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Here's another site that makes you wonder if it's real or fake: It's a service to help people who are married have extramarital affairs. My first thought was that it was a joke. But upon looking around it for a while, it appears legitimate. I wonder if any single people use this who want to have an affair with someone who's married? And here's an evil thought: if you ever try to cancel your membership, they could threaten to tell your spouse.

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Posted on Tue Jan 06, 2004


Yep the site is a sham. Where's the class action lawyers for this stuff? Must be worth a few mil to take these guys down! Hell, I don't care if my wife finds out I was looking around, I just want to hang these guys.
Posted by Bryce  on  Fri Aug 03, 2007  at  12:05 AM
Philanderers is probably the only honest site for married people. The site is real, the people are real and the affair I am currently enjoying is real. The only problem is some areas don't have many women profiles. Of course, men outnumber the women because that is generally the way it is.

In many years on the Philanderer site, i have never come across a shill profile. Does that mean every woman I have ever written to responded? Yeah, in my dreams. Fortunately, quite a few have responded, exchanged emails with me and a resulted in face to face meeting. From those a few select turned into genuine affairs.
Posted by averageguy  in  united states  on  Sat Sep 01, 2007  at  06:16 PM
FYI- I have seen both sides of Ashley M. I have actually had drinks with 2 ladies and then a few that seem to just disappear right before a meeting. Hmmmm. I also think there are more ladies to be met from AM, but they get so much spam from men that it's hard to get through the shuffle.
Posted by David  in  Chicago  on  Thu Oct 11, 2007  at  11:08 AM
Here is something I received from which btw I DO NOT belong to!

You Won?
From: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: Fri 1/04/08 9:41 PM

Dear Winner, We are pleased to inform you that as a result of our recent UKNATIONAL LOTTERY DRAWS (#669) held on the 20th of December, 2007. Your e-mailaddress attached to ticket number: 82689846671030 with serial number009/01 whichconsequently won in the category "D" with the following Winning Numbers8,10,13,22,32,38 Bonus No. 4.You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of
Posted by A  in  Egypt  on  Sat Jan 12, 2008  at  05:57 PM
I have tried Ashley Madison (AshleyMadison) and have to say the site is all fake. The winks you send, never reach the other person, it is computr generated, so you then pay to contact the other person that maybe never wanted to chat with you. It is just a scam to suck up your money. I would stay away from the site. I will try to spread the word, I also contacted customer service via email, 3x and no reply, and then also called and never got a call back
Posted by Benjamin  in  California  on  Tue Mar 18, 2008  at  09:21 PM
Wow guys ease up! I met the most wonderful men on AM I actually had to take myself off cause I was bombarded with so much mail from great guys! All willing to travel and go that "extra mile" to meet me.
Posted by Pauline Vera  in  Cottonwood, AZ  on  Tue Apr 29, 2008  at  01:32 PM
So as we speak I am "chatting" with a fake person from AM now. She is talking to me in Yahoo IM which is surprising since when I "initiated contact" and paid the credits to speak to her, she didn't say anything until there was 3 minutes left of the 20. On her profile, it said we live in the same city and that she is middle eastern. In IM she says she lives in the UK (But is relocating here soon) and was born in Spain (Though first she said she was IN Spain but when I asked her to tell me something in Spanish she switched to say she is in the UK). On her profile she mentions something about using a web cam but now as luck would have it, her web cam is broken (amazing coincidence, no?) but she just agreed to send me more photos, though, surprise surprise, she never sent them. are we really surprised by this? Nnnnoooooooo. The poor thing couldn't remember one lie to the next. The entire conversation was her back pedaling about things she said before that contradicted her more recent statements. She would avoid answering questions that were available on her AM profile and is just now saying she has to go to work. In case any of you want to try and talk to this "person" as well, her AshleyMadison profile ID is 1934945 and her screen name is coulia231. Good times!
Posted by Sk0t  in  Sunny So Cal  on  Thu May 01, 2008  at  03:52 AM
Philanderers is for real, I met a lovely lady seeking the same in life I was and we are having a beautiful affair. We both fulfill each others needs and have much fun together. We cannot seem to get enough of one another. Ashley Madison baits their site heavily with fake ads, legit profiles are sparse. What married lady in their right mind would post pictures for the world to see freely like they do on AM?
Posted by Dave  in  Joliet,IL  on  Thu Jun 12, 2008  at  10:26 AM
I am surprised at all of the guys who think AM is a scam. I have met a number of really hot women there. Most met me at a hotel room and were naked with me within minutes of arrival. At the same time, Adult Friend Finder and Horney Match seemed to be full of phony women. I did not meet one woman from either of those sites. AFF sent some of my emails strait to "bulk mail." I was told by the woman receiving it that she couldn't read the letter, and that AFF said I was somehow abusing the system. THAT was a great waste of money. AM is great. You guys who think it is a hoax are doing someting wrong. Sorry. More fucking for me.
Posted by Rick  on  Wed Sep 17, 2008  at  08:59 PM
Wait,I think I need some clarification here guys... You can't make your marriage work(or wont try), you're too inept to figure out how to cheat on your own so you subscribe to a site that guarantees an affair for $250 and you can't get that to work for you either?? No wonder your marriage is sexless, what wife would want to touch the pathetic, disaffected blob of what used to be her husband?? You're all hopeless and probably gay, but good luck on your quest for more misery to distract you from how lonely it is in your closet... Enjoy paying for the herpes in the mean time! Idiots.
Posted by Maddy  in  Boston MA  on  Thu Oct 09, 2008  at  12:24 AM
awesome ^^
Posted by alexis  in  NY, NY  on  Wed Oct 22, 2008  at  08:31 PM
haven't any of you ever heard of craigslist? the worst that can happen there is spamming and propositions from whores just like on these other sites, but at least you're not paying for it!
Posted by john  in  los angeles  on  Tue Nov 25, 2008  at  02:15 AM
I agree with Rick. Ashley Madison appears to be legit. I've recently met an amazing women on there...met in the flesh, not on chat. Perhaps some of the profiles are fake but for the most part it's worked great. Perhaps the guys who repeatedly fail have difficulty expressing themselves and provide little for women to be attracted to. Good luck though. PS Maddy (above)...does Santa Clause still dwell in your dream world?
Posted by Charles  in  Columbia  on  Wed Dec 10, 2008  at  02:06 PM
I tried out AM and have concluded it is a scam. I was contacted by a few women who also gave a key to their photos, and they were hot...which was just what I needed to see to keep me excited about being on the site. I tried to contact these women repeatedly and got no response. When I first bought the minimum number of credits, it cost $49. When these credits were used up, and I wanted to again buy the minimum number of credits, the price had been upped to $79. They do offer an "affair guarantee," but you have to buy the max credits, something like a grand. Who are the women that become your guaranteed affair? Prostitutes posing as unfulfilled wives?
Posted by Fool  in  Motor City  on  Fri Jan 02, 2009  at  08:38 PM
AM is a fraud stay away from it.. They're having a superbawl add this year, with your suckers money.
Posted by Da man  in  NJ  on  Fri Jan 23, 2009  at  07:46 AM
I never got the paid membership on AM because of all the bogus responses I received with my free membership. I was contacted by women who's limits were "cyber affair/cyber dating." They would also never be living in my area. It just made me suspicious about the whole thing. The last contact that I received notified me of a "secret admirer." When someone ads you as a favorite, then you receive a message that you have a "secret admirer." I replied with a "wink" that I had an unpaid membership and to initiate contact with me. I was then blocked by this user. It just seems like all of the responses have been geared towards getting me to buy credits. I actually met women on Adult Friend Finder. I don't recommend Fling. I paid for that, and didn't get anything out of it.
Posted by Rob  in  CA  on  Sun Jan 25, 2009  at  11:06 AM
I'm just responding to the ONE woman who's posted on here. Of course these sites work for you. The ratio of men to women is vastly in your favor. Men are the ones being scammed, not women. They don't have to scam the women because there are an excessive number of men on the site(s).

Note: isn't even a dating site. It just seems to be a link trade.
Posted by Rob  in  CA  on  Sun Jan 25, 2009  at  11:30 AM
Just be realistic in a self evaluation and don't go over your head, maybe even down a bit. It can be fun (has for me), and there are real women on AM, for sure. Forget the ones with model type photos and who are chatting a lot.
Posted by Joe  in  CA  on  Sun Feb 01, 2009  at  06:25 PM
Now I won't go as far as some to insult the entire male gender, but for crying out loud guys. You've somehow managed to grow a set big enough to cheat on your spouse. But when taken for real money by fake people are now complaining on a different website about being fleeced for that money and won't do anything about it. Thats just dumb. Why in the hell would you even bother with these sites, let alone agree to meet some one only to be told you have to pay out what amounts to black mail. For christ sakes grow a set and go to the cops. Black mail is illegal regarless of the situation. The same goes for their scamming you of money. Either do something about it or go and cry in a corner and never tell anyone. You reep what you soe.
Posted by guy in the bush  in  toronto On  on  Fri Feb 06, 2009  at  07:44 AM
Not to sound like an ass, and that is definitely not my intention... but am I the only one who decided to try "reversing" the game/odds? Try signing up as a female on any of these sites -> and VOILA! You have FREE access to everything! Hell, on Wildmatch and Bangmatch, they actually PAY MONEY to females for responding and initiating messages to male members. If a male that they contact actually signs up and joins (for a fee of course), the ladies get extra "pink points" which they can redeem for cash. Don't believe me...? Do some detective work guys, and you'll see that almost every site (aside from plentyoffish, myspace, and facebook perhaps) are only aimed at defrauding males and and making women feel "empowered," for lack of a better word. I've shared the reality with all of you; all I ask is that you go and investigate for yourself, and when you see the actual scam WITH YOUR OWN EYES make sure that you file a report to IC3 as well as send a message to the site admins. 'Nuff said... Sorry to be the buzzkill fellas.
Posted by Cor  in  Nashville, TN  on  Sun Feb 08, 2009  at  03:45 AM
No doubt Ashley Madison is the biggest scam in on-line dating. Don't sign up. I'm in Mpls, and there are only 20 woman in the area on the site....think of it....only 20 women. It's not worth it.
Posted by Rusty  on  Wed Feb 18, 2009  at  02:38 PM
As noticed in a previous posting, there are some who feel that married guys who join sites like Ashley Madison do so only because they can
Posted by Sincere  in  Dallas TX  on  Mon Feb 23, 2009  at  11:39 AM
I am a female and have been a member of Ashley Madison since November 2008. I have talked with a lot of men on that site and some are actually normal. Real husbands that aren't having their sexual needs met by their wives anymore. I'm in the same situation with my husband and we've been through counseling, etc and nothing has improved. Since I found a lover on AM, I have to say my marriage has been better. I'm not stressed out about the fact that he doesn't want sex more than twice a month. My lover told me that his wife actually told him that she enjoyed hanging out with him over the weekend. There was not any tension there. No resentment for the lack of affection. We both love our spouses and don't want to get divorced. We have children and families that are very dear to us. I want to grow old with my best friend (my husband), but until then I also want a man to desire me for the woman I still am. My lover does that and more. Thank you Ashley Madison for saving my marriage and my sanity.
Posted by JoannG  in  Phoenix, AZ  on  Tue Mar 03, 2009  at  04:37 PM
.. Alright, so I read all the warnings and I decided to take the chance on AM to see what all the fuss was about. After a month, here is what I found - now you can come to your own conclusion:

1) posted an ad as a Guest (ie. did not buy credits); shortly thereafter I got 5 winks from very nice-looking women (according to ther photos) who wanted to chat with me, but they were not FULL AM members.
2) I purchased credits so that I could "chat" with these women;
3) I sent each of them what I think would be a very intersting email.
4) None of them responded - but that was because none of them had signed into the system for 5+ days;
5) By putting them on the "List", I can tell when they did sign-in to see if they read my mail;
6) 4 of the 5 signed in at 10:18 AM on the same day (yes, all 4 at 10:18) and one at 10:20.
7)Yes, you are getting the picture here - none of them responded to my ad.
8) I created another "Guest ad" - identical profile - Wanna guess how many women sent me winks asking to chat if I can just sign up with AM?

Save the $$ boys; it's a recession out there - lets these bastardos go out of business.
Posted by Zan  in  Toronto, Canada  on  Wed Mar 04, 2009  at  06:26 AM
I was very surprised knowing that dating sites for extramarital affairs existed. Knowing how the web is (and human nature) I shouldn't have been surprised at all. But, hey, I am not usually interested on cheating.
Posted by myspace girl  in  Spain  on  Wed Mar 18, 2009  at  11:54 AM, or better yet, are two that I have used and had very good success. No scams by the site owners, but the users cannot always be trusted, though.

The hard facts are these:

1. All of these sites have mostly men looking to get laid. Sorry guys, the odds are against you.
2. Women can get laid anytime they want, so why use a site at all?
3. Most women on sites (like the ones I listed above) are receptive of couples, not single guys, so unless you already have a women you probably are not going to get a ticket to the dance.
Posted by Steve  on  Sat Mar 21, 2009  at  08:01 AM
It seems to me that online sites to ease the trouble of finding someone to cheat on your spouse with should be a scam. No one wants to be in a loveless, sexless marriage. That's why the divorce rate is over 50% now. Let's be real though, if you are meeting up with random people you meet on the internet for sex, you obviously don't have any real respect for the institution of marriage anyway. Its creeps like you that make it hard for singles to trust anyone interested, regardless of their intentions. I gotta agree with Maddy, how are you gonna tell your spouse when you contract and STD?
Posted by Ash  in  Indy  on  Fri Apr 03, 2009  at  12:10 PM
Very obvious scam. I tried a Guest Membership. I received numerous "Collect" messages (for which one must purchase "credits" to read) from several women with different names from various cities, who, incredibly, happen to have the exact same picture...imagine that! All send identical to-the-letter message: "I've been trying to contact you, but you only have a guest membership" . Geez, how obvious; they don't even TRY to disguise the fact that the site as a fake.
Posted by Tom  in  Wisconsin  on  Tue Apr 07, 2009  at  05:37 PM
Ashley Madison has been incredible....I travel and target the states I go to. It may take a month but soon you will get women sending you crotch shots, texting you all the time and wondering why you don't respond. I was looking for one and had 4 to chose from ...slept with each and found my long time lover...

Can't argue with sucess...
Posted by itworks  in  chicago  on  Sun Apr 19, 2009  at  11:20 PM
AM is basically a con. Sure there are some real women, but this is a side-effect of the scam, real people read the article in the news etc..

AM is a clever, soft-scam, no-one gets really hurt, or loses huge amounts of money. I'm truely an honest guy, but I can't help a sneeking repect for such cons.

I withold my bile for news sources such as the NY Times, which have published articles which, effectively, support the con. Whether they are fooled too, or a unscrupulous writer takes a bribe...

I'm also contemptuous for those posters who come over all old-testament on the 'adulterers' (Stone them why not). To the tiny minority who are truely satisified in their monogamy, or simply feel happier that way, and have expressed there bit of wisdom - I salute you - to the others .... you remind me for all the world of homophobes, driven by fear of their own latent homosexual urges - i.e. look inward first & get wise, rather than sling around the judgements.
Posted by Felix  in  NYC  on  Wed Apr 22, 2009  at  09:20 AM
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