Penile Weight Lifting (A Follow-Up)

Status: Real
I feel compelled to post something about this simply because I've posted about the sport of penile weight lifting before, expressing a few doubts about its reality. (I also had a few questions about the actual mechanics of the process). Inside Bay Area has this report of a recent demonstration of penile weight lifting in action:

Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng, best known for his Iron Crotch, attached himself not once, but twice, to a rental moving truck and pulled it several yards across a parking lot in Fremont. In lace-up leather boots and a black tank top, the 50-year-old tied a strip of blue fabric around the base of his penis and testicles and tugged to make sure it was on tight. An assistant kicked him hard between the legs before he lashed himself to the vehicle.

Here's the best part of the article:

Jin-Shengs performance drew a hearty applause (and only a few gasps) from the sparse crowd. He wrapped a piece of fabric around his waist to conceal his genitals from the crowd, but in the heat of the second truck pull, when he tied the cloth around his testicles only, it was pushed aside to reveal a ball of flesh that looked ready to burst.

Lovely. So apparently this sport doesn't involve muscle training, per se. It's more like hoping your skin and connective tissue don't rip apart as you lift (or pull) the weight. The description of the event sounds credible enough for me to categorize it as real.

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Posted on Mon Nov 28, 2005


thats awesome
Posted by Debra Trotter  on  Sun Dec 06, 2009  at  12:20 PM
How do you train up to do this ?
Posted by Guncel Blog  on  Wed Jan 06, 2010  at  07:44 PM
even i dont think so...
Posted by Anton  in  usa  on  Thu Jan 07, 2010  at  01:33 AM
In fact may be true thanks
Posted by Zapzup  in  Zapzup  on  Fri Jan 08, 2010  at  04:57 AM
My husbands lifts about 10 pounds with penis and it doesn't affect sexual ability. He is trying to lift 50 pounds but is going to do it increasing the weight slowly. He is developing this skill on his own.
Posted by Sam Green  on  Sat Jan 09, 2010  at  02:06 PM
I can't believe this... Are you real?
Posted by Jacky  in  UK  on  Tue Jan 12, 2010  at  08:16 AM
I think this is true.I even have seen a man pulled a truck with his weinner. Thanks for the post.
Posted by SportsGirl  in  cebu  on  Fri Jan 15, 2010  at  11:34 PM
I know it sounds outrageous but it is true.
Posted by Sam Green  on  Sat Jan 16, 2010  at  08:00 PM
really amazing thanks for all nice blog bro
Posted by barkod  on  Tue Feb 02, 2010  at  09:08 AM
very very good smile
Posted by Kaan Aydın  in  Osmaniye  on  Thu Feb 04, 2010  at  01:45 AM
It is virtually impossible to accomplish. Given the fact that it is harmful. Do not try this at home)))
Posted by George  on  Sun Feb 07, 2010  at  03:37 AM
Thats too funny ((:
Posted by Yerden IsItma  in  Centreanks  on  Wed Feb 10, 2010  at  11:09 AM
I heard that sportsmen which lift weights quickly get older. Is it a true?
Posted by Taras  in  Ukraine  on  Mon Feb 15, 2010  at  04:56 AM
I wanted to let those interested that my husband tried to lifet an additional 5 pounds and now he is having problems with his penis. Last attempt was 10 pounds which he did successfully but it seems that the added 5 pounds harm him in some way. The doctor is running tests. I will let you all know the outcome.
Posted by Sam Green  on  Fri Mar 05, 2010  at  10:32 AM
ok nice. when will we see this in the olympics?
Posted by john  in  sw  on  Sat Apr 17, 2010  at  04:27 PM
nice info
Posted by bmw4  in  us  on  Mon May 03, 2010  at  08:45 AM godness.hi is probably best in its space))i think it is his third arm))each should do that can do best...
Posted by Ivasik  in  on  Tue May 04, 2010  at  02:08 PM
It's more like hoping your skin and connective tissue don't rip apart as you lift (or pull) the weight. The description of the event sounds credible enough for me to categorize it as real.
Posted by handyman manchester  in  usa  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  05:52 AM
It so nice to meet U
Posted by Norton  in  Rus  on  Thu May 20, 2010  at  08:17 AM
too funny
Posted by Alex  in  Nov  on  Thu May 20, 2010  at  08:23 AM
I dont know how any one play with this things....
Posted by what do they eat  on  Thu May 20, 2010  at  02:30 PM
I even have an old video taped of him doing it. There is also a military guy in China who can do that. Qi Power!
Posted by m  on  Fri May 21, 2010  at  06:28 AM
A SPORT? You can't be serious ...
Posted by moving to England  in  UK  on  Thu Jun 17, 2010  at  08:21 AM
This all should go in believe it or not. It is too outrageous.
Posted by Justin Hart  on  Tue Jul 27, 2010  at  08:53 AM
I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it smile I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.thanks .thanks
Posted by Kirkland Tanning Salon  in  USA  on  Sat Dec 04, 2010  at  08:13 AM
I believe he is a true man! smile
Posted by sigara bırakma tozu  in  turkey  on  Wed Feb 16, 2011  at  07:42 PM
I agree with h0ly :d manyk ya
Posted by istanbul  in  istanbul  on  Mon Mar 14, 2011  at  01:58 PM
I think Holly is TRUE ...
Posted by supheli  in  turkey  on  Mon Apr 18, 2011  at  06:42 AM
I told you all that last time this came up....but no one listens to
Posted by burak  on  Mon Jun 27, 2011  at  03:50 PM
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