Pareidolia Round: September 2011

concrete jesusVirgin Mary Sea Shell
Felicia Avila of Rio Grande Valley found a sea shell that she says bears the image of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.

concrete jesusVirgin Mary Rock
Tammy Tollett was vacationing in Lake Tahoe when she found a rock that she believes looks like the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. She says this is the real deal (unlike, presumably, all those other phony pareidolia).

concrete jesusConcrete Jesus Face
The face of Jesus materialized on Mary Vasquez's concrete patio. She's lived in the apartment for 18 months, but only noticed the Jesus face recently. Apparently she first tried scrubbing the face off her patio with soap. When that didn't work, she called the local newspaper.

concrete jesusJesus on Cross
Clay Perry recently made a 7-inch cross from some leftover scraps of poplar wood. Then the grandfather of his nephew noticed it appeared to have the face of Jesus on it... right where the face should be at the top of the cross. Personally, I'm not seeing it.

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Posted on Mon Sep 05, 2011


The seashell one looks like an image of something one might get by crossing a harpy and a cow...I can sort of see the one in the rock, but the others, not so much.
Posted by Crafty Dragon  on  Mon Sep 05, 2011  at  11:05 PM,0,6622493.story

I liked this one linked to from patio-Jesus. Ham-Cat?
Posted by Mr R  on  Tue Sep 06, 2011  at  02:27 AM
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