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Megan Fox to play Wonder Woman?
The site claims to reveal that Megan Fox will be starring in a new Wonder Woman movie. The site looks professionally made. Someone obviously put some effort into it. But according to, Warner Brothers has issued a denial, insisting that no such movie is planned.

So why did someone spend so much time creating the site? I have no idea. A really over-eager Megan Fox fan perhaps? Or maybe a studio was testing the response to the concept?

Posted by The Curator on Thu Nov 06, 2008

she can't even act. She's only going to ruin Wonder Woman's legacy.

anyway there has been failed plans to bring WW oscreen. Josh Whedon quit a few years ago due to creative differences and the project doesn't look like it's gonna happen anytime soon.
Posted by Skinny Fish  in  Bumfuck Missouri  on  Thu Nov 06, 2008  at  02:07 PM
Apparently Australian model Megan Gale is going to play WW in the Justice League movie, could that be part of the confusion ?
Posted by dave  on  Thu Nov 06, 2008  at  02:51 PM
Yeah, it's a hoax. Though apparently she has met with people at Aspen Comics about possibly playing Fathom. I can't fathom how bad that movie would be...
Posted by ostrakos  on  Thu Nov 06, 2008  at  03:49 PM
i can't stand that picture, firstly because its really badphoto shop but also because her hairline is disturbingly high. if this was a legitimate attempt for a studio to gauge audience response to her, i think they would have done some better photoshopping
Posted by JoOdd  on  Thu Nov 06, 2008  at  04:10 PM
Judging from the picture, her "clothing" looks like it was rendered using technology dating from the Dire Straits "Money For Nothing" video days. Reminds me of videogames I used to play.
Posted by Sarah  in  PDX  on  Thu Nov 06, 2008  at  08:10 PM
Just over eager fan fic maybe?
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Fri Nov 07, 2008  at  04:19 PM
We have an interview with the hoaxster over at By the way, the hairline was unchanged (check out the original photo at or at
Posted by Michael Alan Harvey  in  Pensacola, Florida  on  Mon Nov 17, 2008  at  04:34 PM
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