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Lego Halo
Rumors have been floating around suggesting that Bungie Software might be coming out with a new game called Lego Halo. It would be the same as the Halo series, except everything would look like it was made out of lego. The rumor is based on a scan of an article from an upcoming issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly which describes this game.

There really is a Lego Star Wars game, so there's a precedent for this concept. However, Lego Halo appears to be a hoax. Gaming Today reports:

"it’s fake. As proof, I’m not pointing to the fact that the whole article in general has a “too ridiculous to be true” nature to it. No, I’m simply pointing to the fact that it’s EGM’s April issue, where they’ve always been known to throw in an April Fool’s joke or two."
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Posted by The Curator on Mon Mar 03, 2008

Hey, I'd play it.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  in  Californian Wierdo  on  Tue Mar 04, 2008  at  03:44 AM
Never trust EGM in April.
Posted by Jay  in  Jackson, Michigan  on  Sat Mar 29, 2008  at  10:18 AM
That's a shame, a lego halo game would be pretty awesome...
Posted by Andrew  in  Western Australia  on  Tue Jun 03, 2008  at  03:26 AM
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