Mutant Three-Eyed Toad

image James sent in this photo of a "supposedly mutant toad." He writes, "I would like to know whether it is real or not. I have heard stories about chemicals in ponds effecting the tadpoles, and causing deformaties in frogs legs, maybe the same thing has happened to this toad?"

If it is fake, it's a pretty decent photoshop job. It doesn't look like either the right or left eye has simply been cut-and-pasted into the middle. However, memories of the four-eyed kitten make me want to say it's fake.

Update: The original image was found, thanks to Citizen Premier. So the mutant toad is definitely a fake.


Posted on Mon Aug 22, 2005


the original image is the three eyed toad everyone knows the so called "ORIGINAL" is the real fake
Posted by stony wayz  on  Tue Feb 17, 2009  at  08:23 PM
i already know about three eyed animals when am studying in 6th standard....that time my lecture gave assignment to the all students...that day i went to my house and i searched so many books... so many concepts i got but am not satisfected that concepts...i got a questuion about the history...the lord shiva having 3 eyes then y cant the animals in nature didnt having?? i asked to my dad? he told "ofcourse".... and i went to search about it.. and that time i got a book that is very very old book... i was seen it is their....i shocked it is 3eyed animal whatever they did graphics but the nature is the truths truth....and it is possible bcoz of genetic changes ....but goood pic it is,,nice
Posted by akil.indian  in  hospet,bellary  on  Tue Aug 02, 2011  at  06:17 AM

yupp i think its real....pleae got rough the link
Posted by amarinder singh thind  in  punjab\india  on  Fri Aug 23, 2013  at  04:21 AM
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