I’d like a McConfession with Cheese

Sometimes I wonder how much the Ananova news service can be trusted, especially when I come across stories like this. Apparently a new church has opened in a shopping mall in Chile and has forged some unusual ties with local businesses. For instance, confessing your sins at the church will score you a coupon that you can use at the nearby McDonald's (hopefully your sins don't include gluttony). And the person who prays the loudest wins a discount at the Dockers store. It's so weird it has to be true.


Posted on Wed Oct 06, 2004


What do I have to confess to get a free kids meal?
Posted by Maegan  on  Sun Oct 10, 2004  at  11:44 AM
If I'm a really big sinner and I have a few "whoppers" to tell do I get to "supersize" my discount?
Posted by john  on  Thu Oct 14, 2004  at  11:22 AM
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