Pizza Delivery Prank Goes Wrong

Ordering pizzas to the house of someone who didn't expect to get them is one of the oldest pranks around. The concept dates all the way back to the Berners Street Hoax of 1810 (although that prank involved just about everything except pizza being delivered to a woman's front door). Here's a case of the prank being perpetrated long-distance, from over a continent away:
A Singapore Airlines pilot accused of making prank calls about a colleague in B.C. could be facing a hefty fine -- and up to three years in jail -- if found guilty. Looi Kang San, 53, was charged in Singapore last week with making four prank calls from there to three Canadian fast-food outlets for food to be delivered to the home of Steven Cameron Gillis in Surrey, the Straits Times reported. Looi is said to have called on Nov. 11 last year to Canadian Pizza and McDonald's for food to be delivered to Gillis, also a Singapore Airlines pilot. The following day, he allegedly called Kentucky Fried Chicken and made a second call to Canadian Pizza. When reached at home, Gillis, 57, declined to comment, but alluded that there was more to the story.

I've never heard of anyone facing serious punishment for this prank, but Looi has been suspended from his job because of it, and that's just the start:
Looi's passport has been impounded and he is out on bail for $8,000 Singapore dollars, or about $5,322 Cdn. A pre-trial conference has been scheduled for this Tuesday. Under Singapore's Telecommunications Act, anyone who transmits a false message by phone can be fined up to $10,000 Singapore dollars ($6,652 Cdn) and jailed for up to three years.

I'm making a note to myself never to order pizza to someone who doesn't want it while in Singapore!


Posted on Tue Oct 16, 2007


I didn't know McDonalds delivered.
Posted by Captain Al  in  Vancouver Island, Canada  on  Tue Oct 16, 2007  at  05:54 PM
I've had a friend once who crank called himself. I couldnt work out the logic of it, but he called for a pizza to come to his own home, and then acted all bewildered when it arrived.
Huh? He never explained how that was funny.
Posted by AussieBruce  on  Wed Oct 17, 2007  at  07:57 AM
Aussiebruce, thats hilarious! 🐍
Posted by outeast  on  Wed Oct 17, 2007  at  08:26 AM
Yes, indeed, Outeast! My knees pains me from all the slapping!
Posted by Ric  on  Wed Oct 17, 2007  at  12:35 PM
Oh wow, is anyone NOT surprised that it is Singapore that has such a law? The country where you can get your rear publically whipped for chewing gum? And how ever heard of calling international long-distance for a crank? That can get expensive. Just another reason I guess why Singapore will never be one of my vacation spots.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Thu Oct 18, 2007  at  10:56 AM
You can chew gum in Singapore. The chewing of gum has never been banned. SELLING chewing gum is mostly banned.
Posted by Floormaster Squeeze  on  Thu Oct 18, 2007  at  02:29 PM
My goodnes! That IS excessive jail time for 4 prank calls! I knew a guy , here in the U.S., who got only one year in jail for punching a cop while drunk. What would that get you in Singapore?
Posted by bob with boobs  on  Sat Oct 20, 2007  at  07:15 PM
lmao i did that
Posted by imlitupagain  on  Sun Oct 21, 2007  at  06:11 PM
This didn't happen in Singapore, it happened in British Columbia, Canada. Surrey is a city near Vancouver, the Straits Times is a newspaper published in Vancouver, and Canadian Pizza should probably have been a pretty big clue as to being in Canada. The men involved worked for Singapore AIRLINES, there is nothing in the article to indicate they lived in Singapore.
Posted by JD  on  Sun Nov 04, 2007  at  01:52 PM

Looi Kang San, 53, was charged in Singapore last week with making four prank calls from there to three Canadian fast-food outlets...

Also reported elsewhere, too - for example, in the here-babelfished GCP news:

According to Sing Tao Daily news, the pilots of a Singapore Airlines extremely boring, even a long-distance call from Singapore to the British Columbia called take-away, of living in the prank, colleagues, in addition to a fine, there may be imprisonment for three years.
Posted by outeast  on  Mon Nov 05, 2007  at  12:25 AM
I stand corrected.
Posted by JD  on  Wed Nov 07, 2007  at  10:53 PM

I work in a pizza delivery service and do not like these jokers.
While we may only adds an these numbers in black list (((
Posted by Доставка пиццы Одесса  on  Thu May 20, 2010  at  09:07 AM
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