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Looking for Urquhart Castle
If you visit Loch Ness, you probably won't see Nessie, but you will see a lot of confused tourists, thanks to confusing road signs that local businesses have been putting up.

For instance, many tourists who are looking for Urquhart Castle wind up in the Loch Ness Monster Visitor Centre because of a large road sign for "Glen Urquhart Castle" that points toward the Visitor Centre. The word "Glen" is in tiny, small letters, and most people probably wouldn't realize that Glen Urquhart Castle is different than Urquhart Castle.

Urquhart Castle is a real castle (and definitely worth seeing). Glen Urquhart Castle is just a wooden building attached to the Loch Ness Monster Visitor Centre.

Link: Inverness Courier.
Posted by The Curator on Fri May 29, 2009

Who could ever imagine that people trying to make a buck off an imaginary monster would DECEIVE tourists?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri May 29, 2009  at  07:42 PM
From the article linked at the bottom of the post: "Centre proprietor Donald Skinner could not be contacted yesterday to explain the confusing sign, directing people to his attraction." Seriously, what is there to explain? What Cranky Media Guy said.
Posted by Gutza  in  Romania  on  Sat May 30, 2009  at  02:19 PM
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