking anime, read manga, playing with my animals.
i just want that this shit somehow ends for me. But not suicide (had often thought about it, but it is not the solution (my "mother" have try it so often now, i am not scared, lol, she was about 50 times at the hospital))

i think i want to be alone so long as possible.. not really much people can cheer me up.. only the really insane, hysteric people who bring me to laught are okay for me.

But as far as i remember my life can not really be happy. Crap is i know my life is not going to be good. So it makes no sense to make any hopes.

why should i concentrate on making friends etc when i KNOW i will really bad end? (hehe i met the other "life where i could choose from at school." he is not father. (only 18 year old and the baby is already around 3. (I do not like babies)
Posted by Ai  in  Austria (Lower Austria)  on  Sat Nov 08, 2008  at  07:32 AM
Hi Ai,

Thanks for your message. Well, I agree that some humans can be very disappointing, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone. However, I try not to hate anyone.

Can you answer my previous questions, please? I'm just curious. Here they are again:

Did you have a sense that you had to be born, and go to earth, in order to learn lessons?

To me the "hole" you describe, may have been the tunnel that I traveled through - to get into my fetal body. Do you think you entered the hole to get to earth?

Do you remember anything else pre-birth?

Thank you,

Posted by chris  in  usa  on  Sat Nov 08, 2008  at  04:24 PM
no. I just knowed there is a place where i do not like to go. there was no feeling i have to learn lessons. It was feeling like a punishment somehow.
And yes. It could have been a cave.. but i just remember seen the holes. and those creepy feelings
Posted by Ai  in  Austria (Lower Austria)  on  Sat Nov 08, 2008  at  05:03 PM
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