Monster Truck Church Commercial

Status: Not an official ad
An amusing monster-truck-style radio commercial for St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Birmingham is doing the rounds. "This Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! It's a sacramental showdown at St. Andrew's Episcopal..." It's not a real ad, in the sense that it's never been aired. Nor was it created by the church. As Church Marketing Sucks reports, it was created by Mike McKenzie, who's a St. Andrew's parishioner:

"It wasn't with the intention of making a commercial--I was just goofying around," says McKenzie. "The idea hit me right after 10:30 mass--it's high mass, very formal liturgy. What would happen if you took formal liturgy and combined it with a monster truck rally?"

McKenzie then shared his creation with the church leaders, and from there it started doing the rounds. But it sounds like St. Andrews likes the ad, and may actually use it sometime in the future. At which point it would become a real ad. (via Julie's News from New York)

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Posted on Tue May 02, 2006


"Goofying around"?
Is that where you put on a costume and pretend to be a big dog from Disney cartoons?
Posted by Big Gary  on  Tue May 02, 2006  at  11:00 AM
I'm not a churchgoer, but that's kind of welcoming. I like that they're willing to embrace humor a bit in order to advertise positively. What can I say, made me laugh, made me want to know more about the kind of parishioners would go there. 😊
Posted by Tony Pax  on  Tue May 02, 2006  at  01:22 PM
Never been to St. Andrew's in Birmingham, I did go to St. Andrew's-by-the-sea in San Diego decades ago. I am going to have to bring this up to the Rector of my church and see what he thinks of the idea, it beats bringing in big name speakers for seminars over a weekend.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Sun May 07, 2006  at  08:37 PM
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