Pareidolia Roundup: September 2008

Coffee Stain Christ
Four years ago Sam Marinos had a cup of coffee with his wife. When he was done he turned the cup upside down to allow the grounds to run down the side of the cup -- which is some kind of tradition in his family. He was then "stunned" to see that the grounds had formed what looked to him like the face of Jesus. He's now considering selling the Jesus cup on eBay.

Drywall Jesus
Omar Craddock was doing some work in a client's kitchen when he spotted the image of a face in the drywall mud on an unfinished wall. He immediately thought: Jesus! His brother-in-law, who was with him, is remaining more skeptical, refusing to put a name to the image. But both agree that "For drywall finishing this was a pretty exciting day."

Virgin Mary Grape
Becky Ginn was about to throw away some rotten grapes, but before she did she turned one over and thought, "oh that looks like the Virgin Mary." The grape is now preserved in her freezer. She insists that she has no intention of trivializing the experience. I assume this means she won't be selling it on eBay.

Oyster Shell Jesus
An Orlando woman, while walking down the beach, found an oyster shell that appears to show the face of Jesus. She also found a shell showing the Virgin Mary. "The woman claimed she has had nothing but good luck since finding the shells." I'm not sure if the thumbnail shows the Jesus or Virgin Mary shell, because I can't make out anything in it.

Water Stain Jesus
Seen at a One Stop Body Shoppe in Arkansas City, Kansas. According to the manager: "A client was laying here looking up and told me, Michelle, you have Jesus on your ceiling. I just kind of looked at her, and she said you do, Jesus on the ceiling." The water-stained ceiling tile may soon be headed to eBay.

Thanks to Cranky Media Guy and Stannous Flouride!

Pareidolia Religion

Posted on Wed Oct 01, 2008


The Lord works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

OR people are very frightened of the world they see around them and desperately want to see signs that God is going to save them from the scary stuff.

You pick.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  02:05 AM
The top one looks like the Fagan drawing for the Oliver Musical from a few years ago

The next one down is a bit freaky, kinda Orson Welles or Marlon Brando like.

The last one looks like a sh!t stain.
Posted by derek  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  02:22 AM
I'm just surprised that no one seems to have identified the Makapansgat pebble as Jesus yet.
Posted by outeast  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  03:44 AM
The first one looks sort of like Father Sarducci.
Posted by Madd Maxx  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  05:42 AM
We just had a sighting of the Virgin Mary in a hospital window here in MA:
Posted by Elizabeth  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  07:02 AM
The coffee one looks like Juan Valdez without his donkey
Posted by Magnoire La Chouette  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  12:27 PM
The funny thing about these Jesuses is that they're always the Bearded Jesuses with straight long hair.

Of course for the first 600 some years of Christian history Jesus was portrayed as a beardless young man with curly hair. For example:


You'd think such a conservative religion would know its own history.
Posted by Caio  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  01:47 PM
The first one looks like a pirate. The others I can sort of see a face. The oyster shell, though, I can't recognize anything. I have a friend who gets all freaked out over this kind of thing. I try to give her a kick in the reality pants but nothing works.
Posted by RainOubliette  in  Pennsylvania  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  02:52 PM
I agree that the first one looks like a pirate. I do see the picture in the oyster shell, I think. It looks like Mary with her hands prayer folded in front of her.
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  03:36 PM
The first one reminds me of a cross between Hemingway and van Gogh. Which is about as far from Jesus as it's possible to get, I believe.
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  05:43 PM
With the coffee one...since when does Jesus wear a hat?
Posted by mynameisnotimportant  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  06:32 PM
Cup is a Pirate
Drywall looks like a fat guy
Grape looks more like one of the wirdo ladys at the Renn Fest
Shell looks like a scream mask
and the water stain almost looks looks pornographic in nautre heh

heres a local face on a wall:
Posted by Tim  on  Wed Oct 01, 2008  at  07:07 PM
The first one is clearly coffeeshopped.
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  in  Earth  on  Thu Oct 02, 2008  at  04:07 AM
Snortle @ Beasjt
Posted by outeast  on  Thu Oct 02, 2008  at  04:59 AM
Dude, anyone can clearly see that the face in the coffee cup is singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins, seriously, look again.
Posted by Carl  on  Thu Oct 02, 2008  at  05:34 AM
And a new crowdpleaser in a hospital window.
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  in  Earth  on  Thu Oct 02, 2008  at  05:36 AM
We have a water-stain Jesus at work, complete with the Halo and beard.

It's just a stain.

And that cup looks more like Osama Bin Laden, not Jesus.

OMG. Osama is Jesus!
Posted by Dan Sz.  on  Thu Oct 02, 2008  at  10:20 AM
Geez, obviously the coffee stain figure is Cyrano De Bergerac!

The drywall, I'll go with Marlon Brando, since it is in a kitchen, and Brando was fond of the food.

The grape, looks like somebody needs TP?

The oyster shell, C'thulu!

And the ceiling tile? Seen that a thousand times. It's a leak, fix your roof!
Posted by Captain DaFt  on  Thu Oct 02, 2008  at  05:40 PM
the coffee-stain one looks like he's wearing a cowboy hat...
Posted by mangabottle  on  Fri Oct 03, 2008  at  05:59 AM
I have NEVER had a coffee cup look like that when i was done lol what the hell
Posted by Tim  on  Fri Oct 03, 2008  at  11:51 AM
Hmm. The first one reminds me of Lenin, the second of E.A. Poe.

The grape is probably one of the better examples of pareidolia that I can remember seeing, not that it looks at all like any particular person to me. But it does look like a fairly detailed humanoid image.

I don't see anything humanoid in the last two, though.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Sun Oct 05, 2008  at  12:33 PM
The first one looks like Chuck Norris with a cowboy hat.
The second looks like David Crosby.
The third just looks like something off the cover of a Led Zeppelin album.
Number four looks like Luke Skywalker as a young child.
And finally, the fifth looks like a water stain. Nothing more, just a water stain.
Posted by Sadara  on  Mon Oct 06, 2008  at  03:05 PM
I'm trying to relay this, I AM THAT STAIN ON THAT DRYWALL
Posted by Michael J Goodale  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  11:50 AM
Listen, Im worried, I am there and it freaks me out ... see my pics at .... what is the name of that website?
Posted by Michael J Goodale  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  11:53 AM
Posted by Michael J Goodale  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  12:05 PM
Now letsa get sum commentz on dat
Posted by Michael J Goodale  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  12:06 PM
Okay, we get it. It was oh so hilarious the first time you said it, but you don't need to drive it into the ground, Michael.
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  12:06 PM
It freaks me out , thats all
Posted by Michael J Goodale  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  12:08 PM
The grape is a 1950s housewife with a Jello mold on a tray.
Posted by Meringue  on  Thu May 10, 2012  at  09:19 PM
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