Latest Fashion Craze

I just received these pictures in my email. The subject line read: Latest fashion craze ---- think I'll pass!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPES!
Looking at them definitely makes me cringe, but I see no reason to think they're not real. They remind me of the sport of meathook dangling that I posted about last year.


Body Manipulation Photos

Posted on Wed Apr 06, 2005


I am actually only giving my opinion and ye it freedom of speech so y shudnt i even if the commentz are nasty and negative. I really dont think they look good and personally i think it would be really painful! I wouldnt have this done but dont let me stop other people having there say becuz this is just wat i think. x
Posted by Joanne  on  Wed Dec 21, 2005  at  03:06 PM
This is a hoax! Why else would it be on ! lol its like that bonzai kitten thingy which i totally fell for! toodle loo xx
Posted by Jay  on  Fri Dec 30, 2005  at  07:01 AM
Awesome, love it, want it. Only thing holding me pack is the pain factor atm, do u think they can do it when ur unconcious? btw in a 16 year old girl who disagrees with anything said against these girls.:D
Posted by  in  Aust  on  Wed Jan 04, 2006  at  09:58 AM
This is seriously sick, this isn't fashion guys, you got it wrong you just look like painful idiots.x
Posted by Gabby  on  Tue Jan 17, 2006  at  12:50 PM
This is far from a hoax. These are temporary surface piercings commonly called "corsets". These do not stay in for long periods of time. You take them out and heal the wounds. Surface piercings are common--think of your navel.
Posted by jor  in  US  on  Fri Jan 20, 2006  at  02:29 AM
honestly its not bout self-munipilation... i think its hot n' sik... if ppl like it, they like it!... but if someone is doing just to impress someone or to be a poser its useless.. some see it as an art and some see it as a way to express themselves... but if ur doing just to be like "HEY GUYS! CHECK IT OUT!!" xpect a dumbfounded response... keep up the krazi vibe... see wut needles have to offer...! .. ~poice....
Posted by LiyA  in  qUeEns, New yOrk  on  Sat Jan 21, 2006  at  09:47 PM
these are real! I got mine done a few moths ago, it hurt pretty bad and it was kind of gross but it's worth it, and if i look after it i can keep it in for a few years. I dont think i'd wanna keep it in permanently though, it would get tricky. I love it!!
Posted by Spudnick  on  Thu Feb 09, 2006  at  11:57 AM
That is just awful! I mean, who does this to himself? And how can they sleep on their back, I just want to know.... smile
Posted by Sunna  on  Fri Feb 10, 2006  at  09:04 AM
i think the one in black and white is kinda cool, i wouldnt do it on the back but i like it better on the side.
Posted by Eva  in  New york  on  Sat Feb 11, 2006  at  07:49 PM
this is gross.
Posted by poopface  in  underground  on  Fri Feb 17, 2006  at  12:06 PM
in my opinion, i think its cool, i love anything thats looks..."disgusting" as many put this, i would love to do the one in black and white. isnt body modification cool?
Posted by Eva  in  New york  on  Fri Feb 17, 2006  at  02:23 PM
Of course that's not fake - jeez, I've seen quite a few people out clubbing with corseting things like that. I wouldn't do it tho! oh, and as for doing it with normal earrings - they're stupid and the piercer is irresponsible! they'll get pushed out and rejected by the body. Ouch! They need to be special flat bars made specifically for that kind of piercing.
Posted by rhae  in  uk  on  Thu Feb 23, 2006  at  03:28 AM
come to think of it, its actial quite cool...
Posted by Kirsten  in  Hah.  on  Fri Mar 03, 2006  at  01:08 PM
gabby, not many of us do it for fashion. not many of us are some trendseting losers.

i like it, its so freaky, so freaky
Posted by Eva  in  New york  on  Fri Mar 03, 2006  at  04:53 PM
ewwwwww.....thats soo weird...i personally wouldnt be able to do that cuz it looks like it hurts like a bitch...and i dont nkow anyone who has that done...but the one on the side looks pretty cool...but how do u clean all of these? ...and talk about infections? well their choice!:)
Posted by michelle  in  ancaster, ontario  on  Fri Mar 24, 2006  at  07:11 PM
omg this is the most disguisting thing ever, how people can think its cool let alone actually do it! getting it done would b a big mistake, loads of my guys mates have seen the pics and think its repulsive. how girls can think it looks attarctive is beyond me, imagine if it got caught in something and then ripped ur skin on ur back? ud b absofukinlutely stuffed!
Posted by suzie 2k6  in  York  on  Tue Mar 28, 2006  at  04:24 AM
Who the hell would do that?
Like instead of doing such a stupied thing like that by a corset!!!
Posted by Madz  in  Calgary  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  11:12 AM
mmkay, this is just wrong. who would seriously want to do that? it cost money and its more time effort and pain thats neccesairy. its freaky an wrong and what would happen when your old? it wuld be all saggy and stiff. plus it would get caught on stuff. you could take them out, but tehn the holes would grow in and you would have to get it re-peirced.

final verdict: go exersize if you want to lose weight. DONT do this.
Posted by andrea  in  canada  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  11:19 AM
hey, i just read all the comments on here. I am actually thinking about getting the side corset done. A few people that i've talk to and stuff that i have read they have said that the first couple kinda hurt, but the first one hurt the worse! But people should stop judging what is gross and and what is not! i mean, yeah, the corset looks kinda gross when it's FIRST done. but after that.... no! it's totally fkn awesome! Whoever came up with the corset piercing... thank you! it's a really sweet piercing that i will be enjoying soon! lata!
Posted by Alicia  in  Austin, MN  on  Sat Apr 22, 2006  at  01:01 PM
Those are freaking GORGEOUS i love it!!! It would hurt so much though, but as soon as i'm 18 i'm gonna do it!!! Wow!
Posted by +ShelbiAnna  in  US  on  Thu May 04, 2006  at  11:23 AM
Okay, everyone. This corset piercing is AWESOME. the ones on the back are pretty harsh. but awesome when laces. the ones on the side are the best, i think. wow. i respect those who do this. im totally getting this done <3
Posted by Tori  in  Virginia  on  Sun Jun 25, 2006  at  12:01 AM
I think I would definantly pass on this. No matter how in I want to be, that's too much.
Posted by Britni  in  California  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  11:31 PM
=D I've had corset peircings done, I had them done for year 11 prom, one at the small of my back (26 rings) and up each forearm (12 rings each arm) they hurt like hell to put in at first, but they're nice, I heal well anyway.
Posted by Charlotte  in  England  on  Thu Oct 12, 2006  at  03:43 PM
Yo it lookz kewl but itz Manky us in Hollywood Have More Fashion Sense Than That! But dont get ma Wrong Im NOT posh And Look Down On ppl I give ma riches 2 charitys! oh yeah n i lookin 4 A cute Boi/gal im bi cia!
Posted by Rhianna  in  Hollywood usa  on  Tue Dec 12, 2006  at  08:16 AM
err that is just taking fasion too far
Posted by sarah  on  Tue Dec 26, 2006  at  05:37 AM
I got a corset piercing-and it's the best thing i have EVER done. I've had mine in for nearly 3days and im taking it out sometime next week. it was very painfull. but it was fine after and im having no trouble with it. if anyone is considering having it done-go for it! just make sure you are carefull with them and you keep them clean!
Posted by Kate  in  South Wales  on  Sat Jan 06, 2007  at  04:44 PM
hey ya'll it's not as gross as you think. they are not all temporary. i know (personal experience). it is all in an individuals taste. evreyone has their own opinions on everything!
Posted by emily  on  Mon Mar 05, 2007  at  07:47 AM
Posted by Eaaaa  in  Somewhere  on  Wed Mar 07, 2007  at  10:24 AM
That is kinda cool, but ouchhhhh...Its all red, and its true..What if you get pregnent? What next? Believe me, it won't look the same as it does now..Oh and please tell me you got paid for that..
Posted by Juanita  in  Tacoma, WA.  on  Mon Apr 09, 2007  at  11:32 AM
I personally think that these look gorgeous and am very willing to get the extreme of having my appointment booked for tomorrow morning to get it done. My friends think its gross, my boyfriend doesnt know and neither do my parents. My aunty is taking only 15 you see but i can pass for 16 so with her consent i can get this done. Im really pale so im getting black ribbon down my back. These are only temporary though...they will only last afew weeks..but i intend to take as many pictures as possible whilst they are in lol
Posted by lauren m  in  newcastle england  on  Wed May 30, 2007  at  04:45 PM
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