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Postcards for Mom
Here's a site that ingeniously exploits the power of the internet in order to play a prank. It's Postcards for Mom. Will Hanke created the site late last year in order to play a joke on his mother, Celeste. On the site he invited people to send letters to his mom (you had to email him in order to get her address). People thought it was a great idea, and soon Celeste was getting all kinds of mail, from all over the world. But she had no idea why these people were writing to her, nor could she figure out why they appeared to know personal details about her life. Finally she discovered what was going on when she read an article about Will's prank in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. With his mother now aware of the joke, Will has moved onto a new victim: someone else's mother. This new mother, Betty, was chosen by auction. The highest bidder earned the right to have their mother pranked. It would be a cool way to get your parents really confused.
Posted by The Curator on Tue Jun 22, 2004

Hi, I was the second Mom in Will's postcards for mom hoax. I loved it. The first month's letters all contained keys to fictional places and things. After a week or so, I started replying to those who had included a return address. I would continue with the 'story' their letter contained. I still have all of their letters and postcards, and copied many of my responses. It was really great.
Posted by Betty  in  Maryland  on  Sat Jan 01, 2011  at  12:28 PM
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