The Left-Handed Whopper

For many years, I've had Burger King's left-handed whopper hoax from 1998 listed as one of the most popular April Fool hoaxes of all time. But in all that time, I had never seen a copy of the actual ad that Burger King ran in USA Today. I tried contacting Burger King repeatedly asking for a copy, and they ignored me. And no libraries had back issues of USA Today that included the ads. But finally, I managed to track down a copy at the Library of Congress. So here it is. The original left-handed whopper ad. Unfortunately, only in black-and-white, but that's probably as good as I'll ever get because I don't know if the original color ad has been preserved anywhere.

April Fools Day

Posted on Tue Mar 31, 2015


Posted by Foo  in  Here  on  Thu Apr 09, 2015  at  11:27 AM
I own an original copy of the USA Today ad from April 1, 1998. Actually, it is NOT in color -- it is only in black and was page 7 of Section D. On the reverse is an Andy Warhol-inspired Marilyn Monroe April Fools moustache ad for the "Got Milk?" campaign. This ad IS in full color -- much like Warhol's Marilyn but with a white milk moustache. I still remember the day that I bought the paper and read both ads at lunch. I hung it in my office (with tape, sadly) and it has been hanging in my offices ever since.
Posted by Rick  in  Michigan  on  Thu May 28, 2015  at  01:12 PM
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