Penile Weight Lifting

After reading about this, I'm just at a loss for words. How in the world is this guy lifting the weight? Is he using a string to tie it to himself? Or is he just somehow positioning himself to lift the dumbbell from the ground? Either way, it can't be real. 75kg is a lot of weight. About 165lbs. Many men would struggle to bench press that much (especially if they had never done any weight training). And, of course, the fact that the story is on Ananova doesn't lend it credibility:

A Chinese man has lifted a 75kg barbell for 10 seconds - with his penis. Zhan, from Harbin city, Helongjiang province, said the skill is a branch of Kung Fu, which is exclusive to his family. Zhan, 55, says his father taught him the skill to help him get fit after a serious illness when he was 18. He started training by lifting small bricks with his penis, then gradually added weights and extended duration, reports Yangtsi Evening Post. Zhan, a director of the Hong Kong Chinese Culture Development Fund, said he had no interest in applying to the Guinness Book of Records.


Posted on Wed Mar 16, 2005


"Zhan, 55, says his father taught him the skill to help him get fit after a serious illness when he was 18" - if this had happened today, he would probably have been taken into care, and his dad would be locked up. As far as I know penises have no muscles in them - mine certainly doesn't, I've just checked - and Ananova has a habit of falling for fake news stories. No amount of mental gymnastics on my part can envisage a scenario which does not involve the tearing of skin, the popping of valves and the bursting of vessels, and on that thought I'm going to be sick.
Posted by Ashley Pomeroy  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:07 AM
Actually, I seen them doing that on some channel, I think HBO. I tell you what, it isn't as bad as one might. After seeing that show, I had try it, not with that much weight, I just used a 30 pound dumb bell.
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:10 AM
So you've done this, Stephen? Then how does the penis hold the weight? Do you use a string?
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:14 AM
Soft rubber tubing!!! Also, it wasn't 30lbs. it was 20 lbs. Had to call the girlfriend up. She said I better not be telling people about the "stupid human" trick's I do.
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:32 AM
Also to add, there is no pain either, doesn't hurt. Just feel the pulling sensation. The ligament in the penis is very strong and it can hold much more then what I did.
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:39 AM
I definitely once saw a guy on Ripley's (for some reason I think he was Chinese, or maybe Indian) who could tow a bus down the street with...yeah. And they showed (not explicitly) how he would practice by, er, swinging weights. Ripley's isn't exactly the most reliable source in the universe, but I would believe the weight thing, at least.
Posted by Katherine  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:40 AM
....would you have to erect when doing it, or???
Posted by winona  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:41 AM
I've seen this live. The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow had a guy named Mr. Lifto whi would hang things from piercings (irons from his ears, a suitcase from his tongue, cinder blocks from his nipples, etc.). Anyway, he would hang heavy objects like cinderblocks from his "special parts" for the finale, and not just from the part, but from piercings through it.

I'm sure there are photos of him online if you just google Mr. Lifto.
Posted by Sledd  in  Detroit  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:47 AM
No erection needed, Unless it turns out to be a turn on, then there isn't really a choice.
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:56 AM
It's just sick.
Posted by Real or not...  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  10:05 AM
Sick is what your culture defines it as, and some tend to hang things from the limp willy. I've casually read about "strectching" it that way. Peaple in Asia would cut holes in the bed to sleep with rock/weights tied (by rope) around the Johnson to increase tissue over time. It's more common as sideshow behavior than one would think. India had some dong guru types who make this part of the devotional routine. Stephen sounds like an expert though!!
Posted by sbnature  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  10:47 AM
Yes, I've been 'enhancing' mine by having a large iron 'prince albert' fitted and installing a huge rare-earth magnet at the foot of my bed. So far the only result is that when ever I get an erection I point north.

Okay, none of that's true. I made the whole thing up for the sake of a silly punch line.
Posted by Blondin  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  12:19 PM
I wonder if he could lift a woman off the ground using this method...
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  12:33 PM
Starting to wonder about you Stephen... I know Texas is God's country and all... but what have you been up to boy?!?
Posted by Mark-N-Isa  in  Midwest USA  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  12:59 PM
...Mental images just seem weird. Image if it were nippy outside & there were shrinkage. He could drop weights onto his toes.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  01:12 PM
Nay, If that happened, you would be doing penis curls. Step inside a warmspot then step outside in the cold, inside, outside, ect.....
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  01:17 PM
4 rules for log-lifting: 1)high weight gives bulk 2)high rep gives definition 3)always use a spotter 4)wipe off the weights when you're done
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  01:23 PM
I see you have done this before!!! Yep, yep, I have allready gained 2 lbs. of mass.
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  01:40 PM
Okay, enough is enough.

This thread has been going for four and a half hours and nobody has yet made a reference to the "clean and jerk".

I'm ashamed of you people.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  01:58 PM
I am not yet ready for that.
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  02:35 PM
wheres the pics???
Posted by Jonny G.  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  03:01 PM
I will just go ahead and say what undoubtedly all the fellow females are thinking: does this make men who can do this better in bed?? wink
Posted by Sarah  in  Dallas, TX  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  09:56 PM
I think it comes down to whether you believe that size matters? But I must admit, it's an interesting thought - bedding a penile weight lifter...are they better? wink
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  10:19 PM
Okay, I'll admit it, I was curious.

So I went looking for pictures of some guy with 50 pounds hanging from his dong.

I never found any, and am discontinuing my search (at least for today) because I found this...

"The AlloDerm technique is the least invasive but it's also the most expensive because you have to buy the AlloDerm (processed cadaver tissue) and then it is inserted into your penis..."

I'm too grossed out to continue looking right now.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  10:21 PM
I dare not look! Processed cadaver tissue?

I've heard about how Japanese men go for cosmetic surgery in that department, and get pearls inserted along the length for that 'ribbed' feeling...
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  10:49 PM
Any sources on that, Smerk-from-Perth?

Seems iffy to me...isn't it dangerous to insert foreign objects in the body? At the very least, they could get some nasty scar tissue built up around them. And how many guys do you know who would consent to up for no good reason?
Posted by Katherine  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  10:53 PM
I looked. Gross. sick
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  10:55 PM
We-ell, it could be an urban legend. I only vaguely remember hearing about it years ago on the radio. And the station I listen to is highly unreliable.
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Wed Mar 16, 2005  at  10:58 PM
I've seen demonstrations (telivized, not live) of penile weight lifting. Specifically, I saw a Shaolin monk and and few Indial holy men doing it. This is not a coincidence: among other things it causes erectile disfuncltion. The only way someone who did this regularly could be better in bed is if he was good with his tongue.

Posted by Paul in Prague  in  errr...  on  Thu Mar 17, 2005  at  02:12 AM
Smerk, I've seen that! (Dunno if it was pearls or some sort of bodypiercing metal.) A friend of mine was -really- into piercings, had most of the ones that I can think of.
Posted by Winona  in  USA  on  Thu Mar 17, 2005  at  08:18 AM
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