KaleCoAuto offers a variety of automobile parts and accessories you're unlikely to find anywhere else. For instance, they sell "seasonal air" for your tires, so you can make sure the air inside your tires is at the correct temperature for the season outside.

Other products include porcupine seat covers, a car-to-tank kit, and (my favorite) the "Round Tuit" (pictured) -- a multi-functional tool that is "a requirement to finish all those hard jobs that you keep putting off."

According to uwhois.com, the KaleCoAuto.com site is registered to Ronald McPothole who lives on 1986 Corvette Lane. I'm sure that's a real name. (Thanks, Jerry)

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Posted on Mon Jun 02, 2008


You just gotta love the "Red Headlights".
Posted by RichmondTom  on  Mon Jun 02, 2008  at  08:45 AM
they go well with the perfectly clear tail lights.
Posted by cindik  in  Joliet, IL  on  Mon Jun 02, 2008  at  09:02 AM
The first time I encountered a Round Tuit was in a gift shop in Scotland. This site (http://www.quantumenterprises.co.uk/roundtuit/index.htm) claims to sell the original Round Tuit, and has even a history page covering Egyptian and Roman Round Tuits. What a wondrous historical artifact!

PS. The best Round Tuits always are round, if someone tries to sell you a non-circular Round Tuit, beware of imitations!
Posted by kraftwerk  on  Mon Jun 02, 2008  at  02:44 PM
Seasonal Air should appeal to the same people who pay to have their tires filled with nitrogen. There's a place here that advertises it will replace all the air in your car tires with "pure" nitrogen for around $30. What benefit you're supposed to get from using this gas instead of the usual mixture of about 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen (also known as air) is not clear.
I suppose it would arguably make the rubber last longer, if you assume that tires wear out from the inside out, but every used tire I've ever seen seemed to have worn from the outside in. So you would have to replace the atmosphere everwhere you drive with pure nitrogen, and carry and oxygen tank for breathing purposes, to enjoy this benefit.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Wed Jun 04, 2008  at  09:04 AM
Well, obviously since nitrogen has less mass than oxygen, the pure nitrogen filled tires will lower the weight of your car, allowing you to get better milage.

For even more milage savings, I've put air-tight gaskets around all openings in my car and have installed a vacuum pump so I can evacuate all the air out of the car cabin before I drive to and from work. Holding my breath the entire communte does make me a bit light-headed, but the meth helps counteract that.
Posted by fk  on  Sun Jun 08, 2008  at  04:55 PM
I'll Get a round tuit when I get around to it!
Posted by MUN  on  Thu Jun 12, 2008  at  12:40 PM
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