Philippine Urban Legends (Jose Rizal was Jack the Ripper)

Status: urban legends
An article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer records some Philippine urban legends: the "White Lady" of Balete Drive, Robina Gokongwei's "snake twin" lurking in department store dressing rooms, the elusive "kapre" that lives in an ancient mango tree near the Emilio Aguinaldo house in Kawit town, and Andres Bonifacio's love child from a place aptly named Libog (now Santo Domingo) in Albay province. None of those mean much to me. But most of the article is devoted to discussing two other Philippine legends that are of more general interest. The first one is that Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, "was the father of Adolf Hitler, the result of an indiscretion with a prostitute in Vienna." The second one is that Jose Rizal was also Jack the Ripper:

Rizal was in London from May 1888 to January 1889, in the British Library copying "Sucesos de las islas Filipinas" by hand because there were no photocopying machines at the time. Jack the Ripper was active around this time, and since we do not know what Rizal did at night or on the days he was not
in the library, some people would like to believe Rizal is suspect. They argue that when Rizal left London, the Ripper murders stopped. They say that Jack the Ripper must have had some medical training, based on the way his victims were mutilated. Rizal, of course, was a doctor. Jack the Ripper liked women, and so did our own Rizal. And -- this is so obvious that many overlooked it -- Jose Rizal's initials match those of Jack the Ripper!

If Jack the Ripper did turn out to be Filipino, that would throw a wrench in his status as the Most Evil Brit of all time.

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Posted on Wed Feb 22, 2006


Six: You said it to "mock me", huh? So, you're finally admitting that you're deliberately insulting me?
Seven: It is, or should be. Your point being...?
Eight: I could say that, but then I'd be lying. And remind me again why I have to give any of my personal details to you, an insignificant civilian who doesn't have any authority whatsoever over me? And while you're at it, could you explain what my Internet access has to do with the topic? And please answer this one, I know you ignore questions that you can't answer, so I'm making sure you don't have that convenient option available to you.
There's a perfectly valid reason for my taking a long time to reply, but I am under no compulsion to explain it to a nobody like you. Suffice it to say that I have limited Internet time (but not because I go to a cafe) and frankly, I can think of a lot of better things to do with that time than talk to an attention-starved loser like you.
Excuses? Like what? You know, I noticed another of your tactics: you try to provoke me, then when I respond, you say I'm on the defensive. Why don't you go back to grade school, your mind's still at that level.
Nine: So they did. Which proves what, exactly?
I might remind you that some people have insulted you too. I suppose this is yet another example of how you ignore facts that don't agree with your case.
And about keeping an open mind? I've thought seriously about this, and I've concluded that Rizal is not Jack the Ripper. It's not within his character, and there is NO actual evidence. You're confusing open-mindedness with lunacy.
Ten: I've also thought about this, and I've decided that you're the one who doesn't know the meaning of suspect, or hypocrite for that matter. However, you have yet to be enlightened. And stop mentioning the others, you only mention them when they support you, isn't that unfair?
You pointed it out? Others pointed it out? Did you not see my response, you immoral bastard? Or are you ignoring it in the hopes that I won't remember, since you can't answer. I said: I'm not a hypocrite because it's my policy to insult back when others insult me first. If they don't, then I don't. I think that's fair. You are a hypocrite because you have the nerve to criticize me for name-calling when you started it in the first place. How dare you. This is the fourth or so time I've said this, and you have not yet been unable to respond. Now who lost? :D
"As for "not answering your questions""
Here's a thought: Why don't you just go and give an example instead of going into all these contortions? It's getting painful to watch. What's that? You can't?
Posted by concerned Filipino  in  Manila, the Philippines  on  Fri Apr 13, 2007  at  12:37 AM
Oh, and something else you may want to know. I told one guy that I met someone on the Internet who thinks Jose Rizal was Jack the Ripper, and he went "LOL". I told another guy, and he said "What the f***?!" The third person I told said you're retarded. That was the tamest part of his response. So I guess I win that one. Sorry.
And you still, after I asked you twice, haven't explained how you can say you don't take anything as a fact, and in the same breath, say you showed me facts. I demand an answer, so you can embarrass yourself further.
And you still haven't explained how you can deny that you're a hypocrite, and even worse that that, call me a hypocrite, I already explained my policy, and you're clearly at fault for starting the name-calling. I hope you'll stop evading the issue, as is your wont, and answer this.
And you still haven't explained to me how you can call yourself someone skilled in the field of debate, or say you're carrying on a serious discussion, when you keep resorting to personal attacks. I know why I'm doing it - it's in response to yours. What's your excuse? s it because you think there's nothing wrong with "mocking" others? Is it because you don't realize it's not even related to the topic, and you're making one fallacy after another? Is it because you're desperate and have nothing else to say, but you have to respond or else you'll be humiliated? Is it because you got so "pikon" from my arguments that you lost control? Yeah, that must be it. Why don't you just admit it? Admit you lost. Admit you were trying to provoke me into a flame war, since that's all you're good at? Admit you're just trolling?
I'm waiting.
Posted by concerned Filipino  in  Manila, the Philippines  on  Fri Apr 13, 2007  at  12:38 AM
"I'm sorry, but when the police are looking for a killer, do they investigate everyone living near or associated with the victim?" LOL!!! So before you had to study, now it's by decision you don't hang out here? The value of money right now is about $1=P50. If it's not important, why even use it? I never said I didn't name call you fool. I know I do, but you are so self righteous and quick to call others hypocritical so I pointed it out. "...deliberately insulting me?" I had to point that out loser? There's a perfectly valid reason for my taking a long time to reply, but I am under no compulsion to explain..." you already said you had to study. Contradictions, contradictions! "...isn't that unfair?" stop whining. they support me because i'm not a robot like yourself. You repeat what you know to exhaustion. Domo arigatou mr. roboto! People you met on the internet, so you say. I am boring to talk to yet you talk about me outside of this. I'm very flattered. Contradictions :D Once again I never denied my name calling. You whine so much. I never said this was serious, you did. I won, you were provoked which you claim was my intentions so I won. You contradict yourself in enumerous amount of times. you are not worth talking to. If I continued to repeat myself, then I'd be like you. Read again. 1 Post vs 3 Posts. I own you.
Posted by eon  in  nyc  on  Fri Apr 13, 2007  at  05:03 AM
wala naman nakaka-alam ng katotohanan eh. salita kayo ng salita, hindi nyo naman alam kung ano ang nangyari. kung alam na natin, edi nahuli na si jack the ripper diba? concerned pinoy tumigil ka na. pinapahiya mo tayo. pinapakita mo na wala kang alam eh. of course naman kapag may crime, ang pinakamalapit sa victim ang ini-investigahan. nanay, tatay, mga kapatid, kapitbahay, at iba pa. opinion ko lang.
Posted by bypasser  in  balayan,bt  on  Fri Apr 13, 2007  at  08:49 AM

"I own you"


you do though
Posted by smws girl  in  makati  on  Fri Apr 13, 2007  at  07:55 PM
I rest my case.
Posted by eon  in  nyc  on  Mon Apr 16, 2007  at  08:58 AM
i totally forgot about know what they say, out of sight, out of mind...anyway...from what i gathered...the most solid information that points the whitechapel murders to masonry are the way the women were killed and writing on the wall. "The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing." Juwes in masonry are the three men that killed Hiram Abiff, King Solomon's architect. It is the culmination of Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum. The women suffered the same fate as the Juwes. I will continue to search :D
Posted by eon  in  nyc  on  Fri Apr 27, 2007  at  09:49 AM
i don't know. It's all just circumstancial evidence at this point. But it got me thinking how many short,dark-skinned,dark-haired guys there were in the very white population of britain during the 1800's.
Posted by AcerPhillie  in  las pinas  on  Sun Jul 15, 2007  at  07:45 PM
Guys can you please grow up and stop arguing? Consider and accept each claim maturely please...God...You people say you're skilled in debates when you're already doing argumentum ad ignorantiams, argumentum ad hominems,argumentum ad baculums, and non sequitors.
Posted by AcerPhillie  on  Sun Jul 15, 2007  at  07:52 PM
Wahahaha... Filipinos(like peeps with Filipino blood, not necessarily Filipino citizens but may be Filipino citizens... just to be clear.) are idiots. Period. And man, you people talk like you're from America or Europe or something. And who cares whether Rizal was Jack the Ripper or not? Rizal was a womanizer who spent most of his time in Europe. The AMERICANS chose RIZAL to be the PHILIPPINE National Hero. WTF?! Hahaha... Why don't they just make Rizal their National Hero, huh? Crazy people. Americans do orgies. Monkeys do orgies. Americans are monkeys. Hahaha
Posted by blah  on  Mon Nov 26, 2007  at  07:22 AM
helo................rizal is a unique man
Posted by dareen  in  philippines  on  Mon Nov 26, 2007  at  05:37 PM
I know DR. JOSE RIZAL will not mind everything here which is all against him and the Philippines. We all know how egocentric most western people are. It's useless talking to people who have closed their hearts long time ago.
Posted by You-are-all-morons!  in  in 7000+ islands of the Phils!  on  Thu Dec 20, 2007  at  11:23 PM
Can all true Filipinos stop posting on this page? This ALEX thinks he is so popular to start the whole damn thing!
Can't your brain cells serve you better? What a pathetic scheme ALEX!
Posted by You-are-all morons!  in  7000+ islands of the Phils!  on  Thu Dec 20, 2007  at  11:27 PM
Now-now children, this is getting out of hand. Like the mature adults I assume most of us here are, do focus on the subject at hand and minimize hurling insults at one another. Constructive and intellectual criticisms would help instead of the "my horse is bigger than your horse" game. Alright?
Posted by lamballe  in  Vienna, Austria  on  Thu Feb 07, 2008  at  04:44 AM
Can't we all just get along???
Posted by RuinRomo  in  nashville  on  Thu Feb 07, 2008  at  04:46 AM
....wat are these? rizal don't need to kill because he's a non-violent individual! stop these... just because their initials were the same... that didn't made him the sure at that time,, rizal was not the only person who matched the initials!
Posted by amz  in  philippines  on  Thu Feb 07, 2008  at  11:46 PM
Lol...dont u people have anything better to do?
Posted by Me  on  Fri Feb 29, 2008  at  07:56 AM
this urban legend is just plain ridiculous!!!filipinos always believe in anything,hahaha,my god,it;s just like believing that the easter bunny is real.
Posted by Kline  in  Miami,FL  on  Mon Mar 10, 2008  at  02:38 PM
it's almost the same as believing in easter.
Posted by god is dead  in  mountains  on  Tue Mar 11, 2008  at  09:01 AM
Motive. Some less known historical facts (unwritten in undergraduate books) known only to History majors and professors showed that Jose Rizal in his younger days was involved with a prostitute named Maria Kalaw who was living somewhere in Laguna. This was the reason for one of his altercations with his eldest brother who was also like a father to him. Also Rizal did not have a child with Josephine Bracken or any women. Probably as a result of earlier sexually transimitted illness. Rizal had also physically beaten his wife Josephine while in Dapitan which was believed to have resulted into a miscarriage. This could probably be due to Rizal's jealousy or suspicion that it belong to another man if he believe he was rendered infertile by previous sexuall illness.
Could Rizal harbour an anger against prostitutes due to a personal experience that damaged him physically and emotionally?
Those are all speculations which is in no way sufficient for a conclussion but taken together with other facts could be intriguing on this issue.
Posted by eutix  in  usa  on  Mon Apr 28, 2008  at  02:23 AM
wait wait you're telling me that a Great man like Jose Rizal could do wrong? The liberator of the Philippines could also be bad? I must concur!

The masses continue to swallow the crap that they are fed. Fanatics who believe that such a great man cannot do wrong.

Jose Rizal was a great man and as noble as he was, he was still human. He was still subject to flaws and misjudgments. Understand that all great leaders has their ups and their downs. They were ambiguous. Not even Gandhi was a 100% saint.

I entreat you to open your mind and eyes and see what is beyond the veil that has been put before us!

A time will come when we will use our brains once again.
Posted by zarathustra  in  mountains  on  Mon Apr 28, 2008  at  09:53 AM
Whoopsie, eon. It looks as though there's a teensy-weensy little flaw in your argument. I'd already meant to leave you to your childish games and forgotten all about this, until I read a TIME article on Jack the Ripper recently.

The famous letter you keep harping on about is the Lusk letter, isn't it? That's the one that came with a kidney(it's not even 100% sure that the kidney was human). Well, eon, the letter's written in English, not Spanish, and there is nothing in it at all that would point to Jose Rizal more than any other person. The other half of the kidney was never found anywhere, let alone linked to Rizal.

Well, there goes eon's idiotic little argument. My advice to you is, if you want to troll around a little with absurd accusations, then make up something more convincing, okay? grin
Posted by concerned Filipino  in  the Philippines  on  Sat Jul 12, 2008  at  11:12 PM

There you go again assuming and claiming like you know it all. This my friend is your problem. You simulate perspicacity so that we, the people, don't see how idiotic you are.

1. No it's not the Lusk Letter so your whole argument is null and void. LEARN TO READ!

2. Even if it was the Lusk Letter, that's just one point of my argument. The rest remains.

3. My philosophy is still this - I make no claims, just theories.

4. After one whole year you come back with your neophetic research. Also, You were thinking about how to get back at me for one full year!!!

and Of no avail.

My advice to you is this...don't speak. The less you do, the smarter you SEEM to be.
Posted by eon  in  nyc  on  Mon Jul 14, 2008  at  07:23 AM
Let's review your so-called "evidence", shall we? I just happened to reread your earlier comments, and found some, shall we say...disturbing...things.

"upon further investigation...this information was found...similarities noting the f's

how interesting."

The two links shown are in Spanish. You probably hoped no one here could read Spanish. Unfortunately for you... The first link is a paper of the La Liga Filipina, the civic association he founded. The second link is his final poem, Mi Ultimo Adios.

How interesting indeed.

You FOB, did you really think you'd fool anyone with such a stupid little trick? You probably thought you were so smart, didn't you? Well, looks as though the game's up, FOB. There you go, with all your "theories", all your high-and-mighty posing.

No wonder you were saying "even if it was the Lusk letter". You probably don't even know what the Lusk letter is, and you were getting worried I'd find out.

My advice to you is this...don't speak. The less you do, the smarter you
SEEM to be.
Posted by concerned Filipino  in  the Philippines  on  Tue Jul 15, 2008  at  04:25 AM

I don't know who to for lacking the mental capacity for a rebuttal or me, for entertaining such an asinine fool.

1. I actually speak Spanish and it doesn't matter what language his writings are in you fool. They are still his writings. Those writings are meant to be compared with the RIPPER letters. Hence the reason I asked to look at the similarities. I feel as if I'm arguing with a little boy.

2. You insult other readers by telling them it's in Spanish. I think it's pretty clear that it is NOT in English nor is it in Tagalog. Jack the Ripper wrote in English. I think it's pretty obvious that those writings are not Jack The Ripper's. You are the fool for assuming that one is Jack the Ripper's and the other Jose Rizal's.

3. I said "Even if it was the Lusk Letter" to prove to you that it's only one part of my argument. I didn't say it was the Lusk Letter. Again, you take words out of context. I'm afraid you'll have to practice English more. Your reading comprehension skills are, shall we say, sub par. Go to like Embassy or something and talk to the posers over there to hone your skills. Your "BOOK" English is simply insufficient.

4. Oh I'm a FOB.

Once again, you have replied and have produced nothing. The only thing different this time is that you called me a FOB. Is that a new word for you? Has it just reached the Philippines? You must think you're cool for using that new hip word. My sole income surpasses that of your whole clan combined. I doubt a poor boy like yourself who has to go to an internet cafe to reply to my posts has any right to call anyone a FOB.

Have you even stepped out of the Philippines little man? ` Know your place, boy.

It would be more noble of you to admit defeat. You try so hard...but to no avail.

My advice to you...
"If you dissemble sometimes your knowledge of that you are thought to know, you shall be thought another time to know that you know not." - SFB
Posted by eon  in  nyc  on  Tue Jul 15, 2008  at  08:01 AM
Still name-calling as ever, because you're getting desperate...

There's just one little problem with your otherwise good argument, FOB.

"upon further investigation...this information was found...similarities noting the f's"

Right after this line of yours are the two links, indicating that those two links are the "information".

So we'll suspect Rizal know because his handwriting looks like the Ripper's? Comparing handwriting is very inexact, so it's pointless to compare. Also, the Ripper letters may have been written by different people. For the record, his handwriting doesn't look the same to me.

3. "Go to like Embassy" You really amuse me with your grammar.

4. "My sole income surpasses that of your whole clan combined. I doubt a poor boy like yourself who has to go to an internet
cafe to reply to my posts has any right to call anyone a FOB."

Aw, you're hurt, you widdle FOB you? How do you know my clan's income or whether I go to Internet cafes? Oh, wait, it's more of your usual irrelevant personal attacks, without regard for whether what you say is true or not. I thought you placed high value on factual validity?

Even though you're losing, you should stay on topic and avoid fallacies of irrelevance. Ya dig, FOB?

"Know your place, boy."

Ooh, I'm shaking, FOB. You're just a second-class citizen in the US and already you're trying-hard to imitate their arrogance. It's so pathetic.

By the way, did you see this comment?


This is new information to us, that Filipino physician Dr. Jose Rizal has been considered to be Jack the Ripper by anybody. There is, as stated, no evidence to prove that he was other than he was in London at the time, which seems to be manifestly weak evidence.

Christopher T. George
Editor, Ripperologist"

That's a Ripperologist already. Since you, you know, like to show how you use expert opinions as sources.

Give it up already. Your comments have degenerated to nothing but defensive flaming.
Posted by concerned Filipino  in  the Philippines  on  Sat Jul 19, 2008  at  04:33 AM
"Still name-calling as ever, because you're getting desperate..." You began to call me a FOB lol! How you don't realize that you are the one who initiates the name calling and still label me a "name-caller" escapes me! I'm convinced you are retarded.

"So we'll suspect Rizal know because his handwriting looks like the Ripper's? Comparing handwriting is very inexact, so it's pointless to compare." - Oh I'm sure you're right there! Why don't we just get rid of forensics altogether? It's preposterous for an idiot like you to discredit handwriting analysis. Do you truly believe you are qualified to make that claim?

"So we'll suspect Rizal know because..." I believe what you are trying to say is, "So we'll suspect Rizal NOW because..." I am correct once more...I have proven your book English is lacking. You had a few days to revise your reply and you still failed.

Now that I've pointed out your fault, I can answer that question. I present the information, I leave the implications to the masses.

"'Go to like Embassy' You really amuse me with your grammar." - Apparently I wrote that to sound snotty. It's not like me to even sound like that. My mistake would be in assuming you would learn to stop taking things out of context and learn to "read between the lines."

"Aw, you're hurt, you widdle FOB you..."
As for your whole statement there, you've already been caught lying before...I know you are poor. The fact that you simulate erudition(defense) and you don't have immediate internet access.

"By the way, did you see this comment?..."
Yes I saw it. It is but one person's opinion. I have my own. I consider his could be right, and it may also be wrong.

"Even though you're losing." hahaha!
1. Everything you bring up, I destroy. I've pointed out your you are just grasping. You have nothing.

2. You're on the attack. You're attacking ideas I set forth a year ago. If I'm losing, then why are you losing sleep? For argument's sake(I'm not saying this is's hypothetical. I'm stating this because you have a history of taking things out of context), If you won, why, after a year, would you come back to beat me even more lol? Only the worst type of animal prey upon the fallen yes?

Unfortunately, your actions are not because you are a scavenger. You are on the attack because you want to redeem yourself and one only redeems themselves when they feel lowly. Why don't you read what others think about you? People in the Philippines are telling you to shut up...even with my conceit and arrogant bravado.
Posted by eon  in  nyc  on  Mon Jul 21, 2008  at  08:28 AM
how could jose rizal be jack the ripper? when the questions still remains. is jose rizal a real person or just a fictitious character? made by the americans to control the minds of the filipino people? look at the character of jose rizal super brainy, master martial arts and a genius but at the end of the story shot at the back and tried to turned around and face the singing guns just to cover up embarrasment? these characters seems to control the culture of the minds of the filipino people not to fight with their goverment. to control the peoples belief and heroic act. not to die by the sword or guns to overcome tyranny. to win freedom by the use of pen only. is it successful? ninoy aquino did the same. shot at the back. died and left a picture on the 500 peso bill that looks very anxious. did the bloodless revolution solved the poverty and corruption or the government today? hero? never ending controversy still lingers in the air.
Posted by tira  in  manila  on  Sun Aug 24, 2008  at  11:00 PM
Very intriguing.

Love it when the canonical value of histories and its figures is put to question.

A non-linear reading of the Spanish-Filipino relations in the 1800's reveals a different story from what is written in Philippine textbooks.

There is a different story to Rizal that is left unpublished.
Posted by Paolo  on  Tue Sep 16, 2008  at  02:32 AM
It is very intriguing! I agree with it - that I do.

It's like Shakspeare and Sir Francis Bacon.

We, as human's are flawed. No one is perfect. A Hero can do wrong. A genius could be chemically imbalanced. This is nature.

Even Alexander the Great slaughtered hundreds of thousands of mercenaries when he didn't have to(he had already won the battle). Yet without Alexander would our world be the way it is today? He expanded to most of the known world and promoted the toleration of other cultures. How could a man who believes in the good of humanity kill hundreds of thousands of people?

The world must understand the ambiguous nature of man.
Posted by eon  in  nyc  on  Tue Sep 16, 2008  at  06:56 AM
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