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Dear Leader’s Weblog
image The Korea Times has an article about the new weblog of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il (known to his people as 'Dear Leader'). It appeared on Cyworld (which I'm guessing is like the Korean equivalent of LiveJournal) a few days ago, and already is getting a lot of attention. On the blog Dear Leader shows off his tanks and other stuff. Of course, it's a fake blog. I can't actually find the blog itself, but here's a screenshot of it. Of course, Kim Jong-Il once had a LiveJournal blog, but it looks like that hasn't been updated in almost a year.
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Posted by The Curator on Fri Aug 13, 2004
Actually, That weblog has never existed. Some guy made it for fun.
Posted by whitesox  in  seoul  on  Sun Aug 15, 2004  at  06:09 PM
go red sox
Posted by john  in  NH  on  Sat Aug 28, 2004  at  12:23 AM
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