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I just received these pictures in my email. The subject line read: Latest fashion craze ---- think I'll pass!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPES!
Looking at them definitely makes me cringe, but I see no reason to think they're not real. They remind me of the sport of meathook dangling that I posted about last year.


Body Manipulation Photos

Posted on Wed Apr 06, 2005


Corset piercings are generally left in for a couple months or up to several years, but generally people leave them in for at most 2-3 years before retiring.

They can be permanent with proper care & treatment, but the skin on the back rejects piercings pretty easy if not. The piercing can heal up to vitually little/no marks at all and re-piercing the area is simple.

The reason these pictures are inflamed is because they just had been put in and those girls likely are in a hell of a lot of pain for thier beauty.
Posted by Agy  in  Edmonton  on  Tue Apr 19, 2005  at  12:07 AM
I don't care what the rest of you say, these women look HOT!!!
Posted by Brandon  on  Tue Apr 19, 2005  at  11:46 AM
Ok. Corset piercings can be permanent, IF they are done properly, and the appropriate jewelry is used. The BMEzine site has an article on how to go about doing it correctly. Yes, it is a bit extreme, but you know, it takes all kinds to make the world go round. Sometimes, its nice to have that little secret, and I must say, it is ALWAYS humourous to awe someone. But before you do ANYTHING extreme, or even slightly extreme, do your research. DO NOT jump into something cause it's "cool." Do it the right way the first time.
Posted by Shadowsbane  in  Charlotte, NC  on  Wed Apr 20, 2005  at  11:41 AM
They are real, I had it done back in around August 2002. And they have been out for about a year now.
You can't see the scars on my back, but you can feel the keloids where they were.

Does it hurt? Well that depends.... It took two people to do mine (one to hold the skin tight, the other to put the needle through). Piercing team was a guy and girl, and the girl did not have the strength to push it through. She did once and it went on and on and I about passed out. I only let the guy do the piercing part after that.

You feel four 'pops' piercing the skin, the subcutaneous layer, subcutaneous again, and back out through the skin). Mine didn't bleed, though it was tender for a few days, but after a week I was back to doing situps, etc.

I was thinking about getting them put back in but now that it is UL type material, I think I'll pass.
Posted by melancholy  in  sc  on  Fri Apr 22, 2005  at  11:25 PM
I have it, it's deffinately a temporary piercing, but I love it. You have to treat them carefully and be very very gental, but the back is a place that rejects piercing easily, so i wont have it for too long.
Posted by kittie  in  San Diego, CA  on  Fri Apr 29, 2005  at  10:27 AM
i think its just gross why would u want to do that leave them nastey scar i mean come on cant u just get a shirt that has an open back instead thats so nastey i do know anyone in person who would do somehting so retarded ewewewew they r just nastey it looks kinda trashy to ruin ur bueatiful body and leave scars
Posted by kiersten  in  manchester tennessee  on  Mon May 02, 2005  at  01:06 PM
Hi.. My name is Kyla and I'm a 17 year old female who is really in to piercings and tattoes (although I only have one of each, I like to enjoy pictures of other peoples works of art) I'd just like to say that Corset Piercings are for show, they are meant to be done, left in for a couple of hours-2/3 days and taken out.. They are not kept in because of the area and the type of jewellery used for this procedure reject and creates scarring.. So all of you adults can relax, if we're getting it done it's not permanent and it won't leave any scars as long as you don't try and keep it for ever.. Just thought I'd help grin
Posted by Ky  on  Tue May 24, 2005  at  07:12 PM
Just to reply to something here...

"It's stupid. These people are not thinking about their future. Seriously. Your skin isn't always going to be tan and smooth. Those girls might eventually have me, EVERYTHING stretches. Ever blown up a balloon w/ a picture on it? Leave the balloon for a few days, then slowly let the air out. Your balloon is back to it's original size, but now it's all wrinkly & saggy, and your picture is wrinkly. Even if they don't have skin gets older it gets less & less firm.

Ick. I'd hate to be the one cleaning their piercings in the nursing home.
Posted by Maegan in Tampa, FL - USA on Thu Apr 07, 2005 at 03:22 AM"

Right - first of all, there's no need to call someone 'stupid' just because they do something that's not quite akin to your tastes. As long as what you do isn't illegal (corset piercings are perfectly legal as long as you are over the age of consent) then you should let people go about their own business and just plain ignore what you don't like. Have you really changed your life for the better by posting your ill-informed opinion on here?

I say 'ill-informed' in response to your point about age. Surface piercings (which is what a corset piercing is) decrease in rejection potential as you get older because your skin has lower elasticity and is therefore less likely to cause a migration.

And as for the nursing home comment - there are far worse things you could be cleaning up, and there are far worse things going on in the world that make a mess a hell of a lot bigger (and more important) than a few spots of blood from a piercing. Another point about the nursing home - they would only have to be cleaned one a day during a regular shower or bath by that point, because if you still had them in then they would be fully healed.

Next time, before you slate people for having a different opinion to yourself, please be a little bit more respectful of the opinion and actually do some research.
Posted by Elly  in  England  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  03:39 PM
eyy!! those piercings are so awsum!!i would DEFFINATELY get it done!!but im only 14 and i dont think my mum would approve lol i saw a pik on the net of a piercing similar to the ones above but it was at the top of the girls back and it wuz in the shape of a pentagram and there was blue ribbon threaded thru the hoops!it looked soo good!!i've had a few surface piercings myself and i dont think these corset piercings would hurt THAT bad,they're just a collection of surface piercings!! omg i want a corset piercing soo bad lol!!!!!!!

luv gemMa xoxo
Posted by gemMa  in  Perth,Australia  on  Mon Jun 06, 2005  at  07:05 AM
omg they look so cool!!!! i would strongly encourage them!!!!! i am thinking of gettin more piercings and this gave me an idea!!!!! i love pain and these piercings look painful!!! i cant wait to get one smile
thanks for showing me them
Posted by Tegan  in  Perth  on  Thu Jun 09, 2005  at  12:07 AM
I know a girl that wants this done and I didn't believe her until I saw these nasty pics...I just thought she was smoking some good grass....but now I think these girls have been licking toads or something....why??????
Posted by nicki  in!  on  Sat Jun 11, 2005  at  06:57 PM
personaley I think corset pearcings are hot as hell but if you do them wrong they will just grow out of your back witch sucks grin
Posted by brendan m  in  racine  on  Sat Jun 11, 2005  at  11:27 PM
The corset piercing doesnt hurt after the first few... i have two friends with it dont... Kitty (On her Back) and James (On his side)... both of them told me it wasnt that bad
Posted by Sarah  in  NJ  on  Sun Jun 12, 2005  at  08:15 PM
this is fantastic!! cant believe someone would think of something sooooo great! its brill!!!
Posted by steven  in  wales  on  Sun Jun 26, 2005  at  01:02 PM
these are totally disgusting! who the hell would have piercings on they're back! whats up with that!!
Posted by Ashleigh  on  Sun Jun 26, 2005  at  01:06 PM
this is cooool, wish i had one. im thinking of having a corset-type piercing through my scalp! and my fingers too. xxxxx
Posted by i love myself (Bethan)  in  love island  on  Sun Jun 26, 2005  at  01:10 PM
One of my best friends wants to get the corset piercing down her sides... It makes me want to cry just looking at these pictures. I have my belly button and nose pierced and thats one thing... even a lip ring or eyebrow is cool, but this just pushes the envelope for me. I don't understand why people would want to mutilate their beautiful bodies like that. Especially if it is only temporary and it wont heal up right. I don't understand why anyone would think it looks cool either because to me it just looks extremely and nausiatingly painful.
Posted by Stormie  in  Olympia, WA  on  Thu Jul 14, 2005  at  05:17 PM
Hey, I just read these people don't know anything about them. First of all, they aren't permanent. They are real, I'm getting some done for my prom. And it's not gross, it's beautiful.
Posted by Jess  in  Canada.  on  Sun Jul 17, 2005  at  04:55 PM
People just dont understand them, the ones you see are temporary, but you can get permanent ones, it all has to do with the type of jewllery you use. The rings are only temporary, but if you use proper surface piercing jewllery then it can be quite permanent... anyway i love it and think it's beautiful. i'm getting mine done soon.
Posted by CeCe  in  Australia  on  Sun Jul 17, 2005  at  09:00 PM
I think it's kinda cool. a way
Posted by Kitsune  in  Nevada USA  on  Mon Aug 08, 2005  at  06:34 PM
gulp ewwwwwww. I don't see how that is worht the pain, I love my skin and my body, I have a nose and belly piercing, and 2 tats, but that is just going overboard, WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN!!!
Posted by Christina  on  Thu Aug 25, 2005  at  07:58 PM
When will people learn? Learn what, to -not- have self expression? When will people learn to not judge everything they see is what I ask.
Posted by Jess  on  Fri Aug 26, 2005  at  09:25 AM
honestly, i think corset piercings are beautiful, and i love them because they look so elegant,although i would never get one because of the scarring. but anyone who comes on here and criticizes someone else because of their opinion, or because of a piercing they hav, u just need to back off, and let people have their opinions. stop being assholes to people who are just trying to express themslves, even if it is temporary. because they are people just like you are, and they want to show everyone who they are, a prt of them,, and their personality...and just because they might do it in a different way than you do doesnt mean that you have to act like you are. how would you feel if someone criticized you for how you felt?...anyways, i love the piercing, and they are gorgeous. excaim cheese excaim
Posted by SatinTears  on  Sat Aug 27, 2005  at  11:45 PM
I personally think that anyone who has a problem with piercings like this, should just ignore them. You're not the one with them in your skin, you don't have to care with them, endure the pain. So lay off. I have always wanted corset piercings, except up my hips...Sexy. and when I'm 16, I'm getting angel wings tattooed on my back...
Posted by Caitlin  on  Fri Sep 16, 2005  at  12:41 AM
these pictures are fucking cool dude. i'm not a goth, i'm not a punk...i have no piercings anywhere on my body, and i think these pics are awesome. i like the black and white one and the one with the black ribbon...
Posted by sam  on  Thu Oct 27, 2005  at  07:48 PM
That's so cool. I want that too!!
Posted by Lynn -Si  on  Mon Nov 21, 2005  at  06:05 AM
omg eww that's disgusting! :S
Posted by yvonne  in  candy land  on  Sat Nov 26, 2005  at  03:54 PM
i think its really pretty and i want to get it done as soon as i graduate. its costs a lot of money though. i want it done on my side though not my back
Posted by brittany  in  canada  on  Fri Dec 02, 2005  at  10:50 AM
Hey like i still dont see why people can judge others like they do and jus can u have the freedom of speech doesnt mean they dont have the freedom of expresion and u can criticize em about wat they like and wat they dont! I on one hand happen to luv em and as soon as i can im gonna get em done up my sides. im only 16 and my mom doesnt approve of my luv of piercings and tattoes i do happen to have jus my lip done...which looks hott! btw and i have three tats...two stars and a heart but still "IF U DONT HAVE NETHING NICE TO SAY THEN DONT SAY NETHING ANYTHING!!!" M'kay then later
Posted by .::.Tee.::.  in  e-town fukn washington biatches!  on  Fri Dec 02, 2005  at  11:34 PM
That is really disgusting - soory but it is. any one who would want that done is totally mad!! x
Posted by Joanne  on  Wed Dec 21, 2005  at  03:01 PM
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