Jaleel White Commits Suicide

Status: Hoax
The latest false celebrity death rumor going around concerns Jaleel White (best known for playing Urkel on Family Matters). Supposedly he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. This rumor is old. It was first posted on my site over half a year ago (in the comments to my post titled 'Is this Jaleel White?'). It's no truer now than it was then. I have no idea why it's begun circulating again, but here are the main highlights from the hoax AP report:
LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Jaleel White, who played 'nerdy' neighbor Steve Urkel on "Family Matters" found dead Monday. He was 29 years old.
White was pronounced dead on arrival after admission to an LA hospital early Monday morning. The death is being investigated as a suicide.
Born Jaleel Ahmad White, he began his career at the age of three acting in television commercials, before landing guest spots on shows such as "The Jeffersons" and "Mr. Belvedere." It was in 1989 that White landed the role that would make him famous, playing wacky neighbor 'Steve Urkel' on the ABC program "Family Matters."
Following the cancellation of "Family Matters" in 1997, friends claim White became obsessed with the character, and grew despondent, despite further successes as star and producer of the UPN sitcom "Grownups", and as a writer for NBA.com
Neighbor and friend, Bradley Spencer alerted police after hearing what he described as "a loud bang" coming from White's Los Angeles apartment.
Authorities state that upon entering the home they discovered a young African-American male with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Also found was a note, which read simply "Did I do that?", a popular catchphrase from the show.
Like I said, this was all posted on my site over half a year ago. Which means that when people did a Google search for info about Jaleel White committing suicide, my site was one of the first they found. Because of this, my page about Jaleel White started to receive huge amounts of traffic. So much traffic that it was not only slowing the entire site down, but was also slowing other sites that were located on the same server at my web host. Nevin, the technical guy at my web host, has been exchanging emails with me about it all day. What we've done to try to ease the strain on the server is to automatically route people visiting the comments for that old Jaleel White thread to my page about false celebrity death rumors (which is a static page and therefore uses less of the cpu).

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Posted on Mon Jun 05, 2006


I am really happy to hear that it is not true, but how do we really know the truth. He has not came out and said I AM STILL AROUND. Anyway I am glade that he is and I don't wish anything bad on him. If he is thing about something like that some on please help him out. My nepew is named after him. My sis is one of his biggest fans.
Posted by Roechelle Collins  in  Junction City KS  on  Sat Jun 10, 2006  at  03:01 PM
omg im soo happy it wasnt true i was about to freak out! like omg! im soo happy he is the best fot he best (other than will smith of course;-) )
Posted by penni  in  nowhere  on  Sat Jun 10, 2006  at  06:50 PM
The rumor had resurfaced. I was in the hair salon today and a random lady mentioned it. I was slightly saddened because, you know, it's an unfortunate incidence..or it would have been. The statement," you never know what somebody is going through." began spilling out of everyone's mouth that was in the general vicinity of the conversation.
I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE ALIVE AND WELL! I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS. I will as keep the person who decided to make this story up, in my prayers. Forgive them for they know not what they do or the havoc they cause.

Peace, Happiness, and Blessings to you Jaleel...(ha ha-referring to u as if i know u personally)
May you continue to be successful in all of your endeavors.
Posted by Shanta T.  in  Tallahassee, FL  on  Sat Jun 10, 2006  at  08:27 PM
All I can say is, whom ever made this up is one sick individual
with nothing better to do. Where ever Jaleel is, whatever he is doing, I wish him the best. I first heard of this from my sister whom received it in an email from a friend. I just didn't believe it the minute she told me about it. Come on, he is a well-known celebrity, if that had really happend it would have been all over the news, or at least I would think so.
Posted by Latoya  in  Georgia  on  Sat Jun 10, 2006  at  10:14 PM
I think it's sad and pathetic that so many people even CARE. I mean, he's a kid on a tv show, not Mother Teresa! It's one thing if you actually KNOW him (and I'm betting that 100% of you don't!), but it's another to put so much time and energy into worrying about someone you'll never even meet.

Stand up, walk away from the computer, and go do something productive with your lives! Feed the poor! Protest an unjust war! Teach someone to read! DO SOMETHING!
Posted by Barbarella  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  02:46 AM
Posted by Karita Powell in Coralville, Iowa  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  07:27 AM
hi jaleel i love you so much i just wanted to say that i'm so happy it's not true....
Posted by unique becker  in  orlando,fl  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  07:37 AM
im glad it was a rumor
Posted by Cherry  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  09:36 AM
This is for barbarella,
Does it matter that he was " some kid on a tv show" as you put it?. The point is that he is a "REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING " with feelings just like you or anyone else. Most of us don't want to see anything bad happen to anyone because maybe unlike you, we seem to care about other peoples' well- being besides our own or that of our families. It's too sad that unfortunately there are people like you out there in this world. Maybe if more people cared, the world would be a much better place. Who says a person has to be a saint for anyone to show concern about them?. Don't you have people who care about you?. You need to get away from the computer and GO GET A HEART !!!.
Posted by Latoya  in  Georgia  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  10:00 AM
I certainly hope it's true!
Posted by halevans79  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  12:00 PM
He's just TV Trash! He's not even real, people!
You Tube Idoits probably care more about this piece of trash than your own families! That's why this world is so @#$%&* UP! GET OVER IT!!!
Posted by halevans79  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  12:07 PM
snakeDon't scare me like that, I hate... yeh hate it when people spread rumors more than once that have no posititve affect on lany community, or life. God bless you Mr. White to continue to live a prosperous life and be happy.
Posted by Regina Robertson  in  Detroit  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  12:08 PM
Yes, we heard this rumor all the way in the middle east!!! We are all glad to hear you are alive and well! We didn't think you would do anything that anyway. After all, you are a legend and played a big part in all of our childhood. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you in another sitcom. Even to see you in a movie would be great!
Posted by Tammie Conover  in  Doha, Qatar (Middle East)  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  12:41 PM
smile I am so glad to hear that Jaleel White is alive and well. It is a real shame that people would have the nerve to even joke about someone dying like that. When I first heard about it I didn't believe it because I just knew that jaleel isnt that kind of person to do that. He has a very bright and promising future ahead of him and i think he should go on the air and announce to people that he is still alive because I know there are people who still think he's dead. Many blessing's for him and his family.
Posted by Sabrina Joseph  in  Bronx, New York  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  01:04 PM
Why question Never stop to think how many people this effects. I guest they had nothing eles in life better to do. I loved watching the show and enjoyed his acting, would love to see him once more. Keep the faith, whom ever said it I pray that God will forgive you for others May never.wink
Posted by Mary Ann  in  Chicago, Il  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  03:52 PM
Can you believe how dumb some people are?. They can't tell a real person from their television persona!. For those of you who thinks he is just a television character; HE IS A REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING TOO!. It's too bad you can't distinguish what's real from what's not. Most of us KNOW that he portrayed a fictitious character on television, but most of us also have the good sense to know that when he stepped off that set, he was a real life human being like the rest of us. HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T KNOW; "STEVEN URKEL, TELEVISON PERSONA, JALEEL WHITE, REAL LIFE HUMAN BEING!!!." While you are on here leaving nasty comments, try going to get yourself an education!.
Posted by Latoya  in  Georgia  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  05:55 PM
Praise the Lord. That rumor was heart renching. Thank You Jesus. I'm so happy you are alive Jaleel. I love You, Stay prayerful. The spirit of death is speaking out and wants to take your life, but keep praying, and thank God for that hedge of protection he has put around you. I will be praying for you. May the Lord Bless You and keep You.
Posted by Dionna  in  Sunnyvale CA  on  Sun Jun 11, 2006  at  08:15 PM
I hate tabloids and false rumors. I think its b.s. But my heart did skip a beat, when my aunts were gossiping! Even though I wasn't a big fan of the show, i'm glad you are alive and doing great!
Posted by daniela  in  South Bay , Cali  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  01:28 AM
lol I never heard of this i somehow stubbled upon it just now. lol at the did I do that note. I'm glad Mr. White's not died.PS I gotta a friend who actually looks like Urkel, if he take his glasses off he still looks nerdy, but not like Jaleel.

Have a good life Mr. whote, stay away from the guns and the pranks.

-Spin Out
Posted by Valdis  in  Detroit  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  08:46 AM
I rec'd an email last week stating that Jaleel committed suicide. I sat at my desk and cried. I so love this young man and was grieving over the news. I told my children immediately. My son, LeRoy, was so like Urkell that his friends would tease and torment him endlessly. But, what got him through was when I pointed out how brilliant Urkell was. Jaleel has alwalys been an inspiration to me, waaaay beyond Urkell! He just has the appearance of being a self-confident, loving young man. This is why the idea of his suicide bothered me so. Well, my grandmother used to tell me that if a rumor went out that you died and you didn't, you would live a very, very long time. I pray this is so for Jaleel, and may he be BLESSED as never before. ba
Posted by Brenda Austin  in  Atlanta, Georgia  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  10:40 AM
I was very upset when I saw the email. But I have enought common sense to know as Big of celebrity as Jaleel is it would have been on the news. Its sad when some people have nothing more in life to do but spread lies,rumors about people. Like my grandmother said if they lied on Jesus they will lie on you.
Posted by ToRonicia Woods  in  Silver Spring, MD  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  11:48 AM
When i first heard it my heart literally dropped down to my feet. I am not a person to believe everything i read but i do enjoy wikipedia, the encyclopedia, so i was more prone to believe this story. however i couldn't find it on any other website. I am happy that it appears not to be true (i agree with the other writers that think jaleel is incredibly sexy). I wish Jaleel all the best in future endeavors, besides being on television isnt what its cracked up to be. it seems to kill you a little too soon!
Posted by Precious  in  Lehigh Acres, Fl  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  12:08 PM
I am very sadden about what happened to Jaleel, and I hope that his family will find a way to be strong through this devastated time in there life. My prayers are with you and may God bless each and everyone of you
Posted by Crystal Garvin  in  Estill, SC 29918  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  02:01 PM
I was very upset when I heard the rumor but something told me it was just a rumor because I heard nothing of the situation on the news or even in a newspaper just an article that my mother printed out and showed and i felt it wasn't true and that someone who was very bored with no life did this but I'm glad to have conformation hearing that this was just a rumor and that one of my favorite actors is still alive and doing well
Posted by Ashley Lynch  in  New Jersey  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  06:17 PM
I am very glad that the Jaleel White death rumor was a hoax. I remember watching him on Family Matters. I am glad he is alive and well. grin
Posted by Pam  in  Ballwin, MO  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  06:43 PM
If the rumor is not true then why is still on the net, radio television what ever the case may be why is it circulating like that if it is not true. And why hasnt he come forward ans say something, The world is too small and life is too short for anyone to be thinking of killing themselves any way
Posted by risa  in  detroit mi  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  08:53 PM
Thank God... you are alive! I am a big fan of Jaleel's. There are much richness and glory in Jaleel that has yet to come forward. May God bless him and his family.
Posted by Wendy  in  Atlanta, GA  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  09:23 PM
I think either Erkel or his people planted this story for publicity.
Posted by Rahman  in  Dirty South  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  09:39 PM
Halevans79 (stupid name), you need to chill out! If people liked his character, what is it to YOU?
Posted by Rahman  in  the Dirty South  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  09:43 PM
Glad to hear that things are okay....
Posted by koco  in  Chicago  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  10:59 PM
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