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Prank the Monkey
SUMMARY: An interesting and informative read, and one that's sure to raise a few laughs. The Museum of Hoaxes awards it four out of five banana peels.

Sir John Hargrave, as he’s now legally known, is host of the website. He has authored Prank the Monkey, a humourous book chronicling the various pranks, tricks and hoaxes he has perpetrated on deserving parties over the course of his prankster career.

John says: ”It’s not that I have a problem with authority; it’s that I have a problem with senseless authority. I have no problems with rules, just ridiculous rules."

Prank the Monkey certainly follows through on his reasoning. The book covers pranks involving everyone from Wal-Mart to Ashton Kutcher, from real-estate spammers to US senators.

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Posted by Boo on Fri Jan 05, 2007

Sounds good to me smile
Posted by oppiejoe  in  Michigan - USA  on  Sat Jan 06, 2007  at  02:19 PM
Sir John Hargrave can prank my monkey anyday.

I am so very clever. Play on words there. Oh my!
Posted by Chance  in  FL  on  Tue Jan 09, 2007  at  12:50 AM
Hargrave's a punk. He owes me a lot of money. Buy his book so he can get the cash he needs to keep my goons at bay.

PS. I hear he's got a nice butt, all inflamed and monkey-like.
Posted by JEP  in  Michigan  on  Tue Jan 09, 2007  at  06:00 AM
How do I know the books not a prank and I will get 347 pages of monkey photos?
Posted by Happy PhartSack now with Monkey Balls  in  BC  on  Mon Jan 15, 2007  at  12:39 AM
Maybe it is...
Actually, I wouldn't mind a book full of pictures of monkeys - that'd be pretty cool.
Posted by Madmouse  in  Edinburgh  on  Sat Jan 20, 2007  at  03:10 PM
I read the first few pages and knew this book was going to be great! grin
Posted by Matthew  in  Hounslow  on  Tue May 20, 2008  at  03:48 PM
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