Net Authority

Net Authority is a site that claims to be...well, I'm not completely sure WHAT it's claiming to be. Something about being the controlling authority over the Internet. That sounds vague, but if you look at the site, you'll see what I mean. I'm very sure this is a hoax, based on how just-outside-of-credible the writing is, but it's very well done.

"Net authority" hoax?

OK, I just found this by the guy who claims to have come up with Net Authority:

"Net authority" revealed?

OK, I looked a little further into Net Authority. It's not really that they're claiming to be in charge of the Internet; it's more like they saying they SHOULD be.

OK, I have to stop saying "OK" so much.

UPDATE: This guy got a "cease and desist" letter from Net Authority. He knows it's a joke, but he doesn't think it's funny:

Not amused by Net Authority

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Posted on Wed Jul 04, 2007


Ok, so if you just quit sayin' "ok"... Ok, so long as I don't say "ok", then I'm ok... Is that ok with you??? OK then, I'll just say what I came to say, And believe it or not, I just came to say I was "OK"!!! Is that ok with you???
Posted by Christopher  on  Wed Jul 04, 2007  at  11:26 PM
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Jul 05, 2007  at  02:32 AM
Hey Cranky Media Guy,

Could you post the detail of the final article into comments? For some reason my work thinks that URL is not viewable as it contains adult or sexually explicit material.
Posted by Gareth  on  Thu Jul 05, 2007  at  05:03 AM
At least it isn't a popup or banner ad. As a clever way to generate traffic, I salute the guy's ingenuity. I don't have to agree with his viewpoint.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Thu Jul 05, 2007  at  10:01 PM
I like how Mrs. Adult Webmaster (yes, she's a gal not a "guy", as per CMG) conflates the harmless Net Authority prank with computer viruses. Given how there is a very vocal contingent that would conflate her work with child pornography and rape, I think she's treading on the thin ice of hypocrisy here.

Also the bit where she accuses the NA creator of being starved for attention... Hello? You're a pornographer. That describes the majority of the talent involved in your field.

Also (OK?)... I'm getting the same sort of officious prick vibe from her that I get from the annoying Search Engine Optimization crowd -- that the Internet is a place for serious business people to engage in serious business and not for childish tomfoolery like satirical prank sites. It's all the more ridiculous coming from someone whose serious business is selling furry porn, or whateverthehell it is she deals in.

Hey Mrs. Adult Webmaster: No, you don't know funny. No, you haven't been victimized. And yes, please do go fuck yourself.
Posted by jean  on  Thu Jul 05, 2007  at  11:13 PM
Seconded, Jean.

But then, this is MoH. I don't expect there'll be many here falling over themselves to condemn the evils of satirical websites... 😊
Posted by outeast  on  Mon Jul 09, 2007  at  03:10 AM
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