Pareidolia Roundup

Once again, it's time to play spot the blurry face resembling the iconic image of Jesus (or the Virgin Mary, or whatever).

Cat Fur Jesus
The Johnson family of Indiana recently adopted a kitten. To their surprise, they discovered that the fur on its side contains a pattern that looks like the face of Jesus. They admit that people who don't see it "might think we are weird crazy or something," but they're fine with that. I'd say they haven't quite reached the weird crazy stage yet. Maybe just a bit weird cuckoo.

Kelly Ramey of High Ridge, Missouri found Jesus in a bag of Cheetos. "I looked at that and I thought, 'Oh my that looks like Jesus on the cross.' It was just like wow," she says." Wow is right! Her friend, however, thinks it looks like a horse's head.

Virgin Mary in Sink
Found by a plumber working in a Salinas, California restaurant. "The new owner of the restaurant says the building has housed several different businesses and he sees the image as a blessing of hope for the new restaurant." I don't know about blessings, but they definitely need some bleach cleanser.

An Angelic Image
Recently an "angelic image" (left) was spotted in the window of a Color Tile store in Porterville, California. Huge crowds started turning out to see it, but within a few days the image was gone. Luckily, someone else spotted an image of Christ on the cross in a nearby palm tree (right). "To have two sightings in the same place — it confirms that the image on the window was not fake," said one onlooker. You can't argue with logic like that.

Allah Meat
A diner at a restaurant in northern Nigeria was about to sink his teeth into a piece of gristle, when he noticed the Arabic word for God in the meat. The restaurant then found three more pieces of gristle that also bore the name of Allah. The owner of the restaurant says, "When the writings were discovered there were some Islamic scholars who come and eat here and they all commented that it was a sign to show that Islam is the only true religion for mankind."

Pareidolia Religion

Posted on Thu Jul 31, 2008


A while back, I was eating a steak and I noticed that the bone in it looked just like the letter "T," which I take to be a sign to show that worship of Thor is the only true religion for mankind.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Thu Jul 31, 2008  at  05:13 PM
It would be interesting if the meat in question was a pork chop. . .
Posted by Accipiter  on  Thu Jul 31, 2008  at  05:20 PM
Wont somebody please kill these people. I'm sick of seeing things that look a bit like something else. The cheetos one looks like a penis and testes as much as it does a cross. And the meat looks like meat.
Posted by derek  on  Fri Aug 01, 2008  at  01:54 AM

Is that Jesus blessing the Allah meat?
Posted by oppiejoe  on  Fri Aug 01, 2008  at  06:47 AM
Hahahahaha, oppiejoe I saw that, too!
Posted by eojeippo  on  Fri Aug 01, 2008  at  07:35 AM
Last night I was dining at an Italian restaurant and there on my plate was the exact image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
So Pastafarianism, not Thor-worship, must be the only true religion for mankind.
Unless I have something else for dinner tonight ...
Posted by Big Gary  on  Fri Aug 01, 2008  at  09:30 AM
The cat fur Jesus made me think about David Bowie..
Posted by Lucy Boomcrackle  on  Fri Aug 01, 2008  at  04:39 PM
Heathens! All of you are Heathens and non-believers!
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Aug 02, 2008  at  01:08 AM
LEt me be the first one to say...

I'm in ur news
delivering god's holy signs


Jesus competes with ceiling cat for catkind souls


Oh hai!
Jesus says "Luvs and peace on earth"
kthnks bai!

Better stop now! 😛
Posted by Roland  on  Sun Aug 03, 2008  at  06:21 PM
Are you sure it's David Bowie in the cat fur?

It looks like Roy Orbison to me.
Posted by Hugo  on  Sun Aug 03, 2008  at  09:35 PM
"'To have two sightings in the same place
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Aug 05, 2008  at  05:52 AM
Hugo, you're right. That could very well be Roy Orbison.
Posted by Lucy Boomcrackle  on  Tue Aug 05, 2008  at  06:47 PM
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