Paper Napkin Rejection Service

Almost two years ago I posted an entry about the Rejection Hotline, which is a service that provides you with a phony number to give to losers in clubs (or elsewhere) who are trying to get your phone number. When they call it up they hear a message telling them that they've been rejected. A new internet version of the Rejection Hotline is called Paper Napkin. It provides you with a phony email address to give to people. When they write to it, they automatically get this response: "This email is a rejection notice directed toward yourself from someone who gave you this bunk email address. That lovely person wants to communicate a message to you. In short, they are not interested."


Posted on Mon Aug 16, 2004


heh that sounds like what a Radio Station in ottawa Canada does.

They have the "Loser Line" number that you can give out for that prospective bar-mate to call
and when called they record the voice mail
of the Losers to play on the Radio monday morning

Some messages are obvius fakes, but some are just
Posted by BKS  in  Canada  on  Tue Aug 17, 2004  at  01:38 PM
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