Osama Bin Laden As A Teenager

image Apparently this picture (click to enlarge) has been circulating around for quite a while (over three years), but I've just seen it. It shows a happy group portrait of twenty-two brothers and sisters posing for the camera while on a family holiday, but the grinning kid whose face is circled is none other than Osama bin Laden. This picture appeared in the Sun with the caption:

the 14-year-old is Osama bin Laden - and within a few years the grinning schoolboy was on his way to becoming the world's most cold-hearted mass murderer. The bin Laden children lined up next to a pink Chrysler Imperial for this snapshot on a trip to Falun, Sweden, in 1971. The holiday was paid for by their father Mohammed, a billionaire building tycoon. Osama inherited a fortune when his dad died soon afterwards - and used it to build a worldwide network of terror.

Is it just me, or does young Osama look a tiny bit like Bill Gates? Also, I had no idea he was only 47-years-old. He looks like he's nearing 60. (via Image of the Day)

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Posted on Mon Feb 21, 2005


Heres the original image, and yes its an authentic photo. Oh and please dont hate... with money you can get any damn car you want on any part of this globe.. let alone american trash.
Posted by Ivanna Tinkle  in  Great Britain  on  Sun May 14, 2006  at  05:49 AM
Posted by Ivanna Tinkle  in  Great Britain  on  Sun May 14, 2006  at  05:50 AM
His First sister was with Steve Wynn in LV and he sent her to Syria
Posted by mrlv  in  las vegas  on  Fri Aug 11, 2006  at  01:38 AM
i think osama sucks
Posted by jlo  in  ca,los angeles  on  Wed Dec 13, 2006  at  07:31 PM
Posted by METI  in  CHICAGO  on  Mon Jan 01, 2007  at  07:50 PM
Look at their noses. All the same, clearly not a cut and paste job - and if it is, then I envy that person.
And if someone missed the linkage put up of the original black and white photo, it's below.

case closed. =]
Posted by Sunny  in  Toronto, Canada  on  Sun Apr 22, 2007  at  05:01 PM
that isnt Osama its a woman
Posted by LiStEnIo  in  afgh-pak border Im one of Osama's bodyguards  on  Fri May 04, 2007  at  10:13 AM
"The one thing that makes me suspicious is the Chrysler Imperial. Back in the 1980s, I traveled all around Sweden, and I don't recall ever seeing a Chrysler, or any other American-made car, in the whole country."

In this particular part of Sweden they happen to love American cars. And fynd is by the way the swedish word for "special offer", has nothing to do with any fire department..
Posted by Pytte  in  Sweden  on  Thu May 24, 2007  at  11:17 AM
I saw a documentary on BBC where they displayed this very picture.
The narrator said Usama did not want to appear in the picture due to religious reasons. Are you sure this is really him or a brother of his?
Posted by Sammy Timberg  in  Ficksau, Vorpommern  on  Fri May 25, 2007  at  01:11 AM
It's odd that in the early 70's women of that age would be allowed to dress like they are. And it looks like that mihgt be a mother over the right shoulder of the guy with the hat. Alot of these people look to be 1-2yrs difference in age. Daddy must have had a real busy year LOL
Posted by Tee  in  Chicago IL  on  Tue Sep 11, 2007  at  04:26 PM
ur such a fat head liar becuz i am his sister.
Posted by mary  in  the moon  on  Tue Jun 10, 2008  at  02:57 PM
In her book, Corbin notes that it is not Osama in this picture. Indeed, though the family did often travel outside of the middle east, Osama never joined (p. 5-6). The circled boy is another brother.

Corbin, Jane. (2003). "Al-Qaeda: In Search of the Terror Network that Threatens the World"
Posted by Mike  in  University of Arizona  on  Sun Jun 15, 2008  at  12:19 AM
Yup, this is obviously a fake photoshop job. No way would a group of people ever conglomerate for a photo like that.
Posted by everything is a conspiracy  on  Thu Oct 09, 2008  at  01:46 PM
i will like to be a member of the osama bin landen club.
Posted by Jaja Happiness  in  Nigeria  on  Fri Oct 17, 2008  at  07:01 AM
The bin Laden family did in fact go on vacation in Sweden. Not sure if this is the picture though, always thought it was black and white (but I have only seen it in the paper. The father was in construction of real estate and he was in Sweden to check out the prefab houses they sell there (like IKEA furniture you can also buy houses like that). Apparently Osamas older brothers made quite an impression on the local girls, that is why they still remember the visit. Falun is a very small town by the way so they probably would have been remembered just for being foreign.
Posted by Alexandra  in  san francisco  on  Mon Sep 13, 2010  at  12:42 AM
That is clearly not Osama circled. That person has an earring, woman's shoes on, and woman's pants? Also, he was a bad kind of devout muslim, it's forbidden for muslims to cross-dress. Therefore, this picture is a fake. Oh, and it's also colorized using MS paint.
Posted by Morons  on  Sat May 07, 2011  at  02:14 PM
Health, smoking and genetics can cause a person to look older than they really are. Keep in mind that OBL did fight in wars again the USSR is under stress (poor baby - pop him in the head).

I used to work with a guy from Turkey back when I was 24years old. I though he was 40 years old.

Years later, I find out he was 21yrs old back then!
Posted by TexasDude  in  Texas  on  Sat May 07, 2011  at  03:12 PM
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