Mitt Romney gets a shoeshine

In recent days, a photo of Mitt Romney that appears to show him getting a shoe shine as his private jet waits has been spreading around the internet. It's been popular with anyone who doesn't much like Romney because it seems to capture the swanky lifestyle he enjoys as a 0.001 percenter.

romney shoeshine

But, in reality, this photo is a case of 'real picture, false caption'. The picture dates to 2008 and actually shows Romney sitting for a security check before boarding a plane in Denver, Colorado. The guy in the red jacket is waving a security wand over Romney's shoe. Not giving him a shoe shine.

Of course, the scene still depicts the lifestyle of the one-percent, because most of us don't get personalized security checks on the tarmac in front of our plane. Instead, we have to remove our shoes and wait like cattle in long security lines. Link:

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Posted on Wed Jan 18, 2012


Security theater is security theater. This isn't offensive because Mittens is purportedly getting a shoe shine. Or that he gets a "personalized" security check. It's because he is flipping off everyone who's ever had to endure a real security check with his his little joke about "real people" who have to put up with a "reality" that he will never have to meaningfully engage. The only thing more exasperating to me is the butt hurt former Obama backers who are wingeing that he never delivered their personal unicorns. What, so you're going to stand back and let this twat take over?
Posted by Kerry Maxwell  on  Thu Jan 19, 2012  at  08:56 PM
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