Were students suspended for wearing John Deere shirts?

According to a rumor, students at a Baltimore County school were recently suspended for wearing John Deere shirts. The shirts, apparently, are considered racist. (I'm still trying to figure that one out. I guess if you wear a John Deere shirt you must be a redneck and, by extension, you must also be racist). But a spokesman for the school system has denied that any John-Deere-shirt-wearing students have been suspended on account of their fashion choice.

Hate Crimes/Terror

Posted on Tue Nov 09, 2004


John deere is sooo gay
Posted by Chealsy  in  Ohio  on  Sat Mar 15, 2008  at  03:54 PM
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Posted by Scott H Florance  in  Seattle Wa USA  on  Mon Apr 14, 2008  at  02:01 PM
OMG! we are a country high school with 400 kids. the middle school (across the parking lot) actually DID Have students get in trouble for wearing john deere the principle said they were a "GANG" she is now the high school principle and john deere is BANNED!! so we went out and bought every john deer thing we could find just to get in trouble!!!!

shelby- the redneck in love with john deere!!! WHOOP!
Posted by Shelby w  in  Marion, Texas  on  Fri Aug 29, 2008  at  03:24 PM
i did grow up on a farm and i do have some john deere tractors. its very hard work and becuase i know that first hand i am proud to wear it or anything else i want, for the people you think its overrated or just want to bitch about, no one says you have to wear, buy or even look at it. you just don't get it and why should you, you never did the work or understood what it means.
Posted by austin  in  not inmportant  on  Tue Jul 07, 2009  at  10:34 PM
Yes!! I agree with Carmen and i don't think that just cuz your a redneck means your a racist.
Posted by Alan Johnson  on  Fri Jan 14, 2011  at  03:25 PM
Well were here in Az in the land of farming is very big and every one here likes John Deere T shirts, Hats etc. and for the most part john deere things are not gay if you choose not to wear it thats ok but don't knock every body else if they choose too.every one is not trying to be the so call hip cause hip is not always in; some of you need an education. and if the children did get suspended for wearing John deer t shirts shame on all of you at the school, they are there to get a education maybe you'll need to go back to school to see what John deere means!!!!! Tractor DUH
Posted by Jackie  on  Sun Feb 20, 2011  at  01:05 PM
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