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Here's another site that makes you wonder if it's real or fake: It's a service to help people who are married have extramarital affairs. My first thought was that it was a joke. But upon looking around it for a while, it appears legitimate. I wonder if any single people use this who want to have an affair with someone who's married? And here's an evil thought: if you ever try to cancel your membership, they could threaten to tell your spouse.

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Posted on Tue Jan 06, 2004


AM is totally legit. I have used it several times in several cities and it works. I'm sure there are some scams with it, but it is the first site I've found where you can actually meet someone. Because women greatly out number the men, it may be challenging - women get to pick and ignore most.
Posted by David  in  Minneapolis  on  Mon Mar 22, 2010  at  11:54 AM
Ashley Madison is a total scam in my opinion. There are tons of reports of people who feel ripped off by their shadey practices... Go check out for a bunch of examples... read the comments and stories and you'll probably agree... It's a scam.
Posted by Dave  in  Los Angeles  on  Sat Apr 17, 2010  at  05:26 AM
I'm surprised that so many of you seem shocked that sites like AM are a scam. If they require you to pay then THEY ARE ALL SCAMS. You are far better off using plentyoffish, or a number of other matchmaking sites that don't require payment. All of the pay matchmaking sites are simply exploiting lonely people. There are numerous social networking sites where you can meet like minded people who might hook up with you. Even myspace seems to be full of lonely 30 something women, I was constantly approached there and I was even looking for an affair.

Bottom line, if you have to pay, its a scam.
Posted by Redmond  in  Utah  on  Mon May 31, 2010  at  11:01 PM
My experience with says fake. Never got any responces back from any women until my month was almost up. I'm a little smarter then that.
Posted by Ohioman  on  Mon Jun 07, 2010  at  10:46 AM
just watch porn or hire a prostitute, at least you know what you're getting, otherwise get a divorce and be honest to yourself and your wife. she probably doesn't deserve it, and if she cheated on you and you are trying to get back at her, trust me, revenge is not the way. You will fulfill nothing in the end and give your wife een more justification of why she cheated on you.
Posted by John SuckMyBallz  in  all over  on  Mon Jun 14, 2010  at  02:33 PM
I have used AM off and on for several years.

I dont doubt that alot of the profiles are fake. I also would agree that some of the real profiles are call girls/dating services looking to make a buck.

But with patience I have met some woman that were real and pleasant to be with. Any dating service of this type one always has to go in with eyes wide open.

I would use it again for I think its the best and most legit service out there of this type
Posted by bruce for lack of a better name  in  florida  on  Sun Jun 27, 2010  at  10:11 AM
I heard about Ashley Madison on some TV news program concerned about married men and women having affairs. Sounded too good to be true. So after a bit of checking on their site, I bought a credit package and sent out a couple IMs.

Almost immediately I received a collect message from
Posted by Elia A. Sinaiko, Ph.D.  in  Massachusetts USA  on  Thu Jul 08, 2010  at  03:59 PM
Ahh. Well Mr. Doubter you probably work for AM. Any positive posts are almost certainly by their staff.

The $50 was for a number of charges including receiving the IMs from these two women "collect" "priority replies" (what is a priority reply anyway?), my IMs, and other stuff I didn't understand. So you see Mr. Doubter you don't have all the info. What I did get, by the way, was nothing for something!

I did call their customer support. The woman who spoke to me was very skilled at saying things to get me to reengage in their fraud and spend more money. When I explained that her company sends out fake IMs, she said she did not know if that was true or not. You see, they avoid confirming OR denying that they do this.

Apparently they are trying to "fly under the radar" by doing just enough to defraud us but not enough to get serious attention from any legal authority. So it goes. Of course we can bring more attention to them.

I plan to report their business to the Canadian Bar Association (their owner is a lawyer), and to research and report to any government department in Canada or the USA that regulates commerce of this sort. A class action suite would be effective as it would likely force them to hand over the list of people who fall into the class which is all their customers smile) I will see if I can interest a class action lawyer in pursuing this case. There may be some money in it for a good lawyer.

So keep posting your experiences with AM here. All the info can be used to good effect.
Posted by Elia A. Sinaiko, Ph.D.  in  Massachusetts USA  on  Sun Aug 15, 2010  at  11:55 AM
The positive comments you read here and on other sites are posted by employees of AM, or other plants. No woman will rave about her experiences with a site dedicated to cheating, think about it.

I too signed up for their basic package, but with the addition of the "unlimited Mobile access package" as well. As it turns out, unlimited mobile access only means you can view their mobile site as well as the regular site. Regular credit vacuuming applies, as unlimited is seriously limited. When I asked "support" about this, they said it was to pay for the development of the mobile site, which cost "millions". I know this is a lie as I am in the industry, but that's not my point.

I was also contacted "collect" by an automated troll, so thinking this wasn't a total loss, I stupidly replied, You guessed it, no further response.

So If you want to spend money to talk to a bot, or fake profile, AM is for you. If your seriously looking to meet someone... POF is a much better choice.

To the shills, my memory last much longer than your compensation for lying.

Posted by V3  in  Canada  on  Sun Aug 29, 2010  at  06:12 PM
Well, I'm now of the opinion that all these affair sites are not on the up-and-up. After 3 months I got a response from one of the women on Philanders. Said she has been to busy to respond but wanted to see where things with us would go. It has now been 20 days since I responded back, I'm pretty sure it's a farce.

I now have blocked any email that comes from Philanders, it's a waste of my time.

And I also believe anyone on here reporting good luck on any of these sites is a liar and working for one of the sites.
Posted by Ohioman  on  Tue Aug 31, 2010  at  10:19 AM
What, pray tell, is a "sausage fest" ?

I can't get that out of my mind! LMFAO!!
Posted by joyride  on  Sun Sep 12, 2010  at  01:25 AM
Any, I repeat ANY positive reviews of AM are fraud, posted by their employees. You can see similarities in the style and message which they are instructed to use. When I talked to one of their customer service people, she used the same con:

"I've been using Ashley for years now and with great success and I do not have a photo posted in my ad at all, what I do have is personal content that is very specific in what and who I'm looking for." AS IF YOU WERE SPECIFIC YOU WOULD HAVE SUCCESS. YOU ARE JUST NOT USING THE SITE CORRECTLY.

"I first tried AM a couple of years ago. Sure there are plenty of fake ads of women on there. Like who the hell would be attached and put their face pic on full display?? Or why do others show their pic but seem to have that same scratched out/blacked out area on the face?? I have had success. I would say I met at least 6 women in person." IN POLITICS THIS IS CALLED NUANCE. YES THERE ARE SOME FAKES (BUT NOT POSTED BY AM IS THE IMPLICATION), BUT YOU CAN SPOT THESE.

"AM is very real. Yes, there are fake profiles, but they are so easy to sniff out. The trick to making AM work is to be patient, which is hard for us guys to do if we are horny and want immediate sex. I am a reasonably normal looking guy and I can write really well. Once every 3-4 months a woman is turned on by my profile and contacts me." AGAIN, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS THIS AND YOU WILL HAVE SUCCESS. BE PERSISTENT. SPEND MORE MONEY FOR 3-4 MONTHS.


Posted by Elia A. Sinaiko, Ph.D.  in  Massachusetts USA  on  Sun Sep 12, 2010  at  10:25 AM
Oh yes, it is a clever scam. They prey on desperation and sex. Their insurance is the necessitated secrecy of the thing. You're right, who's going to sue them in public court?

The review sites are very clever as well. Kind of a "Witness for the Prosecution" thing if you know the movie. Wives who protest on such sites that they caught their husbands cheating via AM. You'd never see such outrage on a fake review site, or would you?

What I wonder about is where they get all the female pics for their fake profiles? And how do these women feel about being graphical pawns in a major scam.

Ekaterina Gheorghiu is a cheating gypsy, you can bet.
Posted by Just An Anonymous User  on  Fri Nov 12, 2010  at  11:07 AM
Sausage Fest?? Where is that printed? smile)) The owner/founder of Ashley Madison is a lawyer, member of the Canadian Bar Association. I wonder if he could be disbarred for this kind of fraud. And of course he's counting on it not being worth our time to pursue him. But then again, there are four basic human needs: food, shelter, clothing, and revenge smile))

I would love to meet the guy, just to see what kind of a lowlife scammer he is. What kind of mind thinks up this stuff?
Posted by Elia A. Sinaiko, Ph.D.  in  Massachusetts USA  on  Fri Nov 12, 2010  at  11:29 AM
Ashley Madison is the biggest scam on the net. Avoid at all costs.
Posted by Nathan  in  Bristol, England  on  Mon Nov 15, 2010  at  09:23 AM
So, you want to know if AM is a scam? Here's my experience. I joined about a year ago and had the hardest time getting what I thought were legit responses, or any responses at all for that matter. So I made up a fake profile as a married female seeking males, complete with photo I found on the internet. In two days I have received over 50 messages from poor suckers who think I'm a woman! Many of these guys immediately sent me access to their private photos, so I know married guys in my community who are actively seeking extramarital affairs. Anyone can do it - even your wife or husband can do it to check up on you. I deleted the account to keep guys from throwing their money away and their privacy intact in as much as it can be.

So, is it a scam? Absolutely. Be careful out there.
Posted by John  in  Fayetteville Arkansas  on  Mon Nov 29, 2010  at  03:41 PM
Think about it...If the site actually works for a guy, do you think we would write a positive response? Why would he want to dilute things even more and lower his chances?

For me, I tried it and it doesn't work wink
Posted by Brian  on  Tue Jan 04, 2011  at  03:42 PM
Cute answer Brian! smile) But of course it is a scam and it doesn't work. There are some positive reviews, all written by AM staff and stooges. The reason any of us real users would write a good review is to turn others on to a good thing, and a negative review to warn others away. Its just simple honesty, which exists though you would not know that based on what AM is doing.

Do you work for AM by the way?
Posted by Elia  in  Massachusetts, USA  on  Tue Jan 04, 2011  at  04:19 PM
I'm sorry, but this is really funny to me. Well, I havent used the site in a while. The guy I met, who was very attractive, just disappeared. I'm guessing he was feeling guilty (he and his wife just had a baby) he stopped returning my phone calls and emails so, I got the picture. Someone asked "Why would an attractive woman use a dating site to meet someone, when they could just go to bars?" It's not that easy, well for me at least. I consider myself an introvert and have trouble approaching anyone, let alone a really hot guy. The guys that seem to approach me are really old, like 40 and up (I'm 22), really short (I'm 5'11"), fat or just really not my type. I initially joined the site because discretion was a priority as well as finding someone who is like-minded and not looking for a one-night stand or has some sort of STI. I guess I was wrong, married or not, men are men and I guess that I will have to maintain the "relationship" with my B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend)
Posted by Krystal  on  Tue Jan 04, 2011  at  10:41 PM
Yeah, I'm sorry, you just seem bitter. I don't care if you think the site is a scam, but do not insult me. I cannot post in anything in a forum without someone being an asshole, get over yourself. I met someone on the site, you, apparently, did not, get over yourself. I do not live and breath fucking Ashley Madison. I am 22. I am 5'11". I have no reason to lie about something soooo menial! And, yeah, I use a vibrator. I guess the thought of a woman using a vibrator is out of this world. Please, get a life. (soooo sorry for the profanity, to anyone who may be offended) Good day!!!
Posted by Krystal  on  Sat Jan 08, 2011  at  04:07 PM
MINUSCULE NOT MENIAL, sorry that's embarrassing lol
Posted by Krystal  on  Sat Jan 08, 2011  at  05:18 PM

Take that B.O.B and stick it up your ass- you fake idiot!
Posted by Da Man  in  NJ  on  Mon Jan 10, 2011  at  12:22 PM
Please be very, very careful of the website Leigh who runs the website will give out your personal email & info to her several of her "friends" on the site because they don't like a post or a response to a post there in they're forums.
They will harass and threaten you like school yard bullies. That there should give you insight on the type of people who frequent the website. Also, Leigh has written some posts about herself being obese and handicapped and so are many of her women "friends' there. If you are looking for quality, you will be disappointed. Beware, like a poster before me warned, there are alot of headcases on the site.
If you don't want personal info spread to others, avoid it like the plague.
Posted by PFSUCKS  in  Hell-A  on  Tue Apr 05, 2011  at  03:07 AM
Everyone should know that Ashley Madison has hijacked many of the other sites that review them. Posts by AM's employees dominate these sites with the same con "Even if it is immoral, it is successful!". They are trying to give the impression of "Honesty among thieves.", actually a basic con strategy.

I haven't had the energy or time to deal with all their crap on other sites (maybe I will soon). Here we get notices of posts which makes our replies more efficient. Perhaps this is why AM has abandoned their efforts to seduce us on this site? (like Krystal who was one of their fake posts).
Posted by Elia  in  Massachusetts, USA  on  Tue Apr 05, 2011  at  08:22 AM
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