Oscar Mayer Wiener Jet

Unfortunately there never has been an Oscar Mayer Wiener Jet. This image is a fake.

One of the earliest online references to the image dates back to Jan 15, 2007, when it was posted to the forum of philskies.net. The poster (whose profile identified him as a 2D and 3D animator) wrote, "I probably shouldn't post this pic, but it's in good fun. This was doing the email rounds internally when they were coming up with a livery for it."

This suggests the image may have been a joke created by the graphic designers whom Boeing commissioned to create the livery for the 747-400 Largo Cargo Freighter. The plane's unusual shape evidently reminded the designers of a hot dog.

The actual livery of the plane, shown below, was unveiled in December 2006.

When Oscar Mayer (retired Chairman of the Oscar Mayer corporation) died in July 2009, the "Oscar Mayer Jet" image temporarily gained a new boost of popularity.

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Posted on Wed Jul 08, 2009


I love how the Weinermobile is towing the plane!
Posted by John Paradox  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  12:32 AM
LOL This is one for the 'fake but funny and clever' file I suspect 😊
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  05:20 AM
The inclusion of the Weinermobile is funny but the jet actually makes no sense (that is, not clever because the details are wrong). The car is clearly a hot dog sitting on abstracted "bun". The plane is . . . well I have no idea in hot dog terms. It has a hot dog plump top with an Oscar Mayer red body. Oscar Mayer would never make such a poorly conceived design.
Posted by floormaster squeeze  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  07:38 AM
Anyone else have that stupid Oscar Mayer jingle running in their heads?
Posted by KDP  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  09:18 AM
@KDP - I didn't, but do now. Thanks a bunch.
Posted by Captain Stealth  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  09:59 AM
I wonder if the plane is made from all of the extra parts from other planes. Hmmm.
Posted by Madd Maxx  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  10:46 AM
If I ever become very rich (which gets increasingly less likely all the time), I plan to have an airplane, or at least a car, shaped like a hot dog.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  11:03 AM
Now I want an airplane shaped hot dog.
No wait, I want an iDog, the world's first usb powered hot dog.
Posted by Canadarm  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  03:33 PM
"If I ever become very rich (which gets increasingly less likely all the time), I plan to have an airplane, or at least a car, shaped like a hot dog."

Then you're going to change your name to Sigmund Freud and spend your days driving into and backing out of tunnels, right?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  06:26 PM
Cranky, sometimes a weiner is just a weiner.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  06:54 PM
I have seen other pics of this cargo 747-400. It has the nickname of "twinkie". The original color of the modification was yellow.
Posted by Vic K.  on  Fri Jul 10, 2009  at  03:00 AM
that has to be a fake. There's no way you could make a hot dog that big, even if you did mix in chicken, turkey or pork, even allowing for the increased content of shredded bone meal they allow in hot dogs these days. The bun seems plausible, tho. I live in rural Pa. and I've seen some big-ass buns around here. When will they make pork sausage jets? Oh, wait- "when pigs fly"... dar
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Jul 10, 2009  at  10:29 AM
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