Pickled Person

Robert Brewington was kind enough to forward me the following job listing. My email program initially flagged the message as potential junk mail, but after I looked at it more closely I realized it wasn't spam. Instead, it's a very tempting job lead.

The listing, posted by the Circus of Horrors on the British government's Job Centre site, reads:
Pickled Person
Applicants should be flexible, and happy to work in confined spaces, as one of the acts will involve climbing into a Perspex box with very little room.
According to an article in Gazette Live, it's a real job offer. The Circus of Horrors "took the wacky step of advertising the position in local Job Centres in the hope that a brave, or foolhardy person, would step forward and take up the challenge."

To see the ad, go to the Jobcentre site, and do a search for reference # STL/58537.

Here's a screenshot of the ad:


Body Manipulation

Posted on Mon Jul 23, 2007


man, not another performing, flexible, pickle-in-a-box job... I was a big kosher dill during the Summer during High School, but hey, beer will do that to you
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Mon Jul 23, 2007  at  07:27 PM
Hmmm! Thats only down the road from me!! It's a tough choice, listening to customers whinge and moan or getting paid to climb in to small boxes. I'm gonna find me some boxes and practice:)
Posted by Iridium  on  Tue Jul 24, 2007  at  06:54 AM
I actually went to the Circus of Horrors a few years ago and saw this act. It was great! They brought out this large glass jar, like an oversized demijohn, with a girl inside it and then they opened a little door in it and she climbed out naked! Best circus act ever as she was hot stuff too.
Posted by Gareth Winslade  on  Wed Jul 25, 2007  at  05:24 AM
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