‘Lickable’ Breyers Ad

Status: Hoax
You may feel that you need to scrub your eyeballs after seeing this supposed ad for Breyers ice cream, so if you click on the link don't say I didn't warn you. (The ad is disturbing for what it suggests, not for what it actually shows.) However, the ad definitely isn't real, which is obvious if you read the text on the right-hand side of it. I don't know who created it, but it wasn't Breyers. Unfortunately the image is now circulating around the internet in a reduced size that makes the text hard to read, leading some people to think that it might actually be a real ad.

Advertising Gross

Posted on Tue May 02, 2006


Whoever believed that Breyers was going to "take this off the internet" is retarded. Here, let me pretend I OWN ALL THE SERVERS THAT MAKE UP THE INTERNET and just take whatever the hell I want off of it.

Let me take over Sweden while I'm at it. And France. I like France.

They have no control over what is out there. So stop being smug about them 'taking care of it'. They have no power whatsoever.

But in terms of the content, and the discussion that it created, I'm actually feeling a bit better about society. This discussion proved to me that there are a number of people out there that recognize that the pedo paranoia is ridiculous, and still believe in freedom. No, not America's faux freedom. Human freedom.
Posted by kid  on  Tue Aug 17, 2010  at  12:00 PM
i feel so fresh and so green i mean mean
enough with the spy plane crappage s'nothin new
look at adverts from the 20's shleppin hotdogs
niiice. whelp ya cant even shoot your verbal off
and let the primordial loose on this stuff
anymore consider the patriot act
and worse whan they mix it down in whats right
and tell you its right till you play
(seein as how not enough people are playing gotta
stick it in ya some how 3 knuckles deep (or is it)
could end up in your mailbox yeah s' getting old
shoulda been a (pair of college cheerleaders
1 holdin the other posin) too E.U. but what do i know about the proper camel toe to sell ice cream
i guess advertising should be anti constitutional
on the kiddies
but wait now the brats are throwin it all up
online like who cares

ruined my advertising career
im just not worthy.............
Posted by Consequences will never be the same  in  in line for a brain slushie  on  Tue Aug 24, 2010  at  11:26 AM
shut eye

hey dont forget your number 2 pencil
to be placed/inserted in your eyeball at your earliest convenience at no extra charge

Consequences will never be the same..........
Posted by chuck u farley  in  none  on  Tue Aug 24, 2010  at  11:41 AM
Wow, that site is crazy, i found this there.
Posted by Nicholas D.  on  Tue Sep 14, 2010  at  09:26 PM
Totally inappropriate and worthy of a lawsuit by the parents.
Posted by Robert  in  Texas  on  Fri Nov 19, 2010  at  07:23 PM
MABY YOU ARE THE SICK ONES for thinking mother nature's beautiful creation is SICK. These are only harmless model pictures where it seems the girls and their parents certainly wanted them to appear in. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
Posted by lisa  on  Fri Dec 10, 2010  at  06:32 AM
THE KIDS ARE NOT BEING EXPLOITED because it is a harmless video or picture that you are looking at, that they and most likely their parents agreed for them to model in. SO QUIT THE B.S.
Posted by dom r  in  ontario canada  on  Sat Dec 11, 2010  at  12:55 PM
Most likely the kids who modeled in this picture are not being molested because its only a harmless picture of who they are. If you're so concerned about kids being molested WHY DON'T YOU go after all the HYPORITE pedophile single moms or other young women THAT ARE ALWAYS ABLE TO KEEP THOSE KIND OF SECRETS with a kid especially girls and that are released from jail in 2 weeks. And its actually legal for a pedo mom to breastfeed an 11 year old girl. LIKE I SAID F'ING HYPOCRITES!!!!
Posted by dom r  in  ontario canada  on  Sat Dec 11, 2010  at  01:02 PM
I believe this IS a sick, twisted poster, but it has real meaning behind it. It's an exaggeration of the media's steadily increasing sexualization of young girls. It's about the profit margins of advertising companies. It's about the relationship of sex to corporate profits. You don't need to look at parody ads to be disturbed by these trends: http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/283/12/1569.extract YUCK
Posted by Wonderstorm  in  the internet  on  Sat Dec 18, 2010  at  06:59 AM
A guy made that ad for sure.
He or whoever made it IS a pedaphile.
Bash him,slash him Nash him Kill him.
Hang him.For that fact KILL ALL MEN!!!!

Men are all pedophile--WAIT!!!!

All men in the world are pedophiles.

NO WAIT ,all living males of ANY species ,dogs cat rats bats knats are all pedophiles


Hope i'm not a little over the top here.
Posted by Shelly  in  Pedophile paranoia land  on  Sun Mar 06, 2011  at  05:40 PM
DNFTT. Basic rule of the internet... You all just broke it... Look at the "ad" from the view of the teenager out there some where that probably made it. He probably laughed his/her ass off, showed his/her friends who all laughed and decided to post it on the web so he/her and his/her friends could laugh at the world's reaction. You all got trolled.

Posted by Fitzy  in  CA  on  Mon May 02, 2011  at  03:30 PM
Jokes are always funnier when you analyze them.
Posted by Joe  on  Sat May 28, 2011  at  03:15 PM
this concept is just disgusting.
In my country the age of consent is 13 (they are thinking of raising it to 15 or 16) and i still find it disgusting.

Sexualizing little girls, no matter if to promote olympics or a product, is just sick. Here, the age of consent was set on 13 for the cases in which a minor had sex with another minor, if a 25 or 40 yo has sex with a 13 yo, that person can go to jail for corruption of minors, given the experience factor towards the kid, yet, its the family who has to make a case to be prosecuted, its never done by default.

Even tho they are not naked, the picture itself can be considered pedo, as it involves sexual postures. It would be the same with boys.

its normal that young gymnasts show poses like that or lifting one their legs to the head to show their habilities, but just focusing on that kind of posture is merely pedophilia.

Its a great ruse, but whoever made the real picture, should be investigated, the least.
Posted by john  in  Spanistan  on  Sun Sep 01, 2013  at  04:59 PM
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