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Is that a cockroach beneath the pizza?
Here's an ad, apparently created by a Brazilian extermination company, that is placed inside pizza boxes. The ad shows a photo of a dead roach, but it's only revealed as the pizza is removed from the box.

I'm sure the ad would attract people's attention, but I find it surprising that a pizza company would agree to place an ad like this beneath their food.

No word on if it's a real ad campaign, or just a mock up. (via nulovka via adrants)

Posted by The Curator on Thu Feb 14, 2008

Now THAT is funny!
Posted by Christopher  in  Warm, sunny Florida  on  Fri Feb 15, 2008  at  03:03 AM
It'd make me sit up and take notice.
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Fri Feb 15, 2008  at  04:18 AM
If it's a Brazilian ad, why is the word "Delivery" in English on the outside of the box?

By the way, "Dr. Barata" means "Doctor Cheap."
Posted by Big Gary  in  Italy, Texas  on  Fri Feb 15, 2008  at  11:17 AM
I tried to see if there was a Brazilian reverse lookup for the phone number, but I couldn't locate anything. Just punching the number into google didn't return anything.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Fri Feb 15, 2008  at  01:44 PM
That's similar to that Orkin commercial where it would show a roach crawling on your TV screen. Fooled me the first time.
Posted by J  in  AZ  on  Fri Feb 15, 2008  at  05:01 PM
Big Gary, English words are slipping into various languages even when there is a word in that language already. This may be such a case.
Posted by Christopher Cole  in  Tucson, AZ  on  Fri Feb 15, 2008  at  09:53 PM
Some guy ate bugs on The Daily Show a few nights back. Musta been booked before the writer's strike ended. I once visited my brother when he was stationed in Alabama, and saw the Biggest Damn Roach I Ever Saw there. Three inches long, I kid you not. Ugh. And the roach was scary, too
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Mon Feb 18, 2008  at  12:19 AM
It's a fake! Nobody knows that extermination company nor the pizza company. The phone number is fake too. "011" is the code area for S
Posted by M  in  Brazil  on  Mon Feb 18, 2008  at  09:20 AM
What the fuck is this. yak
Posted by Impinger  on  Tue Aug 25, 2009  at  08:25 AM
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