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Loch Ness on Google Earth
I missed this while on vacation. A security guard looking at Google Earth in his sparetime found what he believes might be evidence of the Loch Ness monster. Almost everyone else thinks it looks obviously like a boat, except for Loch Ness researcher Adrian Shine who is quoted as saying it looks "really intriguing" and deserves "further study."
Posted by The Curator on Fri Sep 04, 2009

If you zoom in, you can clearly see the square corners of the transom. Which should put the matter to rest.

Unless Nessie has a square ass, that is.
Posted by Tommy  on  Fri Sep 04, 2009  at  12:22 PM
It's a kraken I tell you, a kraken! blank stare
Posted by Rik the Viking  on  Fri Sep 04, 2009  at  01:05 PM
Sure that's Nessie, and an associated "story" "Haunting face crying a river of tears as glacier melts into the sea"


isn't photoshopped at all...

Posted by Joel B1  in  Hobart, Tasmania  on  Fri Sep 04, 2009  at  10:26 PM
The guys at Google love practical jokes- what if they put that on Google Earth for someone to find?

I know that on one of the Google themes featuring water, if you visit the page at exactly midnight then Nessie shows up and then submerges again...
Posted by SuperGrouper  in  IN UR INTERNETZ, CHRONIKLIN' UR LOLZ  on  Sat Sep 05, 2009  at  10:09 PM
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