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Poland Spring Water
This is disappointing. Poland Spring water turns out not to be spring water at all, just highly treated groundwater. Nestle is being sued for false advertising. I used to drink Poland Spring all the time before I moved out to California.
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jun 19, 2003

Your information is slightly skewed. The only treatment Poland Spring does to their water is expose it to UV rays. You may want to research the product before you start making false assumptions. Poland Spring has a great museum for the public to learn about their water. I suggest you make a trip there.
Posted by Anonymous  in  Maine  on  Sun Nov 13, 2005  at  07:18 PM
I suggest you get a clue when your talking about things you don't know. Poland Spring is definatley natural spring water!! 4 springs throughout maine-Poland, Fryeburg, hollis and of course Poland Spring. These springs are protected and the water is absolutely fresh.
Posted by get a clue  in  massachussetts  on  Thu Oct 26, 2006  at  01:39 PM
When you moved into town, you hand-delivered a survey to residents on Kingswood Avenue regarding
their wells. The survey asked the depth, who dug
the well, and gallons per minute. We submitted the survey after the research was done and you said that if anything ever went wrong, our wells would be taken care of. We have yet to hear anything back with regards to that survey. We had our water sampled and the water was contaminated with arsenic and iron. We had a Culligan Water System installed (including a reverse osmosis system) to alleviate some of the problems. We do not drink this water. It does not taste good. Do you have a policy in place for us to receive drinkable water?
Posted by Tony  in  Hollis Center, Maine  on  Wed Jun 13, 2007  at  08:04 PM
Tony, who on earth are you asking?

As far as I know, the Museum of Hoaxes doesn't have that sort of policy...
Posted by Boo  in  The Land of the Haggii...  on  Wed Jun 13, 2007  at  09:07 PM
I think it's high time we did. We could make a killing selling our own MoH bottled water.

200% more hoaxes than ordinary bottled water!

Made with a patented Hoaxological process!

Each botttle personally taste-tested by Hairy Houdini!

All we need to do is market it to those people who always think we have some connection to the people we post about. They're obviously gullible/daft to begin with and would make a perfect consumer.
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Thu Jun 14, 2007  at  11:22 AM
Your information is incorrect. A natural spring is groundwater forced up to the surface by pressure. Spring water can be defined by taping into the groundwater and extracting it. It has all the same qualities as a spring that has been forced up to the surface by pressure. UV rays are then used to kill any bacteria that may not have been naturally filtered out.
Posted by Dr. Water  in  New Jersey  on  Thu Apr 15, 2010  at  05:43 PM
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