Poop Dollaring

Scatology has always provided fertile ground for pranks and humor. In fact, I've read scientific speculation that farts and feces probably provided the inspiration for the very first jokes told (or staged) by our early hominid ancestors. Witness how modern-day chimpanzees find it endlessly amusing to fling their feces.

This might provide us with some context for the prank called Poop Dollaring. (Though it's probably more analysis than the prank deserves.) Its method is simple: smear feces on a dollar bill and then place it so as to "tantalize the gullible".

Back when people used pay-phones, a variant of the prank involved stuffing dog poop into the coin return box. Unfortunately I remember falling victim to this once as a teenager. It was disgusting.

Knowing about poop dollaring might, if nothing else, spare you from too readily picking up some money you see lying on the ground.

Of course, youtube provides us with quite a few examples of innocent victims getting poop dollared.

Gross Pranks

Posted on Wed May 09, 2012


If you ask me, the worst pranks are those religious tracts made to look like a $20.

There I was - homeless and hungry, living on the streets and hadn't eaten in two days, and looking forward to at least another day of such until the local community-run meal thing happened.

In the middle of such resigned belt-tightening, I catch a glimpse of green. Can it be? It's money? And a Twenty at that!

My heart skipped a beat in pure joy, reeling with the thought that I could eat for a week on that much. Not well, but eat nontheless.

Still though, my inner morality won out. I looked around to see if anyone had lost the bill.. but there wasn't anyone even remotely near... So it was mine, and I may have wept a bit in sheer joy.

I was *very* hungry, so I went to the local pizza buffet. Mouth watering, I reached for the bill to pay, only to realize upon unfolding it what a cruel trick had been played upon me. Totally heartbreaking.

Thankfully, the kind employees saw how upset I was, and handed me two slices, which has never tasted better. I go there about once a week, now.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  in  Californian Wierdo  on  Thu May 10, 2012  at  12:05 AM
Coins superglued to the pavement are a classic prank.
Posted by Mr R  on  Thu May 10, 2012  at  01:04 AM
That's just nasty. They have to touch their own crap in order to smear it on the bills, so I'm not really sure which is the bigger FAIL here. Is it the guy who pulls the prank, or the poor fool who falls for it? Touching doodoo is still touching doodoo, whether it's your own or someone else's.
Posted by Mish  on  Wed Mar 27, 2013  at  12:31 PM
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