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Naomi V. Jelish and other Nonexistent Artists
image A major new talent can be added to the rollcall of nonexistent artists: Naomi V. Jelish. Naomi is a 13-year-old prodigy. She has a collection of sketches currently on exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery in London. But Naomi doesn't actually exist. Naomi and her work are the fictional creation of 25-year-old artist Jamie Shovlin (Naomi V. Jelish is an anagram of Jamie Shovlin). Visitors to the exhibit are given no clue that Naomi is fictitious. Other nonexistent artists that I'm aware of are Johann Dieter Wassmann and Pavel Jerdanowitch. (thanks to hollydog in the Hoax Forum for the link)
Posted by The Curator on Sat Jul 03, 2004

oh! I saw this at the Saatchi gallery over the weekend - and it does have a little blurb outside the room explining that Naomi (and one of the other characters mentioned) is made up, and an anagram of the artists name.
But it is very small, and there's a chance you wouldn't notice it. It's a great piece of work too.
Posted by em  on  Mon Jul 05, 2004  at  12:18 PM
I saw Naomi's works at Saatchi and they are awesome!
Posted by Ugne  on  Mon Aug 30, 2004  at  04:30 PM
No, it doesn't say they're made up, it just says the names are anagrams. But it made me wonder, that's how I found this site.

How are the others hoaxes?
Posted by Mariana  on  Mon Oct 18, 2004  at  08:51 PM
i was amazed while at the saatchi gallery last week. this one piece has given me something which nothing else has done before.i left the gallery wanting to know more, i have never thought i would get so drawn into one piece. the trip to london was good but the high light had to be jamie shoulin's work.
Posted by sharon leeson  in  lincoln  on  Sat Oct 30, 2004  at  11:51 AM
This is a hoax, really? I've just been to the website - - and in no way do you know its a hoax. It even has links to Police sites and press articles! I didn't see the shows (theyre on there too) but her work looked great and the story was so tragic. I don't whether I feel cheated or elated
Posted by Simon Bird  in  United Kingdom  on  Sat Feb 26, 2005  at  10:14 AM
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