Did Lynne Cheney really write a racy novel in her youth?

imageOver at whitehouse.org (which is not the website of the whitehouse), there's a page describing a novel, titled Sisters, written by the notoriously prudish Lynne Cheney back in 1981. This must have been in Lynne's wilder days because the book is apparently a sexy tale set on the American frontier involving brothels, attempted rapes, and lesbian love affairs. According to this news report, a publisher was going to reissue the book, but was blocked from doing so by Ms. Cheney. 'Goo' sent me the links to these pages and asked if the book was real. At first I was suspicious because I couldn't find it listed in any library catalogs, or on used book sites such as abebooks.com. But then I found it listed on Amazon (no copies are available, but some of the reader comments are quite amusing). So I'm assuming it's real.

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Posted on Mon Apr 05, 2004


Update: This book is now available for purchase. Release date today's date surprisingly. (Apr. 6) I went through the process (without actually buying it) and got no error messages. So unless Amazon has been hijacked by a hacker, it must be real. Click on "paperback" when you go to Amazon from Alex's link.
Posted by Jim  in  south Texas  on  Tue Apr 06, 2004  at  11:32 AM
I read the whitehouse.org article and looked it up on Amazon and there it was! So...the second lady has some 'secret passions' does she?
Posted by Gee  in  Boise  on  Wed Apr 07, 2004  at  11:22 AM
Just did a check for this item on the OCLC database. The work has an entry. It's OCLC # 8043437 and it was entered on 1/6/1982. Publisher was New American Library 1981. Looks like this could be real.
Posted by Todd Roll  in  Wisconsin  on  Wed May 05, 2004  at  05:50 PM
I have owned a copy of the book. It is hot.

Grow-a-brain.com describes it as "Lynne Cheney's fabulously rare, single-printing literary masterpiece." A copy recently sold on Ebay for $735. Check Ebay; occasionally copies pop up there.
Posted by MSP  on  Sat Aug 07, 2004  at  06:29 PM
have you ever considered that there could be more than one woman out there named lynne cheyney? hello? it doesnt have to be a hoax at all - just an intentional confusion
Posted by anonymous  on  Sat Apr 30, 2005  at  04:36 PM
No, it's real. Why would Ms Cheney have the CIA go around destroying copies in second hand bookstores when Dick got into the Whitehouse if it wasn't? Why would she "disapprove" of it being republished? I don't think there was a second woman running around with a psedoname "Lynne Cheney" writing books and has it to be republished only to have ANOTHER Lynne Cheney disagree with that. It makes little sense...

Anyway, the book wasn't that hot, I read it cover-to-PDF-cover. It did touch on a lot of taboo issues. I thought she did it in a very dignified way, personally, not soft-porn at all.
Posted by Kate  on  Sun Jan 15, 2006  at  02:42 AM
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