New Last Supper Theory

An Italian scholar, Slavisa Pesci, claims to have uncovered new secret images hidden in Da Vinci's Last Supper by superimposing the painting on to its mirror image. When you do this you can supposedly see a woman holding a child, as well as a goblet in front of Jesus. Personally, I can't see anything at all. It all looks like a blurry mess. But Pesci seems to feel that Da Vinci intended for his painting to be viewed this way. He says, "from some of the details you can infer that we are not talking about chance but about a precise calculation."

Two years ago I posted about another Last Supper theory: The idea that an image of the holy grail is hidden in the painting, located on the wall above the head of St. Bartholomew, the disciple at the extreme left.

The hidden holy grail theory seems a lot more plausible to me than this mirror-image theory. (Thanks, Big Gary)

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Posted on Wed Aug 01, 2007


Da Vinci could do a good optical illusion along with the best of them - but his would have been good, not the mess this turns out to be. Plus, The Last Supper has been so neglected and damaged over the years (plus it's a fresco painted on plaster and the plaster is flaking and Da Vinci used a new kind of paint that has faded) that it's practically impossible to make out any images in it.

I mean, I could say that any small smudge in that picture is in fact a portrait of my illustrous ancestor and therefore in fact, I should be ruling the world and you should all bow down and worship me, but I don't, do I (not in public, anyway) because the picture's so damaged and faded anyone can see whatever they want in it.
Posted by Nona  on  Thu Aug 02, 2007  at  06:35 AM
look! Right there! I can see the image of Jesus in the painting! He sorta looks like a piece of toast or a potato chip, but if you squint with the sun behind you and wear your Aunt Tiem's specs, you can see Jesus! Christ, that's spooky
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Thu Aug 02, 2007  at  08:25 AM
Yeah - Leonardo meant for all his paintings to be viewed, superimposed over their mirror images - when you play them backwards, you can hear him say, "Michelangelo's a big poofter!"
Posted by Byron Taylor  on  Thu Aug 02, 2007  at  09:37 AM
I'm always amused at how many of these hidden things people "see" in these paintings xD

Honestly, you know how much of the original painting exists? Like... NONE.
Over so many years of touching up these paintings, we've filled in a LOT of the gaps ourselves, so anymore, when you look at these old things, you have to realize, that a little more than the painting, you're just looking at an artist's interpretation of the painting.

My favorite thing by far have to be the Crete wall paintings...
For instance, see those dark blotches? Those are the only original bits left, and this image has more than most of the other ones... the rest of the lighter color is an artist's guesswork.
Posted by Mera  on  Thu Aug 02, 2007  at  01:48 PM
Well, one advantage we have with The Last Supper is that da Vinci left behind reams of his pre-painting sketches, so we have a good idea of what he intended.

I doubt that he intended for the whole thing to be turned into a mirror image and super-imposed upon itself, since this is an enormous painting and that would be an incredible amount of effort for anybody before the age of photography to do. And why would anybody even do it when it was such hard work?
Posted by Accipiter  on  Sat Aug 04, 2007  at  12:59 AM
Some of you seem to be forgetting the simple fact that Leonardo DaVinci was an absolute genious, the thoughts that crossed through his mind were amazing and his creations and inventions for his day and age were so advanced for his contemporary technology. He was a pioneer for using math and geometry skillfully in his paintings. this is a very credible discovery and i commend the man for stumbling across this amazing find. Maybe its not such a neat reflection, but maybe he wanted it to be hidden. come on people, have an open mind
Posted by Jon  on  Sat Aug 04, 2007  at  05:46 PM
Grateful that Leonardo spent his time working on math and inventions rather than superimposing images of old classical frescoes onto their mirror images.
Posted by Dee  on  Sun Apr 27, 2008  at  11:34 PM
Hmm, Well, I try to keep an open mind, really I do...but, this is insane. If stare long enough at the painting the Last Supper period, I can come up with images ect. within the painting, let alone superimposed under a mirror image. If I stare at ANY painting long enough I can make out my own 'images'. Sorry, but alot better evidence than this is needed, this is NO evidence. When I was a kid, and couldn't sleep at night I would stare at the wood paneling in my bedroom. The natural wood in my room had many whorls, waves and patterns. I would come up with flowers, profiles of people and animals, fairy tale creatures, ect. This is pretty much the same thing. Also, I'm pretty sure the man cutting the boards to be later used as paneling, wasn't orchestrating it for me to see; those exact images. Neither do I believe, there was a tiny wood elf painting inside the tree. 😊
Posted by Lisa  on  Mon Apr 28, 2008  at  12:15 AM
last supper took placed around thousand years ago, and da vinci's imagination of the last supper came out hundred years later,and what's more ironic is that partakers of the last supper in which Jesus said whose who obey his commandments,(eat the body of crist)and and follow his teachings "covenant" (drink Jesus' blood)will have eternal life, sat on one side of the long table and have their faces painted by da vinci.
Posted by friday servant  on  Sat Jan 24, 2009  at  05:26 PM
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