Missing: Pregnant Tarantula Named Penelope

On Thursday, someone posted flyers around Brooklyn alerting everyone that their pregnant red rump tarantula named Penelope had gone missing. "I know she looks crazy scary," the flyer said, "but she's mostly harmless."

(Tarantulas definitely do look scary, but their bite really isn't that dangerous. It's comparable to a bee sting.)

Anyway, Penelop's owner asked that if anyone found her, to put her in a "tupperware bowl" with holes and phone him.

Naturally, these signs attracted quite a bit of attention. Someone even started a Twitter account in Penelope's honor.

But last night, the New York Times revealed that the signs were "a joke that had gotten out of hand" posted by a local web and graphic designer. The man (who didn't give his name) explained, "I always see those signs for missing dogs and cats taped up on posts; I thought, 'What’s the most absurd poster I could come up with?' I thought it was so beyond ridiculous that no one would take it seriously. I was wrong."


Posted on Sat Jul 12, 2014


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