Pareidolia Roundup: March 2009

The Divine Cushion
The "face of Christ" appeared in a cushion attached to a priest's chair, located in a Roman Catholic church on the French Indian island of Reunion. Parish priest Daniel Gavard said, "This is not a miracle, it's a sign of God." So what, exactly, is the meaning of the sign? God likes comfy chairs?

Dead Dad in Ultrasound
Marion McAleese thinks the arm of her dead dad can be seen in this ultrasound, cradling her unborn child. She says, "You can see four fingers on the baby’s face as if a hand is cradling the baby’s head. There is also an arm under the baby’s bottom." She also says she now believes in spiritualism. I guess she didn't before. It's amazing how some people form their religious beliefs entirely on the basis of blurry images.

Jesus Rock
This can be found along Keel Mountain Road in Huntsville, Alabama. Apparently people have been driving past this for decades, but the face was only noticed recently, by one Shirley Maples.

Potato Chip Jesus
A potato chip bearing the image of Jesus Christ was recently served to Brian Hershey of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania while dining at a CR Bucks restaurant. His wife sees the chip as "an indication that she and Brian need to stop smoking." I'd say that's true if what they're smoking is making them see Jesus images on potato chips.

Car Dealership Jesus
Spotted at the Jarrett Ford Lincoln Mercury in Dade City, Florida. The door was hung ten years ago, but as is often the case with such things, the image was only spotted recently. Some of the employees swear it is the spitting image of Christ. Others think it looks like Sasquatch, "Christ in a Jedi outfit," or a "Persian king."

Ice Formation Mary
A chunk of "Virgin Mary" ice formed outside the trailer home of Lionel Gonzales in Plymouth, Indiana. Gonzalez couldn't explain how the ice, which was frozen to the wall of his home, had formed, since it was beneath a window cover and (according to him) no water dripped there.

Virgin Mary Stone
Sergio Romero of Pocatello, Idaho says that as he was polishing this stone, he realized it had an image of the Virgin Mary on it. (I'm just not seeing it.) He also says he wasn't religious before, but is now thinking of going to church. He's also thinking of putting the stone up for sale.

Virgin Mary Brain Scan
A scan of Pamela Latrimore's brain contains a dark spot that kinda looks like the Virgin Mary, according to Pam's sister-in-law, who first noticed the shape six years after the brain scan was taken. Latrimore hopes to raise some money to help pay her medical bills by auctioning off the brain scan.

(Thanks to Cranky Media Guy for his contributions!)


Posted on Wed Mar 18, 2009


The brain scan looks to me like Graham Chapman in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Still holy, I suppose...
Posted by master baiter  on  Wed Mar 18, 2009  at  09:27 PM
I see a roaster chicken doing leg squats with a giant walnut.
Posted by Canadarm  on  Wed Mar 18, 2009  at  11:19 PM
You too, Canadarm??
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Mar 19, 2009  at  01:51 AM
How do people know that this is Jesus's face when no picture of Jesus ever been taken ? I guess its because of the same principle the Church rely on to make people believe in all the nonsenses : Faith or "believing without seeing" What a joke.

This is the 21st century. Wake up people. The Church was founded by Roman emperor Constantin and Jesus was just a prophet (true or false, we don't know... for all I care)

Most of these images are blurry and at best, depict an image of Like to one that can seen in most religious icons over the years : a white blond haired Jesus . Jesus was born about 2000 yrs ago from middle eastern jewish parents so all these depiction are wrong anyway. Jesus look like muhammad yup. Not like a Norse God.

Explanation for ALL these: People are very good for finding pattern and since Jesus is always depicted like these icons, people see these in the gibberish. Simple, scientific explanation. Our brain is wired that way.

Please Alex why you keep posting these as they are all based on the same principles ? Its boring anyway and only encourage all this church cr*ap (there I said it). Thank for this blog I appreciate it beside theses.

Thank you.
Posted by Phiu-x  on  Thu Mar 19, 2009  at  10:43 AM
Apparently you see things to complain about... but all your finger had to do was keep scrolling.

So a good pattern to see is that people who complain about things they were not forced to view or read are typically pretty bitter in life.
Posted by Captain Obvious  on  Thu Mar 19, 2009  at  12:24 PM
RE Virgin Mary Stone,

I can see a hooded little elf and a few butterflies.

Rorschach... Why have you forsaken us?
Posted by Joel B1  in  Hobart, Tasmania  on  Fri Mar 20, 2009  at  12:56 AM
Re: Dead Dad in Ultrasound

Sorry, I'm in denial.
The mother says she can see the arms of HER father in that ultrasound.
That's too close to "you-know-what" for me.
Posted by Joel B1  in  Hobart, Tasmania  on  Fri Mar 20, 2009  at  04:14 AM
Jesus in a seat cushion? Maybe they need to examine the hindquarters of the priest who last sat in the chair.
Posted by Michael Donfield  on  Sat Mar 21, 2009  at  03:38 PM
Michael, if you'll turn in your hymnal to page 69, all will be made clear. (NSFW? Maybe.):
Posted by Captain DaFt  on  Tue Mar 24, 2009  at  10:08 PM
so if the same image appears on dog shit, Does that mean that the dog shit is now holy?
Posted by forked  on  Thu Mar 26, 2009  at  11:09 PM
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