Prebirth Experiences

At Sarah and Brent Hinze investigate Prebirth Experiences. They define these as when "a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, etc., receives communication from a child before she is born, or in many cases, before he was even conceived." I hadn't heard of this particular variety of psychic (or spiritual) phenomenon before. It seems like a strange offshoot of past-life communication... except that instead of talking with people who once existed, you're communicating with people who are waiting to exist in the future. My question is: what if a 'parent' communicates with their child-to-be, but then they end up never having a child. Who, then, were they chatting with? Would the Hintzes define this as an imposter pre-birth experience? (via Holy Weblog)

Paranormal Psychology

Posted on Wed Dec 22, 2004


Cris and Eric

Even though I finally joined the Mormon faith head quartered in Salt Lake City Utah.
I have since then did what is called back slideing church wise.
My job pretty much keeps me grounded on Sunday where Church is concerned at.
I'm so blind in both eyes I have to use glasses to read with with every thing I do.
I do not read the Bible as often as I should.
I've told the mormon church about my expierence pre birth memory wise.
They act like they do not believe it in Texas.
So I do not tell them any more.
I am a very big person on shareing my story with every one.
My book will have 71 pages when it is redone or more.
I have drawings in it.
And scriptures to back up the premortal idea in the Bible its self.
And war in heaven.
I agree with you Cris on the idea not put us down.
But I'd like people to be a little more people friendly when I say the truth.
If they do not believe my truth from me.
That is all right.
But I do not need them to bite off my head because I lack fisical proof for them.
Proof or verification and facts is some thing that is not in the cards for me.
My birth defect in my ankles is a fall from heaven injurie caused by the fall turned in to a birth defect.
But I can not prove that to any one.
it wares out my shoes though.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sun Nov 01, 2009  at  08:57 PM
Chris said:

"Cranky - I do not believe your story. The reason why is probability. No human has the power to fly to the dark side of the moon under their own power. That can be scientifically proven."

So you don't believe my story because it's scientifically impossible but you DO believe that a human being can remember events from before they had fully formed bodily organs, including a brain. Fascinating.

By the way, since when did SCIENCE come into play here? I thought you guys thought that FACTS and EVIDENCE didn't matter.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Nov 02, 2009  at  12:29 AM
I will have to say that science still does not have all the answers and even if and when a theory of everything is reached their will still be mysteries to unravel and there will always be a need for science and string theory may never be proven. Some quantum physicist even have theories about consciousness itself and wonder if light could have properties of consciousness. There is the phenomena of quantum teleportation in super position states i.e. instantaneous information shared with another quantumly entangled particle. Also, light and matter particles have probability waves. Light is also a messenger particle keeping the electrons in their orbits and is also responsible for the strong color force keeping the quarks bound together. Many things in quantum mechanics defy ordinary logic of the way we humans think reality should be. How is it possible that conscious observation should have such an effect on reality? What principles govern evolution, and what is the fabric of reality other than what we form from it towards greater and greater entropy and diversity? Brian Greene and others theorize that if mater were to go into a black hole that the closer it approaches the advent horizon the more and more mass less it would become until it was converted into light. I think that the jitters of the elusive higgs boson is responsible for the energy creating gravity and that black holes create a form of vacuum responsible for the inflatron field accelerating the universe in its expansion or dark energy. But that is just an idea and I don
Posted by Eric Mitchell  in  Bloomington, IN  on  Mon Nov 02, 2009  at  01:57 AM
I'm confused. When I pointed out that science says that a person cannot have memories from a time before they had fully developed bodily organs, I was told that scientific evidence doesn't matter. Now, however, when *I* tell a fantastic story, the scientific improbability of it is used against me.

"I will have to say that science still does not have all the answers and even if and when a theory of everything is reached their will still be mysteries to unravel and there will always be a need for science..."

OK, so if that's your position, then you have NO basis for disbelieving my story about flying to the moon under my own power. After all, science may say that that is impossible, but it doesn't know everything, right?

You folks seem more than a wee bit inconsistent about whether you accept or reject science.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Nov 02, 2009  at  01:37 PM

Your question of mere mortal

No Let me explain

I am mortal from my own birth in 1956 to my parents
But with the memory of real expierences in heaven still attached.
I some times wonder if I am more than just a mortal person.
I just never have looked at my expierence from any other points of view for my self except for what it is for me.
Some times the pre birth memories make it hard to sleep at noght or to concentrate on other things.
I am very glad to know that I have lived in another time and another life before coming to earth.
But I on the other hand have to slowly learn to live with both parts of my life as one now. here on earth.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Mon Nov 02, 2009  at  07:30 PM
Scientific evidence can not conclude if one can or can
Posted by Eric Mitchell  in  Bloomington, IN  on  Tue Nov 03, 2009  at  12:10 AM

I believe some how in ones own life that they bring awareness with them to this life on earth.
I did not make up my story for me personally.
Makeing up my own story would serve no real purpose but to hurt my self.
I can not and will not do that.
Pre Birth memories are real for me.
I've never been out side of the united states of america on any travel to the holy land.
But still I fell over a column by hitting my left knee on it.
that is very real for me.
And I hope that Cranky can understand that part.
It is real for me.
Just as any thing for you would be real too you as well.
I will take mine with me as long as I live my self.
Because my memories are not only memories they are real expierence to me as well.
I refuse to have a scientist tell me I made up my story for amusement.
I may stay away from this sight eventually museum of hoaxs
I don't believe in makeing hoaxs my self.
It would serve no real purpose for me.
To get on here and brag about a story.
War destruction in heaven for me was very real.
The spirit body has sight, hearing, Touch, Feelings, And understanding.
The mortal body has none of the above.
When you leave this old mortal body in the end for say 100 years of life or more or less.
on earth.
You take your sense of smell or taste or your sense of emotions and all of your love with you where ever the next life takes you too.
My story is not made up.
The story Cranky told.
About skittles I don't know.
I still have to disagree with him too as well.
With my own story you can compare notes with the bible just on war in heaven alone and see that war there did hapened at that time.
in heaven.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Tue Nov 03, 2009  at  04:45 AM
I have got one thing to say about my own premortal memories before coming to earth.
My own fall from heaven just before I was born guys.
Has left me with a permanent calling card a souvinear if you will.
It has left me with an ankle damage I can barely walk on, It has long term affects on my driveing any Vehicles.
My right ankle is healed up deformed because of the fall through the heavens.
I landed on it wrong nearly breaking it.
In this life on earth, some would think that I got the injury to my right ankle from sky diveing from plains.
I got in heaven from falling from the heavens sky its self.
I'll go to my grave with this injury.
It lays over nearly flat just sitting on the floor its self.
This is proof to me that my pre birth memories are very real to me as I did expierence them.
One dose not realise the pain such an injury causes to to the ankle and heal section to the leg joint its self where pain is concerned.
I was listed on here as a hoax.
Good luck getting any one to believe you on the prebirth memories.
Mine are very much real to me.
And I do not approve of people putting me down as a hoax.
I will not be answering this sight any more.
it has one big none believer on it who listed me on another sight as a hoax.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Tue Nov 03, 2009  at  02:01 PM
Hi Everyone,

First - Eric is really smart and enlightened!
Second, Joe is a sincere person who has been presented with challenges like his deformity, since birth, but still cares enough about everyone else in the world to share his story, in order to give them hope. Maybe in that regard, we are similar.

If only science is to be the main determinant of explaining the meaning and creation of life, then throw out all history that happened before the 16th century here on earth. Haven't you ever looked at the Hubble Telescope deep field photo in awe? Do you just see galaxies, or know that the magnificence of this splendid creation was done by a power much higher than ourselves? That the molecular bonds that hold DNA molecules together were designed to? I hardly believe in intelligent design, but am too intelligent to say never say never. Is there a god? Each person can answer that, as far as what has occurred in their life. Science is just a manmade hobby. Designing a universe is something else all together. Scientists cannot be errogant, and must search for the truth. No one has been able to answer my question concerning how Roger and I can have the same pre-birth memory. How can we?
Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Tue Nov 03, 2009  at  04:47 PM

Thank you for understanding my deformity I've had all of my life.
I have to continually buy new shoe's every year just so I will not go barefoot in my life.
I've had 5 seperate doctors from 1958 to 2009 ask why I am not wareing leg braces for the lower legs and ankles mainly.
It is because either my parents mortal wise was poor all of there life's or I my self never had the money to pay for such things.
It makes it very difficult in the long run to walk on concrete in buildings shopping malls and big stores
Because of the concrete its self.
As I get older in life I notice the bumb ankle more often.
Who ever listed me as a hoax on the enternet.
They do not believe in God any way I guess.
Any way, I reported my story to the CNN people And we shall see what they may have to say as well about my pre mortal to pre birth memory.
of life in heaven.
I sent them a disk with my book upgrade on it.
I got my bumb ankle as a souvinear from a fall in the heavens just before mortal birth in 1956.
It felt like I had broken the ankle joint in my right ankle as a spirit.
Then it turned in to a birth defect when My unborn baby body and Me as a spirit joined at delivery in Jan 1956.
Of Course I do not expect a scientist to believe such a thing hapened to me with out trying to explain it all away.
You would make a great friend Chris.
Do not let any body prove you wrong.
Our heavenly father whether we accept it or not.
dose give each of us a gift in our life's and it is for us to figure out what that gift is in our life's.
I think my gift was to share my true story with others who have pre birth memories as well.
And that my story might be of help to others as well.
I see you and one other person share the same memories.
I truely believe you in that respect that you are telling the truth.
I don't need documentation or proof that you are telling the truth to me.
I believe you are truthfull in what you are saying.
Question: In your own memories do you ever recall a blacked out door way built back in to a white brick wall with the sky over it.
And tall trees growing against the one end of it.
with a slopeing hill just beyond the trees them selves.

It was what I went past and was forebidden to me to enter it.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Tue Nov 03, 2009  at  06:19 PM

Couple of other things to remember about me.
And this could go for any one reading this post.
My right lower leg bad ankle and foot has kept me all of my life growing up from participateing in school olympics programs running jogging
And it kept me out of the marines and caused me an honorable discharge from the national guard unit in Oregon on medical basis.
A bad ankle caused by an injury in heaven in a fall then becoming a mortal baby at birth to grow up can cause all kinds of birth defects as a mortal
And can cause long term affects to show up during running in the olympics them selves if not noticed through any other means than just running vigorously on the bad ankles in the feet.
A person dose not need a doctor to tell them about the pain and what is causing it.
They just need the doctor to find it and treat it.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Tue Nov 03, 2009  at  06:39 PM
Chris, I don
Posted by Eric Mitchell  in  Bloomington, IN  on  Wed Nov 04, 2009  at  12:43 AM

A question for you
When you died at age 29 in another life.
Was it here in the USA
or another country.
I read your post again and seen that it was for cranky and not me.
I am glad to know that it was for him and not me.
I have a hard time getting people to understand that it is possible to understand a person has lived a life before mortal child delivery to earth.
By there naturel mothers to them.
I read a post about 5 years ago on a little boy almost 6 years old.
He was barely able to sleep at all.
His parents claimed he was haveing world war 2 war sindrome that was keeping him in nightmares.
The boy claimed to be a downed marine pilot in world war two of a p51 mustang.
And his parents didn't know what to think.
So they checked it out.
And the United States Navel service found a Aircraft carrier with the same plain on it.
but the pilot was missing.
The boy claimed he was shot by enemy gun fire.
Both stories were a perfect match.
The plain its self was on the sunken aircraft carrier nearly cut intoo by a shot to the side.
Navel report states that no pilot would have ever survived such a torn up plain.
Aircraft carrier disappeared at sea with all hands on board it.
During the war.
aircraft carrier was found right where the boy said it would be.
The boy got to meet his first biological parents before they past according to the story its self.
I think it can be found under nabel misterys or prebirth subject area not sure.
If I find it again will let you know.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Wed Nov 04, 2009  at  04:53 AM
I am very sure I was the 11th Gyalwang Drukpa
(Tenzin Khenrab Geleg Wangpo) who died in Buxa, India which is a refugee camp after he and others fled Tibet their Temple in 1960 because of the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the Dalai lamas exile in 1959 followed by 80,000 refugees. Everything matches with my memory including events that have unfolded in this life.

Yes I do remember seeing the documentary about the boy being shot down by Japanese. It was a fascinating story.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  in  Bloomington, IN  on  Wed Nov 04, 2009  at  04:21 PM

Yes the boy shot down that was him.
I was contacted by another publisher today by telephone.
They want to see my book I rote.
And so I have sent it to them all ready.
On my prebirth memories.
they say they are number 1 book publishing company in America.
Out of MD.
I have one other book stored at home that needs published with drawings.
Near Death in 1981
Caused by a farm tractor wreck of all things.
I was out late watching Zorrow the movie.
And stayed up late.
Went to work following day fell a sleep on tractor and went over a cliff.
rode the tractor to the bottom and was drug the rest of way and nearly ripped half in too at pelvic bone.
by ten inch apple tree.
do not try this at home.
too dangerous.
driving tractor while a sleep dose not pay.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Wed Nov 04, 2009  at  04:38 PM
Hi Eric & Joe,

Glad you two are having a nice little chat. Eric, how cool. Ive been reading up on you:


On the later website it states:

"It is very easy for us to talk about reincarnation of enlightened masters, but for us to believe with a deep sense of devotion or conviction that they are TRULY the reincarnation is actually not so easy, because we are very shallow and if I may daringly say, most of us have many doubts about karma deep in our hearts."

All I can tell you is that there is a natural process for things, and I would not be so convinced yet that you have nothing to offer by recounting your story - what do family members know away? (ha ha) Your words on this webiste might affect others, for example.

It is only through truthful discussion, can the topic of pre-birth memories and reincarnation be fully examined. It is hard for me to say too, but maybe I was here on earth before too. It seemed like I might have been a fallen abgel in heaven, but only in the scenario where I was some how linked to the wrong group previously. In fact the angels/spirit guides that I specifically were a different from me. They wore robes and glowed a blue color. I don't remember any wings, however.

Joe - I do not remember any doorway. However, I bet each spirit had unique challenges in heaven, and the door meant something specifically to you. I do remember being tightly controlled in heaven. We were being told what we could do, and could not do, and where we had to go - which was earth.
Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Thu Nov 05, 2009  at  06:13 PM

Tightly controled in heaven.
Yes I believe that I was too also.
The blacked out door way that I speak of to you.
It was forbidden for me to enter in to it when I seen it.
I twisted my right ankle nearly twisting it off when I landed just beyond that door way on the ground.
I was born with a stiff ankle after that when I was born a mortal on earth.
There was a very large man standing behind the wall of brick that this door way was inside of.
And he let out a yell in my direction just as I was thinking about going through this door way its self.
And when he yelled at me.
I had a sudden feeling of my own death wash over my entire body had I went through this door way its self at the time.
My own death is what I was afraid of and so I ran for fear of dieing and never seen him again.
After that.
that was the secound time I had felt death of my own spirit had I went through that door way.
So I went another direction.
I came very close to dieing as a mortal in the hospital its self as well.
Because my mother had given up on her own child delivery.
She was worn out and tired.

I have not posted on here since the last time I posted on this site.
Some wants me to offer proof that I did these things.
how can you offer proof on some thing that took place in another space of time and another planet.
called heaven.
I have a stiff ankle from the fall its self I was born with.
And no body believes that is enough either for proof.
I nearly broke it and my wrists landing on the ground wrong.
That is ok though.
I know it hapened to me.
And I do not feel that I have to prove any thing to any body.
I hope you believe me chris about my premortal memories before birth.
They were real to me.
So real to me just think of my reality to me as you would burn your fingers on a hot pot takeing it off of the stoves hot burner.
That is how real my prebirth memories are to me.
I'll take it to my old age with me in my life as it hapened.
I sent my book to another publisher yesterday.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Thu Nov 05, 2009  at  06:43 PM
Chris and Eric


This is to let you know that I have sent my book to another publisher.
May be they will accept it maybe not.
But I am also posting here for the last time.
I feel that I am being asked to show some kind of real proof of my story.
and that is just not possible to do.
I know that every thing has hapened to me and I know it as possitive proof to my self that it hapened to me.
there fore I do not believe I should have to prove any thing to any body.
My expierences all hapened for me and are all real.
Includeing the bad ankle caused by the fall in heaven.
Everyone is saying that is not proof eiither that prebirth expierences hapened to me.
This sight for reporting hoaxs on and my expierence is real.
It is not a hoax.
Good luck.
I can believe people when they say some thing hapened.
But no one can believe me with out posting my story to other sights as hoax.

Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Thu Nov 05, 2009  at  10:23 PM
Could you folks please give me the names of some of the "scientists" you claim say that pre-birth memories are real?

Some of you believe that if two people claim to have had similar experiences, they must be real. In that case, the Earth must have been flat a few hundred years ago since many millions of people believed it was back then. After all, FACTS and EVIDENCE aren't necessary; it's all about what you BELIEVE is true.

I'm just trying to figure out how and when the Earth became round. Or did it?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Nov 06, 2009  at  11:36 PM

I'm done talking to you.
You wouldn't believe a snake was real if it bit you on the foot.

My memories are caused by real events in heaven.
If you can not accept my telling you mine is real.
I am not going to offer you proof to some thing I know is real.
If I had a chevy truck blue.
You would believe that.
But yet you can not accept that I recall my life in heaven before I was born.
Leave me alone.
Posted by Joseph Murphy  on  Sat Nov 07, 2009  at  07:48 AM
Joseph said:

"I'm done talking to you.
You wouldn't believe a snake was real if it bit you on the foot."

What a ridiculous thing to say. Of course I would believe it if a snake bit me on the foot. After all, I would have the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of my swollen foot and a snake.

"If I had a chevy truck blue.
You would believe that."

Bad punctuation aside, yes, I would believe in the reality of the blue Chevy truck. Assuming you actually HAD one and not just the CLAIM of owning one, we'd be able to go for a ride in it, wouldn't we?

I can't see why you are mad at me for simply asking which alleged scientists say that pre-birth experiences can be remembered. If they exist, what's wrong with asking who they are?

Joseph, you might want to look into "false memory syndrome." It's a well-documented condition.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Nov 07, 2009  at  01:55 PM
And what if we are just not able to proof it yet?
Which scientist would even try to research it, if nobody says they remember? They would all claim it is just the "false memory syndrome"
Even I know science can't fully lookup into the human brain yet.
Posted by Ai  in  Austria (Lower Austria)  on  Sat Nov 07, 2009  at  07:25 PM
Hi Ai,

Hope you are doing well.

Cranky - very funny comments - as I can see your point. However ...

Cranky, please go to, and paste in this text below into the Youtube search:

1/5 Amazing. Boy Remembers Past Life

This is a 5 part series on a boy who remembers a past life. In the documentary, a scientist is mentioned who works at the Univeristy of Virgina, I recall, and is studying the phenomenon. I looked him up and he is for real. You may have to watch all 5 segments. Very touching story.

Also, since for most of my life, I never discussed my pre-birth memories with anyone, or had anything to do with the topic, I can hardly fit the definition of False Mmemory Syndrome, which is, according to

A condition in which a person's identity and interpersonal relationships are centered around a memory of traumatic experience which is objectively false but in which the person strongly believes. Note that the syndrome is not characterized by false memories as such. We all have memories that are inaccurate. Rather, the syndrome may be diagnosed when the memory is so deeply ingrained that it orients the individual's entire personality and lifestyle, in turn disrupting all sorts of other adaptive behavior. The analogy to personality disorder is intentional. False Memory Syndrome is especially destructive because the person assiduously avoids confrontation with any evidence that might challenge the memory. Thus it takes on a life of its own, encapsulated and resistant to correction. The person may become so focused on memory that he or she may be effectively distracted from coping with the real problems in his or her life.

The above does not describe me!

Now lets count - me, Roger, Eric, Joe, Ai -
do you think I'm paying these people off to say they have pre-birth memories, or could it just be that something might be there ... something that science should investigate further ? Joe knew exactly what I meant by things being "tightly controlled in heaven" - because guess what - he was there and experienced it too.
We could not just do whatever we wanted to there, or go wherever we wanted, and in fact were prevented by others from doing things or going certain places.
Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Sat Nov 07, 2009  at  09:52 PM
There are no scientists that make such a claim nor should they, as that would pollute Science. The assertion I was trying to make was that all of our ideas may not be truths in and of themselves, including your positivist beliefs Cranky. It doesn't mater if you believe anyone else or not just go with your own beliefs and evolve from there. I just found something on the internet which may be a loophole to Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity where nothing can go faster than the speed of light. I found this very interesting and will let you all read for yourselves.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  in  Bloomington, IN  on  Sat Nov 07, 2009  at  10:48 PM
Here is one about a World War 2 pilot.

Go to and enter the below text into search:

REINCARNATION- past life evidence, Part 1
Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Sat Nov 07, 2009  at  11:01 PM
This is pasted from the first link in my previous post.

Once thought to be unbreakable, the speed of light as set by the laws of physics has been exceeded in two recent experiments, according to a New York Times news report. The speed of light in a vacuum, or empty space, is 186,000 miles per second. Exceeding this speed jeopardizes the entire theory of relativity, which rests on the idea that light speed is the universal limit to how fast anything can travel.

Scientists have found ways to break that speed limit. In one experiment performed by researchers at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, N.J., a pulse of light was sent through a transparent chamber filled with specially prepared cesium gas and was pushed to travel at speeds of 300 times the normal speed of light. The light travels so fast that the main part of the light pulse exits the chamber even before it enters. Theoretically, this means that you could see a moment in time before it actually takes place.

Researchers at the NEC declined to comment on the experiment while it is under review by Nature, a weekly peer-reviewed science journal. However, Kazuko Anderson, a spokesperson with the NEC in New York, confirmed the accuracy of the New York Times report.

In a second superluminal study, published in the May 22 issue of Physical Review Letters, scientists at the Italian National Research Council of Florence shone light beams at a curved mirror. The mirror then shot the beams back at the instrument that measured the rays' speeds. The beam coming from the center of the mirror was measured at 5 percent to 7 percent faster than light speed. The authors said this effect only works over relatively short distances, such as the one meter used by the Italian researchers.

Exceeding the speed of light may have future implications for space travel and computer chips, but for now scientists are uncertain about the practical use of this discovery. Neither experiment was able to use a light beam to carry any information or prove that an object of any weight would be able to travel beyond light speed.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  in  Bloomington, IN  on  Sun Nov 08, 2009  at  06:56 AM
Eric said:

"Theoretically, this means that you could see a moment in time before it actually takes place."

Are you saying that this VERY early experimentation in faster-than-light speed travel might possibly mean that a human being could remember events from before their organs, including their brain, were fully formed?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Nov 08, 2009  at  01:46 PM
Hi Cranky,

I'm taking it to mean that much of science is still based on theory. Theory that needs to be adjusted in light (no pun intended) of new information. For years scientists thought that nothing could travel faster than the speed of light. Who is to say that scientists might someday detect a spirit in the human body, which might be able to remember events independent of having a brain/organ?
Posted by chris  in  USA  on  Sun Nov 08, 2009  at  04:40 PM
Chris said:

"Who is to say that scientists might someday detect a spirit in the human body, which might be able to remember events independent of having a brain/organ?"

Well, Chris, science *might* someday say that I could (and did) fly to the moon under my own power, so I guess no one here should automatically discount my story. I mean, who is to say that science will NEVER back my story up?

I'll accept the apologies of those who laughed at me now, thank you very much.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Nov 08, 2009  at  05:32 PM
Are you saying that this VERY early experimentation in faster-than-light speed travel might possibly mean that a human being could remember events from before their organs, including their brain, were fully formed?

No, personally I don't give a cranky crap about that subject anymore since it is really a dead horse. Why beat the poor thing the whole conversation is pointless and irrelevant. I was just commenting about an article. My last post was just copied because it didn't look like anyone clicked the link to read it. I just thought the article was interesting is all and was trying to find a common ground.

Truthfully, I am finding the conversation boring.
Posted by Eric Mitchell  in  Bloomington, IN  on  Sun Nov 08, 2009  at  10:42 PM
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