Optical Illusion

image A cool checkerboard optical illusion


Posted on Mon Sep 30, 2002


How can the squares be the same colour? If they were then the pattern of the board would not be correct as the squares should alternate between black and white.
Posted by Luke  on  Sun Feb 15, 2004  at  12:35 PM
I would love to see this image proven
Posted by hilliard rose  on  Fri Mar 05, 2004  at  12:03 AM
Prove it yourself. Save the image as a bitmap. Open with a paint progtam and cut a piece from B and move it to A. They are the same color.
Posted by Keith  on  Sat Apr 03, 2004  at  10:40 PM
Sorry, Luke, but you just have to check this one out for yourself. I didn't believe it either until I did what Keith did. Thay are the same shade and everything....wierd!
Posted by Scott  on  Wed Aug 04, 2004  at  01:43 AM
i tried it! it works it's for real
Posted by john  on  Tue Aug 24, 2004  at  07:27 PM
Yep, same shade. Thats a darn fine trick. Good on ya whoever made that.
Posted by SCE_T-roy  on  Sat Dec 04, 2004  at  01:50 AM
well thats just dandy! what a fine piece of work i say! diddly d diddly do! when i go a fishing a fishing by the sea! yeehee!
Posted by steveyboy douglas  on  Sat Dec 04, 2004  at  06:08 AM
Wow! I was sure this would not turn out to be true! That's amazing! How could it be? They look so different until you drag it over there! Cool!
Posted by Glamcat  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  07:17 AM
i didnt think this was true but then move the image around on 'Paint' and you'll find that they're the same shade.
Posted by Anguirus  on  Thu Jun 15, 2006  at  01:59 PM
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