Magneurol-S6: The ESP Pill

Status: Snake Oil
image The makers of MagneurolS·6 promise that this little pill has some remarkable properties. It will give you "the ability to plug into Earths complex magnetic fields" thereby enhancing your extra-sensory perception and psychic abilities. Of course, never mind that its ingredients are nothing that you can't find in any vitamin supplement costing far less than $49 a bottle. You won't care about such trivial matters once your sixth sense (S·6) has been awakened. One potential danger, however. When taking Magneurol, some users report that "they can 'feel' the radiation, or something like it, emanating from the [cell]phone where they could not do so before." Of course, with the psychic powers the pill bestows, you shouldn't need a cellphone. So that radiation won't be a problem.


Posted on Tue Nov 22, 2005


I am taking a pure magnetite in nano-particle form (6 nm) which I buy from one small med research lab. And it is WAY more expensive than Magneurol - like, costs 10 times, but it contains high doses (250 mg each pill) of pure magnetite. I can't see any improvement in my esp skills YET, but overal health improvement so far is promising. Definitely it is not "just a magnetite", as I do some detox/clensing as well, but I could see a pretty definitive results after I started taking Magnetite. Probably Magneurol over longer time will make improvements too. I wouldn't count on any fast results though.
Posted by Josh  on  Sat Aug 09, 2008  at  01:54 AM
I have taken Magneurol 6-S, now called the Magnetic Pill, for years. I have noticed significant changes in the following areas, provided I take 2 pills a day for at least several days, preferably several weeks:

1) Dreams Easily Recalled. I am able to remember my dreams much more vividly when I take the Magnetic Pill.

2)Speak Cohesively. My thoughts form more cohesive and coherent statements when I speak. This is useful for speaking to clients/patients, and is a very noticeable effect.

3)Emotional State Stabilized. My emotions are kept in check, and I have more control over my thoughts and feelings.

4)Vision. My Vision improves, colors appear more vivid and sharper.

5)Virility. A subtler effect of the magnetic pill is overall increase in energy and alertness, due to better sleep and mental health.

6)Intuition. Moral compass and present universe combine to help you find the way. Made easier by the Magnetic Pill.

And more! The Magnetic Pill is not a scam! I am not paid for this, I am a customer and I heard about the Magnetic Pill through Roaring Lion, the company owned by Peter Ragnar, the renowned Qi Gong master. you can PM me for any questions, just comment on this thread and I will respond.
Posted by Philip  in  Atlanta  on  Mon May 18, 2009  at  02:48 PM
Has Anyone out there, tryed magneurol for tinnitus and gotten any positive effects?
Posted by Steve  in  Boston Massachuetts  on  Wed Aug 26, 2009  at  05:02 PM
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