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I've had no time to post anything recently, and that'll likely continue until the end of this month. The problem is that a British version of my second book, Hippo Eats Dwarf, will be coming out this year, but it'll be a significantly revised version. I have to get the manuscript to the publisher by February 1, and I still have a lot of work left to do on it. The next two weeks are going to be busy.

When I have to choose between blogging and doing something that actually makes some money, the money, in the short term, usually wins. In the long term, of course, my non-commercial instincts always kick in sooner or later, and I return to my poverty-making pursuits.


Posted on Mon Jan 12, 2009


How DARE you do something that feeds your family when hundreds--nay, THOUSANDS--of us clamor for free entertainment from you?

[shakes head sadly] I just don't know you anymore, Alex.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Jan 13, 2009  at  01:32 AM
It's okay Alex. I forgive you.
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Tue Jan 13, 2009  at  11:10 AM
ohh, any idea of the rough release date so i can keep an eye out for it?
Posted by Jake  on  Tue Jan 13, 2009  at  11:44 AM
And we also expect a thorough side-by-side analysis of the differences between the U.S. and U.K. editions... when you retire, maybe. smile
Posted by Donna  in  Midwest U.S.  on  Tue Jan 13, 2009  at  12:39 PM
Jake -- it should be released in August.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Tue Jan 13, 2009  at  02:26 PM
Maybe CMG (nods head slyly) could pick up a bit of the slack in the meantime,,,,,, not a bad pinch hitter, if memory serves...
Posted by Canadarm  in  Toronto  on  Tue Jan 13, 2009  at  07:24 PM
Except for the embedded url fiascos...
Posted by HTML  on  Tue Jan 13, 2009  at  10:53 PM
Translating a book from American to British sounds like it may be a hoax. But, hurry back.
Posted by IamJustSayin  on  Wed Jan 14, 2009  at  12:07 PM
In the spirit of our outgoing president, I embrace my embedded URL "fiascos."
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Jan 15, 2009  at  01:53 AM
Kidding aside, that screw-up's been bugging me since it happened.

Turns out it was a "curly quotation mark vs. straight quotation mark" thing. Stupid HTML.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Jan 15, 2009  at  06:20 PM
In the words of Maxwell Smart:
"The old "curly quotation mark vs. straight quotation mark" trick... that's the second time I've fallen for that this month" wink
Posted by Joel B1  in  Hobart, Tasmania  on  Fri Jan 16, 2009  at  12:46 AM
I was just saying that over my shoe phone earlier today.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Jan 16, 2009  at  01:35 AM
I will be happy to provide a side-by-side analysis of the the American versus the British versions of the book... if someone would send me a copy of the British version when it comes out. smile
Posted by Tru  in  Other Words  on  Sun Feb 15, 2009  at  08:05 PM
Tru, I'll be happy to provide you with the British-ised version... if someone will provide me the round-trip airfare to fly over there and pick up a copy when it comes out. wink
Posted by Donna  in  Midwest U.S.  on  Mon Feb 16, 2009  at  10:01 AM
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