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Old man plays songs on a leaf
I have no problem believing it when the old man uses a leaf to play the theme from The Godfather. It's when he plays the tune while simultaneously balancing on the neck of a wine bottle that the video turns kind of surreal. Still, I think it's possible, though he must have very good balance, and very sticky feet.

Posted by The Curator on Wed Aug 22, 2007

Oddly gum leaf playing is one of the few skills transferred from the aborigines in Australia into the more general culture. The bottle is just a feat of balance.
Posted by Veltyen  on  Thu Aug 23, 2007  at  01:22 AM
Instead of learning to play in weird positions he should just work on playing in tune.
Posted by Razela  in  Chicago, IL  on  Thu Aug 23, 2007  at  10:17 AM
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