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Lamborghini On Teacups
image Outside a William Ashley store in downtown Toronto a Lamborghini Gallardo has been posed on top of four china cups. Autoblog writes: "The Gallardo was hoisted up with a crane and delicately set atop four tea cups beneath each wheel. There's literally nothing holding up this car's curb weight of 3,153 lbs. except four tiny tea cups." Is this real? Can four tea cups really support the weight of a car? After all, that's 788 lbs of pressure per cup. I'd feel a little nervous standing on top of a tea cup, and I only weigh 180 lbs. I understand that ceramic has very high compressive strength, but I didn't realize that the design of a teacup would maximize that strength. This seems like an experiment for the Mythbusters.

image image image
Posted by The Curator on Thu Sep 21, 2006

Amazing! Lamborghini over Tea Cups! It is awesome picture man...
Posted by fredrik  in  U.S  on  Tue Jun 23, 2009  at  08:40 AM
Puts a whole new perspective to I Peter 3:7

"In a similar way, you husbands must live with your wives in an understanding manner, as with a most delicate partner. Honor them as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing may interfere with your prayers."

She may be more delicate, but weaker is probably a less than perfect adjective.
Posted by Tricia  in  Orlando, FL  on  Tue Jun 08, 2010  at  12:20 PM
If you have something of the right shape, and if you apply the force evenly, the object can support what seems an impossible amount of weight. It would have to be done very carefully, and of course you will eventually reach a weight limit where the cups will shatter no matter how careful you are.
Posted by Color wheel chart  in  Miami  on  Thu Aug 26, 2010  at  02:29 PM
If people in canada were as obsessed with coffee as the americans, this stunt may never have happened, I doubt 4 paper cups could hold a lambo!
Posted by biodegradable cups  on  Thu Sep 23, 2010  at  11:06 AM
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