Nude Photos Required to Enter Canada

The Toronto Sun reports that exotic dancers applying for a visa to enter Canada are now expected to submit photos of themselves performing in the nude... to prove that they really are exotic dancers. Immigration lawyer Mendel Green claims that the rules are quite specific: "They can't be partially nude. If they don't have pictures in the nude, they are not going to wiggle their bottoms in Canada." This sounds very weird. Could the Toronto Sun be the victim of a joke? Are they pulling our leg? Or have Canadian immigration officials just figured out a great way to get their hands on lots of free pictures of naked women? I'm not sure, but given how many other bizarre rules and regulations government bureaucrats manage to come up with, I'm guessing the story is probably true.

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Posted on Tue Jul 27, 2004


Yes, I read the same in an article some time ago. Canada is promoting in some way, for the need of exotic dancers. There was an influx of so called dancers from south of the border. So, if one begs, why not choose?
Posted by Rick  on  Tue Jul 27, 2004  at  06:25 PM
I'm under the impression that women (strippers) dancing in canada can make much more money than they can south of the border. I've got an Army buddy in Washington (the state) who dated an exotic entertainer. She left to go to Canada because the money was much better.
Posted by Bill B.  on  Wed Jul 28, 2004  at  10:31 AM
This must be a joke. They can't ask for the nude pictures.
Posted by Brewery lofts  on  Fri Apr 18, 2008  at  07:02 AM
IT is a Joke m trust me.

Max Donzella, Director of VIP Business Immigration Canada
Posted by Max Donzella  on  Sun Feb 14, 2010  at  11:12 AM
@Max Donzella:

Perhaps you are correct, but I doubt that you are who you say you are, because "IT is a Joke m trust me" makes little sense in this or any language. More likely you're trying to pass off your opinion as fact, and not doing a very good job.
Posted by Intelligent Person  on  Tue Aug 02, 2011  at  02:49 AM
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